As product development incorporates more feedback, development toolkit productboard raises $8M

Since its debut on the TechCrunch Disrupt stage in September 2016, demand for a service like productboard, which gives companies a wholistic view of product development and encourages input from across an organization, has only gotten more acute, according to company chief executive Hubert Palan.

A Lime scooter rider died this morning in Washington, D.C., marking the second fatality this month

Lime, the 18-month-old, San Francisco-based company whose bright green bicycles and scooters now dot cities throughout the U.S.,launched a pilot program in Tacoma, Washington, today, but that tiny victory might have felt short-lived. The reason: on opposite side of the country,

Japan’s Hayabusa 2 mission lands on the surface of a distant asteroid

The coolest mission you haven't heard of just hit a major milestone: the Japanese Hayabusa 2 probe has reached its destination, the asteroid Ryugu, and just deployed a pair of landers to its surface. Soon it will touch down itself and bring back a sample of Ryugu back to Earth! Are you kidding me?

Mithril Capital Management, cofounded by Ajay Royan and Peter Thiel, is leaving the Bay Area

From its glass-lined offices in San Francisco’s leafy Presidio national park, six-year-old Mithril Capital Management has happily flown under the radar. Now it’s leaving altogether and relocating its team to Austin, a spot that has “enough critical mass of a technical culture, an artisanal culture,

VCs say Silicon Valley isn’t the gold mine it used to be

In the days leading up to TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018, The Economist published the cover story, ‘Why Startups Are Leaving Silicon Valley.’ The author outlined reasons why the Valley has “peaked.” Venture capital investors are deploying capital outside the Bay Area more than ever before.

Polestar unveils first production EV with aim to overtake Tesla

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa.

Twitter bug sent user direct messages to developers for over a year

Twitter said that a “bug” sent user’s private direct messages to third-party developers “who were not authorized to receive them.” The social media giant began warning users Friday of the exposure with a message in the app. “The issue has persisted since May 2017,

Instagram denies it’s building Regramming. Here’s why it’d be a disaster

Instagram tells me Regramming, or the ability to instantly repost someone else’s feed post to your followers like a retweet, is “not happening”, not being built, and not being tested. And that’s good news for all Instagrammers.

Intel acquires eASIC to take its chipsets deeper into IoT and other next-generation computing

In the wake of Broadcom failing to complete its takeover of Qualcomm, Intel is buying another chip company as it works on adjusting its own its business to fit the next generation of computing. Today the company is announcing that it is acquiring eASIC,

Microsoft launches new wide-area networking options for Azure

Microsoft is launching a few new networking features today that will make it easier for business to use the company’s Azure cloud to securely connect their own offices and infrastructure using Azure and its global network. The first of these is the Azure Virtual LAN service,

Microsoft speeds up its Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse, the company’s cloud-based database service for big data workloads, is getting yet another speed bump today. A few months ago,




开始之前先说明一下,这篇文章不是什么充满正能量的亢奋剂,也不是在你困惑时想到的心灵鸡汤,而是一篇反映真实状况的写实记录。   每个人对成功的产品定义都不大相同,但是我还没有做出一款我认为成功的产品。

These are the top schools that can land you a career at Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the largest corporations in the world, dealing with computer software, hardware, and services. Microsoft, which is based in Redmond, Washington, has over 101,914 employees worldwide as of March 2014.



EFF Begins a Campaign For Secure and Usable Cryptography

Peter Eckersley writes: Over at EFF we just launched our Secure Messaging Scorecard, which is the first phase in a campaign to promote the development of communications protocols that are genuinely secure and usable by ordinary people.

使用图集工具 TexturePacker 自定义模板及如何自定义 BMFont类型的模板 - Oh,Guy

如题,据我们的大神伟哥所说,我们在后面的开发中有可能会用到一个工具,需求是能够根据游戏原画所出的单个文字的图在游戏中能够方便的使用, 即跟调用 BMFont类型的字体一样。


今天互联网的主流人群是90后,马上00后也要粉墨登场,但是你们了解90后的消费习惯吗?把握当下主要消费人群的需 […]


中国长沙2015年4月2日电 /美通社/ -- 湖南金蝶移动互联技术有限公司揭牌仪式在长沙盛大举行,金蝶长沙研发中心也在同日成立。此举意味着,金蝶将充分依托湖南的政策优势和人才优势,在工业4.

The Best Worst Presidential Campaign Merchandise

The world imploded when it was discovered that Republican presidential hopeful Jeb! was selling a cheap plastic bowl for $75 (especially seeing as one could buy 24 of the same cheap plastic bowls for $36). But it’s not the most egregious product being sold by a candidate.

创业低谷时别哭!来看看拉里·佩奇的 20 条箴言!(上)

Google 的联合创始人拉里·佩奇曾经在各种场合发表过自己对创业、对科技圈、对人生事业的种种看法。本文集合了他最具力量的 20 条箴言,并逐一给出了分析。

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