Acer C270 Chromebook Has the Power of a Real Laptop

Acer wants you to know that its Chromebook can beat up your Chromebook. The company just launched its C270 Chromebook, which packs a fourth-generation ("Haswell") Intel Core i3 processor — the same kind of chip you'd find in a "real" laptop.Until now,

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Acer C270 Chromebook Has the Power of a Real Laptop

Acer wants you to know that its Chromebook can beat up your Chromebook. The company just launched its C270 Chromebook, which packs a fourth-generation ("Haswell") Intel Core i3 processor — the same kind of chip you'd find in a "real" laptop.Until now,

Acer And Haier Launch $149 Chromebooks

A few weeks ago Google made headlines with the launch of the new Chromebook Pixel, the highest-end Chromebook on the market (and with a price to show for it). Today, the Chrome OS laptop ecosystem is launching two products that are the exact opposite:


从高端奢华大气有面子的Chromebook Pixel到便宜低调内涵不伤神的Acer Chromebook,Chromebook对于上网爱好者来说可谓“福音”。

Computex 2015 :acer 推出大螢幕 15.6 吋 Chromebook 15

國內廠商對 chromebook 最不離不棄的應該就是 acer 宏碁了,今年在 Computex Taipei 2015 中展出了大螢幕尺寸的 chromebook 15,連命名也非常率性,15.6 吋就直接命名為 chromebook 15。 閱讀全文

Google 為 Chromebook 使用 Intel Broadwell 作準備

Intel 將會在今年內推出第 5 代 Intel Core「Broadwell」芯片,這最新的處理器除了會用在 Windows 系統的筆記簿電腦和平版,亦會在 Chromebook 和 Chromebox 裝置上應用。

Google's Got a Bunch of New Chrome Devices with New Processors

Intel has just unveiled a slew of new Celeron-powered Chromebooks at a press conference in San Francisco. The Chromebook market is about to get much more capable and much more competitive—here's what's in store. Read more...

Acer Chromebook 13 Review: With Great Power Comes an Iffy Screen

Nvidia's Tegra K1 is an absolute blast in an Android tablet and now the Acer Chromebook 13 is slapping it in a laptop body too. The result isn't perfect, but it's a promising look at where Chromebooks could go. Read more...

Acer Brings the First Core i3 Powered Chromebook Out for Preorder

We've been expecting a new batch of Intel-powered Chromebooks since May, and the first one is here: meet the Acer C720, packing a Core i3 processor, up to 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. Pretty muscular for a browser-based device.Read more...


英特尔近日在旧金山发布一系列采用赛扬i3芯片的Chromebook,并宣布将于今年联合惠普、戴尔、联想、华硕、 […]

Edward:「輕輕地文書機都唔錯!」Acer Chromebook 速試

Acer 就將會在香港引入 Chromebook,初期主攻教育市場。昨日 Edward 就得以上手速試呢部輕薄又文書唔錯的機款,而家就同大家介紹下啦。The post Edward:「輕輕地文書機都唔錯!」Acer Chromebook 速試 appeared first on UNWIRE.

FDA boss threatens 'game over' for e-cigs if companies won't keep kids away

The head of the Food and Drug Administration has threatened to pull e-cigarettes out of U.S. markets entirely unless e-cig makers take greater measures to curb the youth's use of their products. Speaking at a public hearing Friday, Scott Gottlieb, the FDA Commissioner,

Chevy built a massive, 3,000-pound Lego replica of its Silverado truck

If you've ever wondered what a full-sized pickup truck would look like in Lego form, Chevrolet and Lego have you covered.The two companies have teamed up to make a massive,

More Snap execs are out amid reports of an 'inappropriate relationship'

Snap is facing a fresh round of executive drama after reports have surfaced that two more executives are leaving the company under less than desirable circumstances. The company's head of security, Francis Racioppi, and head of human resources, Jason Halbert,

There's a secret dog hidden in your YouTube video timeline

YouTube hasn't ever been one to skimp on the Easter eggs, but this is a new one for me.It's hidden away on the timeline that charts your progress through a video. If you highlight that timeline and hold left — either left on an attached game controller,

All the best signs from Women's March events around the world

The Women's March is back for its third year, and despite several layers of controversy surrounding the march's leadership, highly attended events were still held across the world.In Dec. 2018,

Teens in MAGA hats sparked outrage after crashing the Indigenous Peoples March

A group of young Donald Trump supporters has come under fire after ambushing and taunting a group of Native Americans at the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday.On Jan. 18, Washington, D.C. hosted both the Indigenous Peoples March and the anti-abortion March For Life.

Facebook could face 'record-setting' fine from FTC

Facebook could soon set a new record — just not the good kind.The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considering a "record-setting" fine for the social network, as the result of its investigation into Facebook's privacy practices following the Cambridge Analytica scandal,

What They Left Behind: Ukraine's Cities After Rebel Retreat

SLOVIANSK, Ukraine — For the first time in months, Ukrainian residents in the eastern cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk can stroll down their streets without fear.

Polar Vortex in July: Record Cold Weather on the Way to U.S.

The middle of July is typically one of the hottest weeks of the year in the Midwest and Central United States.Well, not this year. Instead, the region that was locked in the deep freeze for the entire winter and much of the spring — Lake Superior's ice cover lasted until June,

Why Tumblr is Pumped: You Can Now Embed Vine Videos On Your Blog

You can now embed your favorite Vine videos on your Tumblr blog, and Tumblr couldn't be more jazzed about thatThe blogging service, which is owned by Yahoo!, announced the new integration over Twitter on Thursday. If you're wondering how Tumblr feels about the new feature,



【BIKE 道】飛去東京探討當地單車文化




[视频]万豪与GoPro合作 免费为游客提供运动相机使用

万豪国际集团Marriott和GoPro正在进行一项合作,将会在旗下选定的酒店为来客免费提供Hero 4运动相机使用,让他们在假期出去游玩时能够尽情地记录。

Could Hollywood's new love of complex women help Hillary Clinton?

For years, Hollywood has asked women on screen to play one of three roles: girlfriend, wife or mistress. These characters are often hollow, with few aspirations or desires beyond illuminating the inner life of a male keeperNow that illusion seems to be slowly,



'Evolve' has some freaky new characters and an observer mode ideal for esports

The 4-versus-1 competitive shooter Evolve is cranking out more characters for players to pick from, along with a distinct game mode solely for competitive play.While 'Evolve' fans knew more hunters were in the works, 2K Games shared the line-up additions Thursday morning.



美國投資顧問網站稱 Tesla 首款平價車款 Model 3 可能因不上不下的訂價而觸礁




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