Action-packed 'Aquaman' trailer is a CGI whirlpool: Watch

The first trailer for Aquaman dropped during Comic-Con on Saturday, featuring everyone's favorite fish-based superhero.

Save up to $770 on laptops and desktops at HP’s spring sale

The MashStash team writes about stuff you'll probably want to buy. If you purchase something through MashStash, Mashable might earn some cash through an affiliate commission.Say sayonara to winter and usher in spring with some fresh new tech.

Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke’s teenage hacker life

The 2020 democratic presidential candidate belonged to one of America's oldest hacking group called "Cult of the Dead Cow" in the 80's. O’Rourke wrote essays and poems for the group under the handle "Psychedelic Warlord." Read more...More about Mashable Video, Hacker, Democrats, Congressman,

'The Division 2' is Ubisoft's 'we don't do politics' stance in action

When all is said and done, The Division 2's story can be summed up in simple terms: This is Bad Dudes, but with a script.I'm talking about the old arcade game that famously opened with the lines: "President Ronnie has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

15 of the most hilarious homework answers given by smart-ass students

It's a truth universally acknowledged by all current and former students that homework sucks. A lot. After a long, grueling day of school, most kids have negative levels motivation left to do even more work. It's definitely not encouraging to hear that it may not even make us any smarter.  

HQ's Scott Rogowsky races master painter Bob Ross — The Bob Ross Challenge

The Quizmaster Scott Rogowsky puts his knowledge of oil panting to the test. Read more...More about Funny, Art, Mashable Video, Landscapes, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

Facebook fights local 'news deserts' it helped create

Facebook is once again touting its attempt to solve a problem it helped create. The company announced Monday that it would provide select researchers access to information about news deserts, which are places with little to no local news coverage.

Fyre Festival merch to be auctioned off so Billy McFarland can pay back the people he cheated

You may soon get the chance to shell out for some official Fyre Festival merch.Billy McFarland, the festival's founder, owes a breathtaking $26 million in restitution to the victims of his scam, and according to Vulture the U.S.

'Wonder Woman 1984' footage debuts for the first time at Comic-Con in San Diego

With a release date of Nov. 1, 2019, Wonder Woman 1984 is sadly a long way off.But fans lucky enough to be at Warner Bros.’ Comic-Con panel Saturday were treated to a little taste of the amazingness to come.SEE ALSO:

'Wonder Woman 1984' director Patty Jenkins sees a lot of 2018 in her '80s setting

Patty Jenkins chose her Wonder Woman sequel's setting and time period for a specific reason, it turns out.The Wonder Woman 1984 director explained some of her thinking behind the upcoming movie's Cold War-era setting during at appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday. For Jenkins,

First 'Shazam!' trailer powers on at Comic-Con

Meet your next new big-screen DC superhero.Warner Bros. has shared a first look at Shazam!, starring Asher Angel as a kid who gains the ability to transform into a grown-up superhero (Zachary Levi) by uttering a magic word. In contrast to the gloom and doom of the Batman and Superman movies,

百度的硬件平台梦,高举高打的 Baidu Inside

百度今天联合了一大波硬件厂商举行了智能硬件峰会,亮相了 20 多款硬件产品,展现了自己对智能硬件市场的野心。和小米、奇虎 360 不一样的是,百度采用了高举高打的策略,而且收效颇丰。




更新了发动机部分。 @neverset 在评论里清楚地提到了现状和十二五规划,这个讨论也放上。 ——————————————————————————————————————————谢邀。知乎是个好平台,不敢胡言乱语。

10 Shameful Texting Habits Translated to the Truth

The ability to lie via text is just too easy — or so you thought.Despite the amazing conveniences of sending a quick note through your phone, it's turning us into awful, dishonest people.See also:

With 40 Million Downloads, betaworks-Backed Dots Gets A Refreshed Logo

Dots, the betaworks-backed gaming studio led by Paul Murphy and Patrick Moberg, has today announced a rebranding for the company. The new logo takes inspiration from Charles Eames, according to a Medium post, and uses colors from the first iteration of Dots while incorporating the newer,

价位超杀的 Blackmagic URSA Mini 与可拍 RAW 的空拍用摄影机即将登场

到了每年的 NAB 大展上,应该很多人早就准备拉板凳要来看看,到底 Blackmagic Design 又要端出些什么打破业界规格的惊人产品。


高中的时候,给动漫杂志写过一篇评论,叫《没有我的世界才是最好的》是专门给异色短篇集写的,突然觉得应该贴上来。如果你到现在还只认为藤子F不二雄就只有《机器猫》这一作品的话那就大错特错了。 那么还有什么呢?



2015 年谁最红?除了小鲜肉,还是小鲜肉


奇葩快递署名引尴尬 专家呼吁尊重快递员


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