Now is the time for Walmart to strike at Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been an enormous influence on e-commerce, but this online juggernaut is beginning to show cracks. Now is the time for arch-rival Walmart to swoop in with a Prime-like offering that strikes at the weaknesses Amazon has introduced into its formidable loyalty program: price,

The Best Nerf Gun for Every Kid (At Heart)

As a kid, I strapped a Nerf gun to my bicycle so I could dive bomb the neighborhood kids while traveling—I imagined—at five times the speed of sound. As an adult, I've carried a foam-firing blaster to no fewer than three jobs. But a funny thing happened earlier this year:

Cryptocurrency wallet startup Cobo raises $13M Series A to enter the U.S. and Southeast Asia

Cobo, a cryptocurrency wallet startup headquartered in Beijing, has raised a $13 million Series A to enter new international markets. The round was led by DHVC and Wu Capital, a family office based in China. Cobo plans to expand in the United States and Southeast Asia,

Some notable Facebook shareholders file (mostly symbolic) proposal to oust Mark Zuckerberg as chairm

Several major Facebook shareholders have submitted a proposal calling for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to step down as chairman of the company’s board. The filing is mainly symbolic, since Zuckerberg has almost total voting control,

Twitter tests out ‘annotations’ in Moments

Twitter is trying out a small new change to Moments that would provide contextual information within its curated stories. Spotted by Twitter user @kwatt and confirmed by a number of Twitter product team members, the little snippets appear sandwiched between tweets in a Moment.

MIT researchers say memory splitting breakthrough could prevent another Meltdown or Spectre

Virtually every modern computer processor was thrown under the bus earlier this year when researchers found a fundamental design weakness in Intel, AMD and ARM chips, making it possible to steal sensitive data from the computer’s memory.

YC grad Oh My Green gets $20M seed investment

Oh My Green has raised $20 million from Initialized Capital, Powerplant Ventures and others to bring healthier foods to offices around the U.S.

Building a great startup requires more than genius and a great invention

Shahin Farshchi Contributor Shahin Farshchi is a partner at Lux Capital. More posts by this contributor The dos and don’ts of crafting frontier-tech companies Five billion-dollar businesses for the driverless future Many entrepreneurs assume that an invention carries intrinsic value,

Silicon Valley hoped the Khashoggi story would go away; instead, it may end an era

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. Exactly a week ago, we wondered if Saudi Arabia’s money might finally become radioactive in light of the disappearance of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. 

While tech waffles on going public, biotech IPOs boom

With our fixation on all things tech, we’re missing out on the big picture -- there are actually more biotech and healthcare startup IPOs than tech offerings.

With its goofy video loops, YC backed Splish wants to be the ‘anti-Instagram’

Is there any space on kids’ homescreens for another social sharing app to poke in? Y Combinator backed Splish wants to have a splash at it (

Data breach exposes trade secrets of carmakers GM, Ford, Tesla, Toyota

Security researcher UpGuard Cyber Risk disclosed Friday that sensitive documents from more than 100 manufacturing companies, including GM, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Tesla, Toyota, ThyssenKrupp, and VW were exposed on a publicly accessible server belonging to Level One Robotics.

Doodle:春分/秋分 2014、法国 doodle:法国第一轮市政选举 2014、美国/加拿大 doodle:抽象画家艾格尼丝·马丁诞辰 102 周年、Doodle:赛车手埃尔顿·塞纳诞辰 51

图片URL: 2014 年3月23号及30号,法国将迎来2014届的法国市政选举。 Via 华人街 图片URL:


硬件创业,盈利模式大致有三个方向:1. 以硬件赚钱为主,包含主产品及附件2. 以软件/服务赚钱为主3. 卖方案 (面向行业客户)现如今硬件已不如当年,如果单纯以硬件赚钱为主,最后很容易就会杀到拼价格,拼品牌。




Olad Diegal 教授在瑞典隆德大学颇为有名,全因他不断用 3D 打印技术创造出的乐器。他的作品包括吉他、键盘架子鼓以及最近新完成的萨克斯管。  








目前,行业里还没有对“微商”的准确定义。就公众理解来说,所谓的微商,就是指通过微信这个渠道进行商品/服务的展示 ...

六千万公务员 李克强再遇朱镕基难题




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