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Top 10 tips from business leaders using Technology Business Management to drive innovation

We’ve spoken to hundreds of IT leaders about their experiences since starting to actively practise TBM – we’ve distilled all those conversations into 10 things you should know before you start too.

13 People Who Could Be Twitter’s Next CEO

So far we’ve heard the board is looking for someone who can focus solely on Twitter (and not some other *cough Square) company, is a heavy tweeter, and gets the product. There’s also significant interest to bring in a woman or minority to do the job. Rumors continue to swirl,

Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch launch and reaction

Apple is finally releasing its much-anticipated iPhone 6 handset on 9th September, and ITProPortal is going to be on hand to bring you all the updates in our minute-by-minute coverage.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

5 Strategies to encourage active learning and upskill future workforces

How can we prepare the workers of tomorrow to excel in a digital workforce?

Cloud computing market worth $411 billion by 2020

The cloud computing market has grown significantly but some barriers to entry still exist.

Fragmenting budgets and rapid pace of change creates perfect storm for IT decision makers

Technology that drives innovation is becoming ever more central to key business decisions.

What’s next for the private cloud?

Despite its many advantages, private cloud also has a number of shortcomings that will lead businesses to adopt hybrid cloud solutions.

Many companies don't know where their critical data is kept

Dark data is a fundamental challenge to organisations trying to evolve from BI to data analytics.

The fax cyber hack scare and our need for advanced security solutions

Even in today's digital world, legacy systems still pose a threat to governments and organisations around the world.

The digital transformation journey dissected – why do some businesses succeed while others lag behin

It is important to understand why digital transformation projects are perceived to be so difficult for companies.

UK retailers must modernise to survive, and thrive

It's time for retailers to make use of the mainframes on which their business are run to help drive growth and innovation.

Cyber security and data privacy: what are you over-looking?

Cloud, BYOD, Voice, to name a few.

Desktop transformation: the end of the monolithic enterprise desktop

There is no place in today's increasingly mobile world for the clunky desktops of yesterday.

These Two "GIF Porn Scrapers" Are Living the American Dream

Not every programmer who comes out West panning for digital gold hits it rich. But the bottom rung of Startupland can be a fun if you find the right benefactor, reports Re/Code. Read more...



盘点充满创意的DIY手机 堪比中国山寨机


Select Xbox 360 Owners Get $75 Credit to Upgrade to Xbox One

Microsoft is rewarding its "best customers" who have not yet upgraded from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One with a $75 credit to do so, according to a poster on the video game forum NeoGAF.

电池性能PK:WP版HTC One M8优势明显

北京时间昨日晚间,HTC 发布了一款 WP 旗舰设备 HTC One M8 for Windows,这款新机在硬件配置上与此前安卓版 HTC One M8 完全相同,区别仅在于所搭载的操作系统不同。

Apple Watch对比Moto 360:全新领域的较量

万众瞩目的Apple Watch终于正式发布了,虽然相关的细节信息依然非常有限,但人们依然免不了拿它来和市面上现有的产品进行一番对比,比如Android Wear阵营里人气最高的Moto 360。



音樂數位流正夯, Bang & Olufsen 推出 BeoSound Essence 數位系統

數位流在音響界也漸漸影響到發燒級市場,不少知名音響品牌紛紛將數位流整併到高階的 CD 轉盤主機,或是推出純數位流的主機;而知名音響品牌 Bang & Olufsen 也在台灣發表獲得 2014 年紅點大賞的數位音樂系統 BeoSound Essence ,這是一套可透過雲端與串流播放多種設備內數位音樂檔案的系統。

奔驰自动驾驶车谍照曝光 细节遭揭秘




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