Microsoft Store offers $150 towards select PCs and Office 365 as part of back to school savings

Microsoft has launched a new back to school savings campaign where you can get $150 towards the purchase of a select PC and Office 365. This deal is perfect for a brand new Surface Pro 3.

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Chicago gets 24 new Windows Stores within Best Buy, just in time for the back to school rush

Microsoft has announced today that there will be 24 new Windows Stores within Best Buy opening in various Chicago area Best Buy locations. This is a part of Microsoft's strategic partnership with Best Buy and it is happening just in time for the back to school rush.

Microsoft starts testing splitting Search and Cortana in two

Some testers previously found a way to separate Cortana from Windows Search using special software, but the change is now live for some Fast Ring Insiders running the latest build 18298.

Switzerland’s largest bank to move some data to Microsoft cloud services as soon as next year

The proposed transition is slated to occur sometime next year and reported to be worth "hundreds of millions of Swiss francs" for Microsoft.

Microsoft may be planning a consumer version of its Microsoft 365 bundle

Microsoft is apparently working on a consumer version of Microsoft 365, the enterprise bundle that includes Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Monster Hunter World is free to play on Xbox One this week

The folks at Capcom are running a trial period for Monster Hunter World this week for anyone with either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The trial gives access to virtually the whole game to anyone for free, including most of the game's story, quests, gear, and upgrades up to Hunter Rank 4.

Microsoft’s GroupMe iOS app updates with fixes and improvements

Microsoft has updated its GroupMe app for iOS devices today, which includes a fix for an issue with inline Instagram messages, improvements to the camera when selecting an avatar, as well a fix when previewing images on iPhone models from 6 though 8.

Join the Microsoft Teams AMA session this morning at 9AM PST

From 9AM to 10AM PST, members of the product engineering team will try to answer all questions from the audience.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s 2nd DLC is coming to Xbox One next week

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider will get its 2nd DLC next week on Xbox One. The new DLC titled, “The Pillar,” was announced on Twitter, “The Pillar,” and will bring a new adventure to The Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The Pillar video trailer is yet to be released, but here’s a behind-the-scenes look […]

Big changes to come as Nadella refocuses Microsoft's core vision

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -- after almost six months of his appointment at the new position -- has shared his vision for the company in an email sent to all employees. Nadella sees Microsoft as a productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

FB Pages Manager celebrates its first anniversary, gives discount on the paid app

This week, FB Pages Manager, the third party client for managing Facebook pages for Windows Phone, completed one year of its glorious existence. The app, which has over 100,000 active monthly users, is celebrating its first anniversary with a discount on its paid app.

Here's a list of top Windows Phone countries, US and India among the top two

Every month, the folks at AdDuplex release a report which shows how well Windows Phone is performing, the devices with the highest market share (globally and based on specific countries), and much more. Recently, AdDuplex published a new report which lists the top countries for Windows Phone.

Why Are So Many of China's Tall Buildings Designed In Chicago?

Chicago has long been a global leader in an interesting export category: Maker of the world's tallest buildings. The world's current tallest building was designed here, as well as the one that will supplant it. Now,

How they made the classic Old Spice "I'm on a horse" commercial

汽车厂商推迟支持 CarPlay 苹果该何去何从

今年 3 月份在日内瓦汽车展上,苹果公司正式推出旗下的车载操作系统,并宣布与法拉利、梅赛德斯奔驰以及沃尔沃等达成合作伙伴的关系。不过在展会上,苹果并没有宣布用户何时能够在车上真正体验 CarPlay。  

Gawker Jeff Wise Is Here to Chat About His Flight MH370 Disappearance Theory | Jalopnik Dear Car Com

Gawker Jeff Wise Is Here to Chat About His Flight MH370 Disappearance Theory | Jalopnik Dear Car Companies: Fire Everyone And Hire These Amazing Kids Instead | Jezebel A Chat with Sonia Van Meter,





JOHN WALKER & SONS XR 21年重现“咆哮的20年代”的辉煌

其灵感来源于“装饰艺术” 新加坡2015年9月7日电 /美通社/ -- 在上世纪20年代盛行于全球的Art Deco(装饰艺术)运动的核心乃是华丽的风格和奢华的设计。

LG将在CES 2016上宣布多款4K HDR电视新品

如果去年的消费电子展(CES 2015)意味着电视制造商全面转向4K,那么到了今年的CES 2016,我们或许又要迎来HDR了。HDR是“高动态范围”的缩写,通过对比度和色彩上的优化提升,电视的画面将变得更加生动和逼真。据外媒报道,作为家电行业的重要一员,LG已决定为CES 2016带来三款LCD 4K电视新品,并且它们全部配备了听起来就很诱人的“HDR-Plus”功能。

新泽西州将推新法令 未来走路时玩手机恐面临牢狱之灾


苹果2016年版MacBook详细拆解:拆解难度大 可维修度低

时隔一年后苹果终于对去年发布的 12 英寸 MacBook 进行更新,除了新增玫瑰金配色外,2016 年款的 MacBook 是否就和 2015 年款的没有什么区别呢?目前国外著名的拆解机构 iFixit 已经对这款新品进行了拆解,接下来就 ... ...

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