Warner Bros. unveils the first trailers for ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Shazam’

Today at Comic-Con, Warner Bros . gave fans a peek at the first DC Comics films post-Justice League. Warner Bros. and DC had a bumpy 2017. There was the astonishing critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman,

MoviePass is under investigation for securities fraud in New York state

More bad news for MoviePass . At the direction of New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson is now the subject of a fraud probe in New York state. “We’ve launched a securities fraud investigation into ⁦@MoviePass⁩’ parent company,

Uber is developing an on-demand staffing business

Uber is reportedly developing a short-term staffing business to offer 1099 independent contractors for events and corporate functions, the Financial Times first reported. Dubbed Uber Works, the service would provide waiters, security guards and other temporary staffers to business partners,

Researchers create virtual smells by electrocuting your nose

The IEEE has showcased one of the coolest research projects I’ve seen this month: virtual smells. By stimulating your olfactory nerve with a system that looks like one of those old-fashioned kids electronics kits, they’ve been able to simulate smells. The project is pretty gross.

There’s now proof that quantum computers can outperform classical machines

The hype around quantum computing is real. But to fully realize the promise of quantum computing, it’ll still take a few years of research and scientific breakthroughs. And indeed, it still remains to be seen if quantum computers will ever live up to the hype. Today, though,

Google Maps’ ETA sharing feature hits iOS

If you’re heading out to meet someone, there are plenty of ways to inform them of your location and estimated arrival. Chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, and iMessage, for example, offer location sharing functionality,

Google improves Android App Bundles and makes building Instant Apps easier

Google is launching a number of new features for Android app developers today that will make it easier for them to build smaller apps that download faster and to release instant apps that allow potential users to trial a new app without having to install it. Android App Bundles,

Twilio launches a new SIM card and narrowband dev kit for IoT developers

Twilio is hosting its Signal developer conference in San Francisco this week. Yesterday was all about bots and taking payments over the phone; today is all about IoT. The company is launching two new (but related) products today that will make it easier for IoT developers to connect their devices.

Weekly Roundup: July 21

Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, Blue Origin, performed its most critical test to date, Prime Day had some ups and downs but ultimately broke records and major tech companies are uniting to help you move data across apps. Here’s your weekly roundup of the top stories from the tech world:  1.

Now is the time for Walmart to strike at Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been an enormous influence on e-commerce, but this online juggernaut is beginning to show cracks. Now is the time for arch-rival Walmart to swoop in with a Prime-like offering that strikes at the weaknesses Amazon has introduced into its formidable loyalty program: price,

While tech waffles on going public, biotech IPOs boom

With our fixation on all things tech, we’re missing out on the big picture -- there are actually more biotech and healthcare startup IPOs than tech offerings.

为什么 iOS 有那么多优秀的开源组件,而 Android 反而很少呢?




What do men think of catcalling? A men's rights activist and a feminist debate.

By now, you're aware of the Hollaback video that went viral in late October: A hidden camera followed a woman as she experienced more than 100 catcalls,

The Time Wes Siler Almost Killed Me

Some bad decisions were made while backpacking The Lost Coast and a buddy ended up alone, in a storm, after dark, fording whitewater and climbing cliffs with no gear. I should have known better, but at least we got a good story out of it. — Ed. Read more...

CoronaSDK之交互系统和事件检测 - CoronaSDK


Nerf's New Blasters Can Fire Foam Balls At Up To 70 MPH

Nerf has long been known for making some of the most impressive toy weaponry kids can buy, but its foam dart blasters aren't exactly known for their power or accuracy—until now. At Toy Fair 2015 in New York this weekend,

Retina MacBook的“USB 3.1 Gen 1”端口: 其实与USB 3.0无异

在今年春季的Spring Forward发布会上,苹果为我们带来了12英寸的MacBook新品。而它最大的亮点,就是采用了唯一的C型USB接口。


微软旗下必应搜索引擎的高级项目经理尼克·尹特文(Nick In’t Ven)表示,这种反馈反映了用户普遍好奇的东西(谷歌也会返回类似的结果)。

OnePlus One 永久減價七舊水!同步推出 Dropbox Pro 優惠

若然大家錯過了早前官方推出 OnePlus One 減價優惠,也不用太沮喪,因為他們近日就宣佈之前的優惠價將會永久實行,對消費者來說絕對是一件好事。以下有更多資料:The post OnePlus One 永久減價七舊水!

Microsoft Confirms Purchase Of Cloud Security Firm Adallom

Microsoft announced this morning that it purchased cloud security firm Adallom. According to sources familiar with the matter, the deal cost the Redmond-based software giant $250 million.

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