Dropbox announces COO Dennis Woodside is leaving as its second quarterly check-in with Wall Street o

Back when Dennis Woodside joined Dropbox as its chief operating officer more than four years ago, the company was trying to justify the $10 billion valuation it had hit in its rapid rise as a Web 2.0 darling. Now, Dropbox is a public company with a nearly $14 billion valuation,

Equity transcribed: Away’s $1.4B valuation and CrowdStrike’s S-1

Welcome back to another transcribed edition of Equity, the wildly popular TechCrunch podcast that digs deep into the week’s news about … equity. There were no IPOs this week so there was only one episode, but it was jam-packed with news about direct-to-consumer scooters,

Sam Altman’s leap of faith

Earlier this year, founder-investor Sam Altman left his high-profile role as the president of Y Combinator to become the CEO of OpenAI, an AI research center at its outset that founded by some of the most prominent people in the tech industry in late 2015. The idea:

Immigrant founders, smartphone growth, SEO tactics, SoftBank’s financials, and AR tech

How an immigration crackdown is hurting UK startups Our European correspondent Natasha Lomas spent the past few weeks investigating what’s been happening to immigrant founders and tech talent in the UK, who have been receiving more scrutiny from the Home Office in recent months.

Big revenues, huge valuations and major losses: charting the era of the unicorn IPO

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor From lab-grown meat to fermented fungus, here’s what corporate food VCs are serving up A record $2.5B went to US insurance startup deals last year, and big insurers are in all the way We can make charts galore about the tech IPO market.

Original Content podcast: ‘Game of Thrones’ burns it all down

This post and podcast contain spoilers for “Game of Thrones.” Our original co-host Darrell Etherington returns for this week’s Original Content podcast, which is all about “Game of Thrones” — specifically “The Bells,

Myneral.me wins the TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech

It’s been a long night at VivaTech. The building hosted a very special competition — the TechCrunch Hackathon in Paris. Hundreds of engineers and designers got together to come up with something cool, something neat, something awesome.

Startups Weekly: There’s an alternative to raising VC and it’s called revenue-based financing

In this week's newsletter: Amazon takes a bite of Deliveroo and Away packs on $100M

The healthcare industry is in a world of cybersecurity hurt

As a relentless swarm of successful cyber attacks severely disrupt companies in every industry and require enormous expenditures to repair the damage, what typically gets lost in the shuffle is that some industries are victimized more than others.

Musical.ly investor bets on internet radio with $17M deal for Korea’s Spoon Radio

One of the early backers of Musical.ly, the short video app that was acquired for $1 billion, is making a major bet that internet radio is one of the next big trends in media. Goodwater Capital, one of a number of backers that won big when ByteDance acquired Musical.ly last year,

After going public in July, Navya nabs $34M from the European Investment Bank for its self-driving b

While automakers and startups continue to hone the technology for self-driving cars for individuals, a second track of development in the area of autonomous buses is also taking shape. Today, Navya, a French company that has been a leader in developing autonomous shuttles,

All New HTC One Breaks Cover In 12 Minute Video, Reveals Expandable SD Card Storage

The new HTC One gets its official reveal on March 25, but a new video leak from GadgetReviews shows you everything you could possibly want to see about the new flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. The video shows how the hardware differs from that of the existing HTC One,




Freewheel:2014年Q1网络视频货币化报告 您可能也喜欢的文章: 易观国际:2014年Q1中国网络视频广告规模达到29.

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Tears Apart Kickstarter's Dumbest Projects

The potato salad Kickstarter may have enjoyed its five minutes of fame , but as far as absurdity goes, its breed isn't quite as rare as you might think . Don't believe us, though—just watch as Stephen Colbert expertly tears apart one of the dumbest,




当英特尔芯片制程工艺再一次升级,14纳米的Broadwell系列处理器的推出,我们已经能够预见接下来不论是PC […]

Verizon 涉嫌乱收费向 FCC 支付 9000 万美元和解金

Verizon 公司因允许“填鸭式收费”(cramming)并从中获利而遭到 FCC(美国联邦通信委员会)的 惩罚 ,该公司为此支付了 9000 万美元的和解金——“填鸭式收费”是移动行业的一种通行做法,即运营商在消费者不充分知情的情况下收取服务项目的经常性费用。

Eugene Mirman teaches you yoga and hopefully how to be a better person

Stop what you're doing. Breathe. Stretch. Don't worryEugene Mirman can help you. No, really.The multi-talented Bob's Burgers actor and stand-up comedian is a lot of things, and he can definitely list them out for you (and he will). Of course, among this lengthy list,

台湾“低头族”渐多:手机上网速度快 费用低



威锋网 12 月 31 日消息 2015 年很快就要过去了,近日英国比价网站 uSwitch 公布了年度英国最畅销手机排行榜,前十名由苹果和三星占据,其中 iPhone 占了六个席位。  据 uSwitch 统计,截止至 12 月 23 日,英国最畅销手机排行榜第一名为 16GB 版 iPhone 6,同一机型的 64GB 版排在第三位,出乎意料的是第二名竟然是 2013 年发布的 iPhone 5s(16GB 版),排在第四、第七名的分别是 iPhone 6s 16GB 版和 iPhone 6s 64GB 版。  

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