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The five stages of cloud (security)

Moving from an on-premise environment to the cloud requires a different approach to cyber security.

Deploying an enterprise cloud with HP

With companies increasingly taking up the opportunity to benefit from the business benefits offered by the cloud, they now have a cloud IT management system to secure and protect those benefits. Read more:

The growth of on-demand cloud computing

This HP whitepaper charts the development of the cloud on-demand computing concept and shows how important it is for addressing the demand for business agility and growth. Read more:

7 IT Startups That Will Change How Businesses Innovate In 2015

IT is going through a renaissance right now. New products and services are released every month that dramatically change how we can develop products and manage our IT shops. Innovation is everywhere. It can be hard to keep up, but that is part of the fun. Read More

The Five Tough Truths Of Cybersecurity Software

Building a successful security software company is notoriously hard to get right over the long haul. Computer security is a fast-moving target. You still need anti-virus software, for instance, but it won’t necessarily keep you safe. The same is true for firewalls, and malware detection,

How we'll build and secure the connected cars of the future

Experts say that car industry will develop more in the next decade than it has in the last fifty years due to the rise in connectivity and mobile technology. What will cars look like in 5 or 10 years?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Cybersecurity Hindsight And A Look Ahead At 2015

Editor’s note: Yoav Leitersdorf and Ofer Schreiber are partners at YL Ventures, which invests early in cybersecurity, cloud computing, big data and Software-as-a-Service software companies.This year we witnessed a series of high-profile security breaches,

Index Ventures Raises New $550M Early Stage Fund For Europe, US, Israel – Aims For The Big League

Index Ventures has announced a new early stage €400 million ($550m) fund aimed at tech startups in Europe, US and Israel. The new early-stage fund is their 7th early stage fund and part of a total €3bn ($4bn) raised by Index since inception. The fund will invest from seed and early stage,

Europe’s Biggest Investors Come To The Disrupt Europe Stage

The second TechCrunch Disrupt Europe will take place from 18-21st October 2014 in London. Saturday and Sunday will feature the legendary TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, followed by two days of interviews and panels with Europe’s best entrepreneurs and VCs. Read More

Cloud computing: What's next?

But what are the new cloud technology developments that cloud service providers will be delivering? This HP whitepaper takes a closer look at the situation. Read more:

Dojo Is Designed To Protect Your Smart Home From Itself

Israeli startup Dojo-Labs has it eye on securing the connected smart home from the threat posed by, well, all the devices that comprise the connected smart home… Read More

5 Strategies to encourage active learning and upskill future workforces

How can we prepare the workers of tomorrow to excel in a digital workforce?

Cloud computing market worth $411 billion by 2020

The cloud computing market has grown significantly but some barriers to entry still exist.

Fragmenting budgets and rapid pace of change creates perfect storm for IT decision makers

Technology that drives innovation is becoming ever more central to key business decisions.

What’s next for the private cloud?

Despite its many advantages, private cloud also has a number of shortcomings that will lead businesses to adopt hybrid cloud solutions.

Many companies don't know where their critical data is kept

Dark data is a fundamental challenge to organisations trying to evolve from BI to data analytics.

The fax cyber hack scare and our need for advanced security solutions

Even in today's digital world, legacy systems still pose a threat to governments and organisations around the world.

The digital transformation journey dissected – why do some businesses succeed while others lag behin

It is important to understand why digital transformation projects are perceived to be so difficult for companies.

Top 10 tips from business leaders using Technology Business Management to drive innovation

We’ve spoken to hundreds of IT leaders about their experiences since starting to actively practise TBM – we’ve distilled all those conversations into 10 things you should know before you start too.

UK retailers must modernise to survive, and thrive

It's time for retailers to make use of the mainframes on which their business are run to help drive growth and innovation.

Cyber security and data privacy: what are you over-looking?

Cloud, BYOD, Voice, to name a few.

苹果放宽电子货币相关政策 上架比特币应用 Coinpocket

苹果上周修改其电子货币相关政策,日前一款比特币钱包应用 Coinpocket 在 App Store 上架。该应用提供私钥加密、发送接收比特币及查询比特币实时价格等功能。


据《商业周刊》报道,本文作者阿什利·万斯(Ashlee Vance)是彭博商业周刊的科技板块撰稿人,他撰写过“伊隆·马斯克:特斯拉、SpaceX以及对梦幻般未来的追求”一书(将于2015年5月由哈珀柯林斯出版社发行)。


最近,Glu Mobile宣布与‘小甜甜’布兰妮•斯皮尔斯(Britney Spears)达成了一项为期5年的合约,将为其打造一款量身定制的明星手游,布兰妮将参与该游戏的配音以及创意,预计将在2016年发布。


北京时间5月7日上午消息,特斯拉CEO伊隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)刚刚推出了一系列家用电池,希望将太阳能革命推向新的阶段。但有一个问题:屋顶太阳能发电设备提供商似乎不太支持特斯拉的这种新型电池——至少目前如此。

我是如何将linux用在开发环境中的 - 河边的老牛


环球科技Global Tech 2015评选榜单正式揭晓

北京2016年1月21日电 /美通社/ -- 自从Global Tech 2015评选奖项报名通道开启之后,随着时间的推移,申报Global Tech 2015评选奖项的企业也越来越多。在评委们的辛苦努力审核评选下,Global Tech 2015终于迎来了榜单揭晓的这一刻。 环球科技Global Tech 2015评选 “Global Tech 2015”评选活动是环球网科技主办的以“科技·发现者”为主题的大型评选活动。共设置人物类、企业类、产品类、技术类、新闻类五大评选。

Google's DeepMind gains access to data of 1.6 million NHS patients

LONDON — DeepMind, the artificial intelligence company owned by Google, has been granted access to the healthcare data of some 1.6 million NHS patients.The company has the patient information for three London hospitals - Barnet,

[多图]NVIDIA次旗舰GTX 1070发布

除了刚刚的新旗舰GTX 1080,NVIDIA帕斯卡家族第二款显卡GTX 1070也一同亮相了。虽然官方并未对其进行详细介绍,一带而过,但一句话已经可以证明它的存在价值:比GTX TITAN X还要快。和GTX 1080一样,GTX 1070同样基于16nm FinFET工艺的GP104核心,但编号由GTX 1080的GP104-400-A1,变为GP104-200-A1。显存没有配备GDDR5X,而是用了主流的GDDR5,容量同样是8GB。


Uber 要进军无人车的野心路人皆知,但是一直都没有看到直接具体的动作。不过近日《匹兹堡论坛报》曝光了 Uber 在该市测试无人车的消息,令 Uber 的无人车计划得以坐实。Uber 早在 1年 多以前就在匹兹堡设立了先进技术中心(Advanced Technology Center),该中心的作用就是设立机器人研究实验室,当时据知情人士透露,其目的就是要开始无人车技术的研发工作,但是,这些说法并没有得到直接证据的证实。直到近日匹兹堡论坛报的记者受邀坐上了 Uber 其中的一台无人车。

百特医疗荣获2016 “绿色发展,共享未来”年度社区共享最佳案例

上海2016年7月28日电 /美通社/ -- 昨日,百特医疗凭借在“老年人健康关爱”领域的持续投入和行动,从来自83家企业递交的100个案例中脱颖而出,在“绿色发展,共享未来”企业社会责任(CSR)优秀案例评选活动中,荣获共享价值类“年度社区共享最佳案例”。 百特大中华区传播总监张蕾(右六)代表公司领取奖项 此次评选活动在上海市人民政府新闻办公室、上海市商务委员会和上海市环境保护局的指导下,由解放日报.上海观察、上海日报和东方网主办。

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