Big changes to come as Nadella refocuses Microsoft's core vision

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -- after almost six months of his appointment at the new position -- has shared his vision for the company in an email sent to all employees. Nadella sees Microsoft as a productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

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Big changes to come as Nadella refocuses Microsoft's core vision

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -- after almost six months of his appointment at the new position -- has shared his vision for the company in an email sent to all employees. Nadella sees Microsoft as a productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

CEO Satya Nadella on what Microsoft is trying to achieve with Windows 10

To conclude the Windows 10 event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stage to talk about the company’s commitment to making Windows the go-to operating system that people need and want. Today, 1.5 billion people use Windows,

Satya Nadella answers pressing questions about Windows Phone and Microsoft

Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet held a comprehensive exclusive interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella yesterday, right after his Worldwide Partner Conference keynote. In it,

Microsoft To Cut Workforce By 18,000 This Year, ‘Moving Now’ To Cut First 13,000

Microsoft has announced major layoffs today as predicted, following a company email published by CEO Satya Nadella last week that signalled changes on the way. In a note published by the company from Nadella today, the CEO outlines how the changes will happen, with a total of 18,

Microsoft CEO warns ‘nothing is off the table’ during culture shift

Satya Nadella wrote to all members of staff about a shift in company culture that goes to the very root of his plan to create a mobile-first, cloud-first firm.Read more:

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner discusses futher layoffs and channel focus for Windows Phone

For Microsoft employees, partners, journalist and enthusiast, July 8, 2015, marked a bloody day for the company. Once again, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella took to his keyboard to deliver another lengthy email that promised focus for the company, but at the expense of jobs. Earlier today,

Microsoft bids farewell to 18,000 employees, and possibly its Nokia X lineup

Microsoft CEO Gears The Company For Change, And A Renewed Focus On Productivity And Platforms

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella released a letter to employees today via the Microsoft website, and while the missive is aimed at employees in terms of syntax, it’s clearly designed to address the public, too. The occasion for the letter is the kick-off of Microsoft’s fiscal 2015,

About That Microsoft Quarterly Report

Microsoft’s first quarter of its fiscal 2015 was big. The fiscal quarter, corresponding to the calendar third of 2014, brought stronger than expected revenue and profit. The company’s cloud business continued to grow, Windows Phone put points on the board,

Steve Ballmer had “a hard time” with other CEOs, says Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff

Microsoft has been changing, and changing fast since Satya Nadella was named CEO early last year and Steve Ballmer took a bow. Nadella has often called his approach making Microsoft a mobile first, cloud...The post Steve Ballmer had “a hard time” with other CEOs,

Windows 10 19H1 build 18361 brings two more bug fixes for Fast Ring Insiders (Update: build 18356.1

The build 18361 addresses an issue preventing certain VMs to update to newer builds, as well as another issue related to BitLocker.

HP announces new hardware, including a new Windows Mixed Reality headset at Reinvent conference

HP has announced their new Reverb Virtual Reality Headset as part of their their Reinvent event, which will support Windows Mixed Reality, as well as Steam VR, both right out of the box.

Microsoft to store native Teams data in France

Microsoft is making a change to Teams users in France, as data from within the app will now be stored within the country for new account holders.

Microsoft celebrates half a million organizations using Teams, announces upcoming Microsoft Whiteboa

There are now more than 500,000 organizations using Microsoft Teams across 181 markets, and the Redmond giant announced more new capabilities coming to Teams later this year.

DirectX 12 gains support for Variable Rate Shading to unlock performance on modern GPUs

Microsoft has updated its DirectX 12 Graphics API with a new feature that could improve visual quality in games with minimal effort from game developers.

Microsoft helps form Northwest Quantum Nexus to advance quantum computing

Microsoft Quantum, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and the University of Washington came together to form the NQN

Microsoft Launcher set to unveil 5.3.0 beta with multiple time/weather widgets, work accounts, more

Beta testers of the Microsoft Launcher will now be able to enjoy a new update today, as the team behind the app have announced the release of version 5.3 for those who sign up to try early releases of it.

FB Pages Manager celebrates its first anniversary, gives discount on the paid app

This week, FB Pages Manager, the third party client for managing Facebook pages for Windows Phone, completed one year of its glorious existence. The app, which has over 100,000 active monthly users, is celebrating its first anniversary with a discount on its paid app.

Here's a list of top Windows Phone countries, US and India among the top two

Every month, the folks at AdDuplex release a report which shows how well Windows Phone is performing, the devices with the highest market share (globally and based on specific countries), and much more. Recently, AdDuplex published a new report which lists the top countries for Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 930 available for pre-orders in the UK, comes with free goodies worth £130

Nokia Lumia 930 is up for pre-orders in the UK on several retailers. Clove announced via a blog post that the retailer is taking pre-orders of the device for £435 including VAT for the SIM-free version, as well as a bunch of free goodies. It's not just Clove,

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这个修改的地方比较多。一一来找首先找到文件:source/class/block/forum/block_forum.php 与文件:source/class/block/forum/block_thread.php找到代码:'titlelength' => array( 'title' => 'f...

These Bubbles Releases Scents When Popped

If my kindergartner is any authority — and she’ll be the first to tell you that she is — bubble machines represent the coolest technology on the planet.A new project out of the University of Bristol is promising to take bubble technology to the next level.

18 Stolen Dinosaur Skeletons Returned to Mongolia

More than 18 dinosaur skeletons illegally taken from Mongolia were formally returned to their homeland last week, U.S. authorities announced.The fossilized bones were handed over to Mongolian officials in a repatriation ceremony held July 10 in New York. "Today,

无人机Rolling Spider出炉 可用手机平板控制

据英国《每日邮报》8月12日报道,派诺特(Parrot)公司旗下全新高科技智能玩具设备Rolling Spider,不久将呈现在大众面前。其最大卖点是用户可以像玩游戏一样通过倾斜智能手机或平板电脑来控制无人机的飞行。


导言:2006年MIT(麻省理工学院)毕业的Robert Buderi和Gregory Huang完成了《Gu […]

A Sneak Peek at the 'Simpsons'-'Family Guy' Crossover We Can't Wait For

One of the greatest events in animated TV history is upon us — and now, we have new pictures of the one-hour Simpsons crossover with Family Guy.In the episode, which airs Sept. 28, The Griffins find themselves in Springfield, befriending the Simpsons family. For a while,


“iPhone杀手”?还不尽然,但小米4和一加手机等产品已大大缩小了它们与高端手机之间的差距,告别了中端手机阵营,并紧追各大 “旗舰”品牌。

The LHC Is Going to Produce 400PB of Data Every Year

At the Large Hadron Collider, some serious science goes down. So serious, in fact, that the facility plans to ratchet up its data collection to the point where it's creating a staggering 400PB of data every year.Read more...


江苏人保微信理赔服务上线暨百万红包回馈活动隆重发布 南京2015年12月29日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年是“十二五”的收官之年。时至年末,中国人保财险江苏省分公司(以下简称“江苏人保财险”)喜讯频传,佳音不断。12月28日,江苏人保财险在南京隆重举行了车险年度保费突破200亿暨微信理赔服务上线新闻发布会,并启动“百万粉丝周年庆,江苏人保伴您行”百万红包客户回馈活动。省内十几家主流新闻媒体和相关行业主管部门领导出席了发布会,在现场共同见证了江苏人保财险服务全面升级的精彩时刻。


英文原文:How techs big 3 are getting ready to read youremotions  编者按:原文是 Epsilon 营销总监 Steve Harries 的文章。文章总结了 Google、苹果与 Facebook 三大巨头在 AI 方面的研发与投入,分析了 ... ...

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