Turo files lawsuit against Los Angeles in car-sharing battle at LAX

Peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace Turo has filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles Airport in a preemptive strike aimed at defending the ability of its users to rent out their personal cars at Los Angeles International Airport. Turo filed the lawsuit Thursday in the U.S.

Walmart in China is now testing same-day grocery delivery from Dada via WeChat

Walmart has just begun testing same-day grocery delivery called Walmart To Go in one of its stores in China, months after the American retail titan expanded grocery delivery in its homeland.

Internal Facebook memo sees outgoing head of policy Schrage take blame for hiring Definers

TechCrunch has attained an internal memo published by Facebook’s outgoing head of public policy Elliot Schrage in which he blames himself for hiring PR firm Definers. He admits to having the company push negative narratives about competitors,

Zuckerberg won’t step down as Facebook chairman

In a short but amply-hyped interview with CNN, Facebook’s founder and chief executive again responded to criticism over the company’s most recent crisis. The interview, excerpted from a longer Q&A for a CNN series called “Human Code,

Kindred’s robots help retailers handle fulfillment centers — and take on Amazon

Since taking the reins as chief executive of Kindred at the beginning of the year, Jim Liefer has been focused on commercializing his company’s autonomous robots.

Five years and one pivot later, Trueface emerges with a promise for better facial recognition tech

Shaun Moore and Nezare Chafni didn’t initially intend to develop a new standalone facial recognition technology, when they first got started developing the technology that would become their new company, Trueface.ai. When the two serial entrepreneurs were planning their next act five years ago,

Our 3 favorite startups from Morgan Stanley’s 2nd Multicultural Innovation Lab Demo Day 

The Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab, Morgan Stanley’s in-house accelerator focused on companies founded by multicultural and female entrepreneurs, hosted its second Annual Showcase and Demo Day.  The event also featured companies from accelerators HearstLab,

11 moments from the International Space Station’s first 20 years

It was November 20, 1998, when an unprecedented international coalition of astronomers, engineers, and rocket scientists saw years of collaboration come to fruition with the launch of the International Space Station's first component.

Brexit means blockchains, lots and lots of blockchains

Does Brexit mean blockchain?

You can now trade Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash on Robinhood Crypto

Fintech startup Robinhood is expanding its cryptocurrency trading product with two new token listings. Users in selected states can now trade Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash from the app. Robinhood is currently providing one of the easiest ways to get started with cryptocurrencies.

Announcing the TC Top Picks for Disrupt SF 2018

When we put out the call for early-stage startups to apply to be a TC Top Pick at Disrupt San Francisco 2018, which takes place September 5-7, we knew we were in for something good. But crikey! The competition was fierce, and narrowing the field to a cohort of 60 startups was no easy task. […]

The Best of Frank Underwood's Ruthless Advice From 'House of Cards'

Boy, Frank Underwood, do you have a way with words. The viciously-cutthroat protagonist of Netflix's hit political thriller House of Cards often breaks the fourth wall to provide viewers with merciless advice.Some of his more inspiring gems:"Shake with your right hand but hold a rock with your left.


在Windows XP停止更新过程中,受到影响的除了普通Windows XP用户之外,企业用户将在Window […]


Urs Hölzle极端自信,戴着耳环、满脸胡须、满头花白的头发看上去更像个录音师,就是他负责看管着这世界上最大的计算机网络,这个网络遍布全球,你每天都会使用它,它就是谷歌,现在Hölzle的目标就是击败AWS。



Google 价值观:数字化地球

在前不久我们报道 Google Glass 运营团队和 GuidiGO 合作,将 Google Glass 引入到博物馆导览服务的新闻后,爱范儿的老朋友 Uglee 梨叔发表高论: “Google 的价值观很明确:让用户成为传感器帮助他数字化地球。” 一语中的!

Windows Installer turns 15: Who cares?

Why should we celebrate 15 years of Windows Installer? We explore how the innovations Windows Installer introduced remain with us today, and will remain with us into the future.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/01/windows-installer-turns-15-who-cares/

[图]后期易维修 亚马逊Echo家庭语音助理拆解


谷歌发布Android Pay移动支付框架

谷歌在西班牙巴塞罗那世界移动通信大会上宣布推出一个名为Android Pay的移动支付框架。谷歌表示,Android Pay是一个“API层”,它允许其他公司在实体店当中,或者通过应用程序在Android设备上安全付款或者收款。

百度莆田之争映射出的“互联网 ”弊症

这一场百度莆田之争,让外人和业内同行看尽了笑话,莆田系医院近年来的口碑一直不怎么样,最后反而是抱起团来向一直为 […]

NeonMob Is A Platform For Creating, Trading, And Collecting Digital Art

Digital art is gaining popularity, with companies like Curioos dedicating entire marketplaces to the medium, but the idea of scarcity when it comes to the internet is relatively new. NeonMob is looking to change the way we think about that with a platform dedicated to digital art collectibles.

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