Salesforce's Einstein AI can now handle customer service

Salesforce upgrades Einstein AI with customer service focused chatbots.

Twitter says private messages may have been breached

Direct messages between Twitter users and companies have been exposed.

How to choose the best enterprise storage solution for your business

Businesses must consider their needs and plan accordingly to find the storage solution that works for them.

Microsoft wants to put Cortana in your business apps

Businesses will soon be able to build company-specific skills for Cortana using Microsoft's new development platform.

The case for blockchain in law and the courts’

While modernising the system is advantageous from a cost, effort and time perspective, using technology always carries new and unique risks.

Employing machine learning in a security environment

Machine learning can aid security teams by enhancing their ability to detect and remove potential threats.

Successful automation starts with a transformation approach

Successful automation will establish a continuously changing operation which means it must support an agile approach.

Is your IT infrastructure set up to support innovation?

In the age of digital transformation, businesses that don't adapt will get left behind.

How to protect customer experience in the face of perpetual innovation

The checks and balances needed to assess the effects software updates have on performance are becoming increasingly difficult due to the complexity of technology stacks.

Nvidia set to power new fleet of robot taxis

Nvidia partners with Daimler and Bosch to develop fully autonomous vehicles.

Live Engagement: are automotive dealers still missing the mark with online shoppers

As customers move online, now is the perfect time for dealerships to transform the car buying journey.


尽管做法不尽相同,一组指南总是所有项目最重要的起点之一。   为每个项目创建指南(即使它原本没有)可以优化你的工作流程,也能使你的设计保持统一,并有望采取正确的开发方式。   这的确是设计师的责任。

Chopsticks Made From Rice Are the Perfect Pairing

It's estimated that over 130 million wooden chopsticks are produced every day, and most are destined to end up in the trash after just one use. Sure, wood breaks down a lot better than plastic, but a couple of engineers from Barcelona have a better idea.



苹果临时改变屏幕设计或致 iPhone 6 上市面临供货紧缺

根据路透社从供应链获得的消息,由于苹果临时改变了 4.7 寸新 iPhone 的屏幕设计,制造商在六月和七月份为调整生产线而经历了一段时间的停滞。





ACM博客汇总及各大OJ - 丁强圆


WeMail Raises $1M From Twitch, Reddit Founders For Intelligently Designed Mobile E-mail

Sure, there have been plenty of attempts at re-thinking e-mail on mobile devices. But that’s no reason not to try, try again. A pretty experienced team of founders who have sold companies to or been acqui-hired by both Amazon and Zynga are tackling e-mail with a new mobile app called WeMail.

Facebook 也能搜索朋友的旧发文啰

虽然还在测试阶段,但 Facebook 已经通过他们的 Graph Search 给了使用者便利的历史搜索功能。最近,该公司准备将此功能扩展到其他朋友的旧发文上,让你彻底摆脱只为了找张照片或发文却只能一直翻阅动态消息的窘境。



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