After going public in July, Navya nabs $34M from the European Investment Bank for its self-driving b

While automakers and startups continue to hone the technology for self-driving cars for individuals, a second track of development in the area of autonomous buses is also taking shape. Today, Navya, a French company that has been a leader in developing autonomous shuttles,

Oracle says racial discrimination lawsuit is ‘meritless’

Oracle says the racial discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs is “meritless.

Verizon Media Group is laying off 7 percent of its workforce

The Verizon division formerly known as Oath is laying off 7 percent of its workforce, which amounts to roughly 800 employees. Oath was created after Verizon acquired AOL, followed by Yahoo, bringing them together two years ago as a combined digital media entity with a new name. However,

Aibo learns to be a better watchdog

I wanted to love the new Aibo. Really, I did. But once I aactually spent some time with it, it turned out that it was a $3,000 dog with only a handful of tricks. It seems the days of buying true robot dog companionship are still a long ways away. A few months after bringing […]

Millions of bank loan and mortgage documents have leaked online

A trove of more than 24 million financial and banking documents, representing tens of thousands of loans and mortgages from some of the biggest banks in the U.S.,has been found online after a server security lapse. The server, running an Elasticsearch database,

Facebook may proactively close Pages and Groups before they’re in violation of policy

Facebook today announced changes to the way it handles the removal of content from Facebook Pages that’s in violation of the social network’s Community Standards, as well as when the Page has posted items that are rated false by a third-party fact checking service.

YC-backed Our World in Data wants you to know that the planet is doing okay

News is exhausting. Mexican murders are sky-high. Ebola is ravaging the eastern Congo. China is erasing an entire culture of Islam from its Western hinterlands. That news — negative and intense though it is — can easily occlude the many positive,

A new ABC documentary and podcast about Theranos features never-before aired depositions

The rise and fall of Theranos, the blood-testing company whose technology never worked despite its promises otherwise, has already been covered extensively. Most notably, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who broke open the story of Theranos’s secrets and lies, John Carreyrou,

Red Dead Redemption 2 sees Rockstar raising the bar for realism in open world games

Open worlds have been a staple of gaming for a long time, but recent titles like Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn have significantly pushed the boundaries of what players expect from their environments. Rockstar, of Grand Theft Auto fame,

The Flaw Detection is my favorite unsung Note 9 feature

Today’s big Note 9 event was all about internals, but the company also had a few camera tricks up its sleeve. Scene Optimizer should prove familiar to Android users, as a number of companies, including, notably, LG have offered something similar.

Lyvly scores $4.6M for its members-based shared living and rental platform

Lyvly, a London-based startup that offers what might best be described as a members-based shared living and rental service, has raised $4.6 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is Mosaic Ventures, while Greg Marsh, who co-founded Onefinestay,

Facebook Messenger 将于未来几周內登陆 Windows Phone

分类: 软件应用就在刚才,微软副总裁 Joe Belfiore 正式宣布,Facebook Messenger 将会在「未来几周内」进驻 Windows Phone 生态圈。具体的细节暂时还没有被公布,但就微软官方出来表态这点来看,开发的进度应该趋于完成了。

Gold-Backed Bitcoin Spinoff Aims to Keep Some Fun in Virtual Currency

On the spectrum of currency ideologues, gold bugs and Bitcoin enthusiasts occupy equal but opposite positions.


本文来自Recode,由网易科技翻译:现年50岁的亚马逊CEO杰夫·贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)日前在接受采访时透露,其已拟定好自己的“接班人计划”。不过至于具体是由谁来接班,目前还处于保密阶段。

In his own words: 12 times the New York City mayor spoke out about the NYPD

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has come under a barrage of criticism in the wake of the killing of two NYPD officers on Dec. 20, with police union officials blasting him for what they believe is an "anti-police" stance.See also:

关于黑盒测试的一些经验 总结

I flew around on a Pegasus by riding on a bike hooked up to a VR headset

LOS ANGELES — For 10 minutes at E3 2015, I felt like Hercules riding his winged horse Pegasus.Of course, I wasn't actually riding a horse, and everything I was experiencing was within Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4.See also:

.NET基础拾遗(4)委托、事件、反射与特性 - Edison Chou


13 striking photos that show Earth's beauty from 250 miles above

In the 15 years that people have been living and working aboard the International Space Station, astronauts and cosmonauts have sent incredible views of Earth from the orbiting laboratory. The current crew onboard the outpost is no exception.

[图+视频]三星Galaxy S7概念视频现身

外媒SAMMOBILE曝光了三星Galaxy S7的概念机宣传视频,其逼真程度堪比真机。此前已有多家媒体报道称Galaxy S7在外观设计上不会有太大变化,将基本延续Galaxy S6的风格,而后者的外观在过去的一年中广受好评,三星意在提升Galaxy S系列的内在配置,将搭载性能强劲的骁龙820或三星Exynos 8890处理器。让我们来先睹为快,请戳:

2016 will be the dawn of the drone age

If 2015 had anything to say about drones, it's this: They're coming.Whether the topic was military drones operating overseas, or examining how to regulate the growing presence of private and commercial drones in U.S.,drones emerged as the unavoidable topic about future tech. But,

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