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Microsoft news recap: teams up with Google and other companies for the Data Transfer Project, Linked

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft, Google,

ReCore and four more Xbox Play Anywhere games are coming soon to Steam and physical retailers

Microsoft announced today at Gamescom that it has teamed up with THQ Nordic to bring five of its Xbox Play Anywhere games to Steam and physical retailers.

Looking for some awesome Microsoft-inspired wallpapers? This Windows Insider MVP has you covered

If you're looking to spice up your computer with new Microsoft-themed wallpapers, then this Windows Insider MVP has you covered with his cool website.

Microsoft shuts down Russian military backed sites aiming to influence elections

As the US heads into another big democratic election process for its 2018 midterm elections, Microsoft, a US based technology company wants to help ensure the sanctity of the country's voting process.

Slack, the collaboration service Microsoft is chasing with Teams, is worth $7.1 billion

The enterprise messaging app Slack is now worth more than $7.1 billion following a new $427 million funding round, the company announced today.

Take a peek inside Microsoft’s recent One Week Hackathon

Huckins was quick to point out the difference between the misconceptions surrounding the idea of "Hackathons" versus the reality of Microsoft's approach.

Watch today’s Gamescom Inside Xbox episode on Mixer and get exclusive Sea of Thieves content

The Xbox team is bringing its monthly Inside Xbox live show to the Gamescom conference in Köln, Germany today, and those of you who watch it on Mixer will get another free “Mixpot” digital gift.

Microsoft and Sony team up to create the HDR Gaming Interest Group

Microsoft and Sony, long-time video game console rivals, have joined forces to help create a new group named, HDR Gaming Interest Group, or HGIG.

Microsoft’s security team prevented a phishing attack by Russian actors on 3 congressional candidate

Microsoft's security team has prevented a targeted phishing attack by Russian actors on 3 congressional candidates running for election in the midterms.

Pre-order the Surface Go and receive a $50 Best Buy gift card

Those of you wanting to get your hands on Microsoft’s latest Surface device, the Surface Go, can already pick up a deal. You’ll still pay the full price for the Surface Go, but Best Buy will give you an electronic $50 gift card. This could be used towards anything else you’d like from Best Buy, […]

Microsoft’s FY18 Q4 report shows its very much still a consumer focused business

Let's skip those metrics and go straight to the relatable stuff about Microsoft's FY18 Q4 earnings such as, how the company did with its expanding Surface hardware line, Xbox gaming division and how exactly is Windows doing for the company.


HTC预计第三季营收14亿美元 连续第12个季度下滑


GTAT 与苹果达成协议,终止破产流程

GTAT 将获准免除之前和苹果的 4.39 亿美元蓝宝石玻璃供货协议中的主要义务,将继续和苹果进行“技术交换”(细节未披露)。同时,GTAT 将可以不受限制地出售此前被苹果签订协议要求独家提供的蓝宝石玻璃技术。


苹果宣布App Store在中国开始支持银联支付,上个月还说要和支付宝结婚呢!今天早上苹果官方宣布,将在 App Store 的支付中增加对中国银联的支持。银联用户可以在 App Store 绑定借记卡或者信用卡。


豪车品牌兰博基尼将推出自己的智能手机,这种新设备的名称是“88 Tauri”,由兰博基尼儿子Tonino Lamborghini领导的小组研发。88 Tauri 智能手机采用Android4.4.4 Kitkat操作系统,并配有5英寸高清显示屏,2.

Samsung Launches Its First Tizen-Powered Phone, The Z1, In India For $92

After plenty of speculation and aborted launches last year, Samsung has finally outed its first phone powered by the Tizen operating system. The Samsung Z1 is coming to India initially, where it is available to buy for 5,700 INR — that’s around $92 — from today. Read More

网信办:2014年删除“有害信息”超10亿条 平均每秒30多条


独立成分分析 (ICA) 与主成分分析 (PCA) 的区别在哪里?

要么是你的问题不确切,要么是书上写的不确切。不管是PCA还是ICA,都不需要你对源信号的分布做具体的假设。假设你观察到的信号是n维随机变量x,PCA和ICA都需要你找到一个n维向量w使得w^T x的某种特征 f (w^T x)最大化。



'Adventure Time' leaps 'Head' first into virtual reality with Gear VR

Adult Swim loves to tinker. First, there was a virtual reality-fueled journey into psychedelia with The Virtual Brainload. Then there was that Rick and Morty Instagram game. Now, Adventure Time is getting in on the fun.Adventure Time:

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