Microsoft launches new wide-area networking options for Azure

Microsoft is launching a few new networking features today that will make it easier for business to use the company’s Azure cloud to securely connect their own offices and infrastructure using Azure and its global network. The first of these is the Azure Virtual LAN service,

Walmart in China is now testing same-day grocery delivery from Dada via WeChat

Walmart has just begun testing same-day grocery delivery called Walmart To Go in one of its stores in China, months after the American retail titan expanded grocery delivery in its homeland.

Internal Facebook memo sees outgoing head of policy Schrage take blame for hiring Definers

TechCrunch has attained an internal memo published by Facebook’s outgoing head of public policy Elliot Schrage in which he blames himself for hiring PR firm Definers. He admits to having the company push negative narratives about competitors,

Zuckerberg won’t step down as Facebook chairman

In a short but amply-hyped interview with CNN, Facebook’s founder and chief executive again responded to criticism over the company’s most recent crisis. The interview, excerpted from a longer Q&A for a CNN series called “Human Code,

Kindred’s robots help retailers handle fulfillment centers — and take on Amazon

Since taking the reins as chief executive of Kindred at the beginning of the year, Jim Liefer has been focused on commercializing his company’s autonomous robots.

Five years and one pivot later, Trueface emerges with a promise for better facial recognition tech

Shaun Moore and Nezare Chafni didn’t initially intend to develop a new standalone facial recognition technology, when they first got started developing the technology that would become their new company, When the two serial entrepreneurs were planning their next act five years ago,

Our 3 favorite startups from Morgan Stanley’s 2nd Multicultural Innovation Lab Demo Day 

The Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab, Morgan Stanley’s in-house accelerator focused on companies founded by multicultural and female entrepreneurs, hosted its second Annual Showcase and Demo Day.  The event also featured companies from accelerators HearstLab,

11 moments from the International Space Station’s first 20 years

It was November 20, 1998, when an unprecedented international coalition of astronomers, engineers, and rocket scientists saw years of collaboration come to fruition with the launch of the International Space Station's first component.

Microsoft speeds up its Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse, the company’s cloud-based database service for big data workloads, is getting yet another speed bump today. A few months ago,

Microsoft Teams gets a free version

Microsoft opened up the news floodgates this morning, in the kick off to its annual Inspire event in Paris. One of the more compelling announcements of the bunch is the addition of a free version of Teams. The Slack competitor has been kicking around in some form or other since late-2016,

Microsoft wants to make you a better team player by nudging you into submission

Microsoft announced a number of new tools for its MyAnalytics tool for Office 365 users today that are geared toward giving employees more data about how they work, as well as ways to improve how teams work together. In today’s businesses, everybody has to be a team player, after all,


《【入门篇】移动游戏数据分析框架-概论》中提到我们可以通过增加水管或者把水龙头拧的更大一些来增加注水量,移动游 […]



【C语言模拟实现】浮点数-转-定点数 - ISeeIC

要想超神,就要什么都精!知识准备:1. 输出浮点数的十六进制形式?(利用指针输出)将浮点数指针-转换成-整型指针,以十六进制的格式输出指针内容。示例程序:#includeint main(){ float *var; scanf("%f",var); pri...

以新一代 Nexus 5 為典範但同樣不能擴充儲存的中高規機種,小米手機 4s 動手玩

小米科技加入來自曾負責多款 Nexus 手機規劃的 Hugo Barra 後,小米科技積極的往海外發展,也將目標觸及到非華文區域,而在小米海外佈局中相當重要的一站就是印度,小米科技也在日前將新機海外首發獻給了印度,這次在台上市的小米手機 4s 也成為小米科技首款在中國之外優先推出的機種,催生這款手機的,正是 Hugo Barra。

The Best Tips on How to Make Professional Video with Your Smartphone

YouTuber Danny Winget always gives great gadget in his shows, and now he’s taking you behind the scenes. After watching this vid, you’ll know how to make your own YouTube show using nothing but a smartphone and some good advice.Read more...

Lefties Go Roadie, Wolves In California Inevitable: What’s New Outside

High-End camping gear maker Nemo promises to make sleeping outside more comfortable than ever. Cannondale is releasing a road bike fitted with a lightweight version of its “Lefty” front suspension and a second wolf has left Oregon for the sunny climes of California.

聲、色俱佳的非典型街頭潮流耳機, Sony h.ear On MDR-100 動手玩

MDR-1 系列時尚耳機為 Sony 重新在耳機市場獲得不少關注,也吸引其他日系品牌投入研發概念相似的產品;不過目前耳機市場的大宗仍是以街頭潮流風為主,風格較為英倫紳士淑女風的 MDR-1 系列始終未能獲得多數街頭潮流耳機愛好者的注意。

Women directed three movies in theaters this weekend. That never happens

Hollywood's version of Halley's Comet comes around this weekend, when three movies directed by women land in theatersConsidering the industry's abysmal track record with female directors, this is cause for celebration. It's also cause for reflection,

Gitblit中采用Ticket模式进行协作开发 - x3d

Git目前的代码分支管理模型中,比较主要的有Git Flow、Github Pull Request。大家日常或多或少都在用着。在不想安装Gitlab这种重量级的环境的情况下,如果是利用git一步步搭建团队的GIT服务的话,比较麻烦,而且维护更麻烦。Gitblit是一款比较简单的跨平台Git自托管服...

去韩国玩?可以在当地向三星免费借一台 Galaxy Note 5 喔

为了推广韩国旅游与展现科技实力,韩国旅游发展局与三星和 SK Telecom 合作,为「特定」由首尔机场入境的观光客提供 Galaxy Note 5 手机借出的服务,最多一次借出五天。有兴趣的话可以到从二月底起至旅游发展局的网站申请,不过是有名额限制的,一周大约只有 250 台可以借出。与手机同时获得的,还有 1GB 的数据流量,虽然不多,但打打卡应该是还 ok 吧?不过很难说这个专案能造成什么实质的影响 -- 毕竟三星在大部份的国家都已经很强势,大概也不需要什么特别的推广吧?至少,如果大家...

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