How to protect customer experience in the face of perpetual innovation

The checks and balances needed to assess the effects software updates have on performance are becoming increasingly difficult due to the complexity of technology stacks.

China accused over Marriott data breach

The Chinese are denying everything.

Dell set to go public again

Multi-billion dollar deal is expected to pass before 2019 kicks off.

Super Micro says no evidence of malicious hardware in its products

Hardware giant employed third-party investigation firm to look into accusations.

Google CEO denies political bias and plans for China search engine

Project Dragonfly was an 'internal' project, Sundar Pichai says.

Trump says he could intervene in Huawei CFO case

President says he will do 'whatever was good for the country'.

Consolidation, competition, and cloud communications: Creative destruction or creative disruption?

Now is a perfect time to understand why companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are fiercely trying to beat CSPs at their own game.

Survival of the fittest: Are you still plagued by CRM dinosaurs?

New research has established that the average salesperson experiences 20 lost sales each year because of problems associated with poor use of CRM systems.

Nvidia set to power new fleet of robot taxis

Nvidia partners with Daimler and Bosch to develop fully autonomous vehicles.

Live Engagement: are automotive dealers still missing the mark with online shoppers

As customers move online, now is the perfect time for dealerships to transform the car buying journey.

ZTE cleared to return to US operations

US government and ZTE sign agreement to lift supplier ban.


不得不说,凭借X系列手机的发布,诺基亚在巴塞罗那风光无限。即便被人在其官网发现系统是基于Symbian 6.1 […]

诺基亚专属应用更新确认Windows Phone 8.1即将到来

感谢Chysakid的投递3月21日Nokia为Lumia推送了专属应用“概览”,而在详细信息中显示“此版本支持的新功能:-支持Windows Phone 8.1”,结合之前的消息可以得出Windows Phone 8.

Watch the IRS Defend Its Use of Computers in the 1960s

When the IRS began using computers in the early 60s, there was national outrage: how could a machine be trusted to look after our finances? This 10-minute video, fresh from the archives, was an attempt to convince people that everything would be OK.Read more...

California Regulators Tell Ride-Shares No Airport Runs

An anonymous reader writes in with news about ride-share crackdowns in California. California regulators are threatening to revoke permits for on-demand ride companies UberX, Lyft, Sidecar, Summon and Wingz unless they stop giving rides to and from airports within two weeks.

Evermind lets users monitor sick relatives remotely

The remote monitoring system costs $199, in addition to a $29 monthly subscription fee, and aims to provide peace of mind by alerting users when certain everyday appliances are used.Read more:


上海2014年11月26日电 /美通社/ -- 博格华纳,这家致力于创建一个“清新节能世界”的汽车零部件行业领袖,除了聚焦汽车领域之外,还有一个非常重要的全球视野 -- 工程机械领域。


北京2014年12月4日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年11月27日,AVIS 向惠租车发布终止合作关系的声明。由于惠租车 (http://www.huizuche.


12月5日-6日,由CSDN、BT传媒合办的“Challenge 2014”技术商业500人论坛在北京富力万丽酒店举行。携程旅行网高级技术副总裁叶亚明在题为《携程技术架构转型》的演讲中介绍了公司从呼叫中心到移动互联网的转型过程。




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