ZTE cleared to return to US operations

US government and ZTE sign agreement to lift supplier ban.

Twitter says private messages may have been breached

Direct messages between Twitter users and companies have been exposed.

How to choose the best enterprise storage solution for your business

Businesses must consider their needs and plan accordingly to find the storage solution that works for them.

Microsoft wants to put Cortana in your business apps

Businesses will soon be able to build company-specific skills for Cortana using Microsoft's new development platform.

The case for blockchain in law and the courts’

While modernising the system is advantageous from a cost, effort and time perspective, using technology always carries new and unique risks.

Employing machine learning in a security environment

Machine learning can aid security teams by enhancing their ability to detect and remove potential threats.

Successful automation starts with a transformation approach

Successful automation will establish a continuously changing operation which means it must support an agile approach.

Is your IT infrastructure set up to support innovation?

In the age of digital transformation, businesses that don't adapt will get left behind.

Healthcare: how safe is the public cloud?

Moving to the cloud is not a be-all end-all security solution for NHS organisations.

How the EU cybersecurity act could set standards that impact legal liability and cross-border data f

The European Union believes that regulating IoT devices can solve this problem.

Google promotes Loon and Wing to full businesses

Loon and Wing make the move from moonshots to other bets.

Why Are We Made of Matter?

StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "The Universe began with equal amounts of matter and antimatter after the Big Bang, and yet when we look out at today's Universe, we find that, even on the largest scales, it's made of at least 99.999%+ matter and not antimatter.


常州2014年6月19日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年6月19日,天合光能宣布将为信义光能控股有限公司(“信义光能”)提供60MW 光伏组件。

gnuplot: 一种更为简洁的曲线,柱状图绘图软件 - grass of moon

gnuplot: 一种更为简洁的曲线,柱状图绘图软件gnuplot:



Hackers turn anti-piracy music industry site into Pirate Bay Proxy

An Argentinian website that campaigns for anti-piracy in music has found itself the target of hackers, who ironically transformed it into a proxy for a torrent site.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/02/hackers-turn-anti-piracy-music-industry-site-pirate-bay-proxy/


“非国行的游戏不能在国行主机上运行。”——微软副总裁Yusuf Mehdi在ChinaJoy展前发布会接受采访时首次确认Xbox国内版将锁区。


据工信部近日公布的2014年7月份通信业经济运行情况显示,我国移动互联网用户总数达到8.72亿户,同比增长6.3%;月户均移动互联网接入流量达到178.8M,同比增长48%。   数据显示,我国移动互联网用户总数达到8.




福特已经表示出了对拥抱可替代能源的更多兴趣,而不是将这类技术用在自家的电动汽车(如Focus Electric)上。据外媒报道,该公司将在其位于美国密歇根州迪尔伯恩(Dearborn)的总部那里安装大规模的太阳能面板。


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