Big changes to come as Nadella refocuses Microsoft's core vision

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -- after almost six months of his appointment at the new position -- has shared his vision for the company in an email sent to all employees. Nadella sees Microsoft as a productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

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Big changes to come as Nadella refocuses Microsoft's core vision

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -- after almost six months of his appointment at the new position -- has shared his vision for the company in an email sent to all employees. Nadella sees Microsoft as a productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

CEO Satya Nadella on what Microsoft is trying to achieve with Windows 10

To conclude the Windows 10 event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stage to talk about the company’s commitment to making Windows the go-to operating system that people need and want. Today, 1.5 billion people use Windows,

Satya Nadella answers pressing questions about Windows Phone and Microsoft

Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet held a comprehensive exclusive interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella yesterday, right after his Worldwide Partner Conference keynote. In it,

Microsoft To Cut Workforce By 18,000 This Year, ‘Moving Now’ To Cut First 13,000

Microsoft has announced major layoffs today as predicted, following a company email published by CEO Satya Nadella last week that signalled changes on the way. In a note published by the company from Nadella today, the CEO outlines how the changes will happen, with a total of 18,

Microsoft CEO warns ‘nothing is off the table’ during culture shift

Satya Nadella wrote to all members of staff about a shift in company culture that goes to the very root of his plan to create a mobile-first, cloud-first firm.Read more:

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner discusses futher layoffs and channel focus for Windows Phone

For Microsoft employees, partners, journalist and enthusiast, July 8, 2015, marked a bloody day for the company. Once again, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella took to his keyboard to deliver another lengthy email that promised focus for the company, but at the expense of jobs. Earlier today,

Microsoft bids farewell to 18,000 employees, and possibly its Nokia X lineup

Microsoft CEO Gears The Company For Change, And A Renewed Focus On Productivity And Platforms

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella released a letter to employees today via the Microsoft website, and while the missive is aimed at employees in terms of syntax, it’s clearly designed to address the public, too. The occasion for the letter is the kick-off of Microsoft’s fiscal 2015,

About That Microsoft Quarterly Report

Microsoft’s first quarter of its fiscal 2015 was big. The fiscal quarter, corresponding to the calendar third of 2014, brought stronger than expected revenue and profit. The company’s cloud business continued to grow, Windows Phone put points on the board,

Steve Ballmer had “a hard time” with other CEOs, says Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff

Microsoft has been changing, and changing fast since Satya Nadella was named CEO early last year and Steve Ballmer took a bow. Nadella has often called his approach making Microsoft a mobile first, cloud...The post Steve Ballmer had “a hard time” with other CEOs,

Windows 10 news recap: another patch for the October update, Microsoft is making Edge Chromium-based

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. The Microsoft 365 Insider program is “the evolution of the Windows Insider Program for Business,

Microsoft news recap: Skype brings back the “Away” status, Microsoft Edge coming to macOS, and more

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee,

Microsoft’s Game Hub adds new in-app capture review and share features

Xbox Game Hub just picked a more streamlined way to review screen captures.

Microsoft Whiteboard app gets black background color and more on Windows 10 and iOS

Microsoft has updated its Whiteboard app on Windows 10 on iOS with new background colors and more this week.

More Edge/Chromium info comes to light – will support Chrome extensions, more on PWAs

We’re still digesting the implications of Microsoft’s momentous decision to move Edge from its proprietary browser engine, EdgeHTML, to the open source Chromium. While this is indeed a huge change, the devil is in the details,

Save up to 50% off Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield V and more during The Game Awards Sale

Starting today through Sunday, December 9, you can save up to 50% off 82 Xbox One games including Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Battlefield V, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more.

Execs from Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony join together at last night’s Game Awards

For a brief moment, it was like the console wars never existed and the three execs announced their commitment to support video games as an art form.

FB Pages Manager celebrates its first anniversary, gives discount on the paid app

This week, FB Pages Manager, the third party client for managing Facebook pages for Windows Phone, completed one year of its glorious existence. The app, which has over 100,000 active monthly users, is celebrating its first anniversary with a discount on its paid app.

Here's a list of top Windows Phone countries, US and India among the top two

Every month, the folks at AdDuplex release a report which shows how well Windows Phone is performing, the devices with the highest market share (globally and based on specific countries), and much more. Recently, AdDuplex published a new report which lists the top countries for Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 930 available for pre-orders in the UK, comes with free goodies worth £130

Nokia Lumia 930 is up for pre-orders in the UK on several retailers. Clove announced via a blog post that the retailer is taking pre-orders of the device for £435 including VAT for the SIM-free version, as well as a bunch of free goodies. It's not just Clove,




【摘要】作为新贵的O2O模式,从不愠不火,到火热朝天,并且被传统行业一致认为是一根救命草的模式。而且在极短时间 […]

New Map Fingers Future Hot Spots For U.S. Earthquakes

sciencehabit writes Earthquake risk assessments can seem pretty abstract at first glance, with their "percent probabilities" and "peak ground accelerations." But the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS's) national hazard maps, updated periodically, pack a powerful punch:

Apple will donate part of its holiday sales to fight AIDS

Apple will mark World AIDS Day this year by donating a portion of its retail and online sales from between Nov. 28 and Dec. 1 to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 unites people worldwide in the fight against HIV/AIDS,

MI5 Chief Seeks New Powers After Paris Magazine Attack

An anonymous reader writes with news that the head of MI5 is asking for more snooping powers following the attack at Charlie Hebdo. "The head of MI5, Andrew Parker, has called for new powers to help fight Islamist extremism,

I Lost All This Stuff In Vietnam

On March 27, while riding a $450 motorcycle through Vietnam, I lost my backpack. It contained my camera, computer, and two hard drives containing seven months of RAW photos and videos. This is what I learned from the ordeal.Read more...

17 Halloween costumes that will keep you warm and cozy

Halloween has its respective perks and non-perks — one of them of course being "how cold can I realistically get before my lips fall off and bobbing for apples is out?

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你还需要Apple Pencil吗?现发货时间缩短了

这真是目前设计得最复杂的苹果产品之一了,不知道工人在组装的时候是什么样的心情。掐指算来,iPad Pro上市也有差不多两个月的时间了(双 11 上市),其配件 Apple Pencil 的供应问题也终于有所缓和了。Apple Pencil 的预计发货时间已经变更为 3-4 周。要知道,iPad Pro 上市以来,Apple Pencil 在苹果官网上的预计发货一直都是 4-5 周,意味着用户下单之后还要等一个月甚至更久才能拿到货。

Freezing temperatures add new danger for refugees in Europe

Thousands of refugees and migrants making their way along the Balkan route through Europe this winter are at risk of life-threatening hypothermia, aid groups warnTemperatures along portions of the route into western Europe plummeted below -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 Celcius) on Tuesday.

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