Facebook now deletes posts that financially endanger/trick people

It’s not just inciting violence, threats, and hate speech that will get Facebook to remove posts by you or your least favorite troll. Endangering someone financially, not just physically, or tricking them to earn a profit are now also strictly prohibited.

Apple unveils its subscription streaming service, AppleTV+

To close out today’s press event focused on Apple’s service’s business, the company has officially announced its streaming initiative, Apple TV+. CEO Tim Cook said this will be an ad-free subscription service, with everything available for online and offline viewing, across more than 100 countries.

Lidar startup Ouster raises $60 million in production run-up

Ouster has raised $60 million as the San Francisco-based lidar startup opens a new facility that will have the capacity to assemble and ship several thousand sensors a month by the end of 2019. The new factory, which will have a grand opening ceremony March 28,

Apple’s revamped TV app is ready to stream its new shows

Along with the long-awaited introduction of Apple’s TV and movie streaming service, the company also introduced a new Apple TV app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.  The updated design is meant to make it easier to find content, no matter the source – whether that’s Apple’s new TV channels service,

Apple Card will make credit card fraud a lot more difficult

Apple’s new credit card has a curious security feature that will make it much more difficult to carry out credit card fraud. The aptly named Apple Card is a new credit card, built into your iPhone Wallet app, which the company says will help customers live a “healthier” financial lifestyle.

The Apple TV app to launch on smart TVs, Roku, Fire TV and computers

Apple is revamping its Apple TV app with a new offering. But how will you be able to access the service exactly? Apple is launching the Apple TV app on smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio. The Samsung app will land first, and other manufacturers will get the Apple TV app this Spring. […]

Apple Arcade is Apple’s new cross-platform gaming subscription

Apple wants to tilt the balance from ad-laden freemium gaming titles towards all-access ad-free gaming experiences that can be downloaded across platforms on iOS, macOS and tvOS. At the company’s services event this morning, they announced Apple Arcade,

Apple Pay is coming to transit systems in major US cities later this year

Being able to pay for things like subways and buses with your phone just makes sense, but in much of the US, you’ll still need a paper ticket or an oh-so-losable reloadable card if you want a ride. At its big press event this afternoon, Apple announced that transit systems in a few major US […]

Dropbox announces COO Dennis Woodside is leaving as its second quarterly check-in with Wall Street o

Back when Dennis Woodside joined Dropbox as its chief operating officer more than four years ago, the company was trying to justify the $10 billion valuation it had hit in its rapid rise as a Web 2.0 darling. Now, Dropbox is a public company with a nearly $14 billion valuation,

The healthcare industry is in a world of cybersecurity hurt

As a relentless swarm of successful cyber attacks severely disrupt companies in every industry and require enormous expenditures to repair the damage, what typically gets lost in the shuffle is that some industries are victimized more than others.

Musical.ly investor bets on internet radio with $17M deal for Korea’s Spoon Radio

One of the early backers of Musical.ly, the short video app that was acquired for $1 billion, is making a major bet that internet radio is one of the next big trends in media. Goodwater Capital, one of a number of backers that won big when ByteDance acquired Musical.ly last year,



全新HTC One详细规格与销售指南曝光

3月12日消息  全新HTC One的保密工作实在不堪一击,被曝光的消息不断,而且真实度都接近百分百,继谍照、真机、上手视频曝光之后,今天到规格和销售方案曝光。今天全新HTC One的完整规格与销售计划曝光。该手机尺寸为146.

Here are 7 facts about Godzilla that you probably never knew

Did you know Godzilla's iconic roar was first created using a glove playing a double bass? Or that the Japanese studio who created Godzilla didn't use CGI for its Godzilla series until 2004? That's almost 30 movies! Which means Godzilla has been in more movies than James Bond.


途牛上市后,国内上市在线旅游公司队伍将再添一员。但它们之间的业务模式究竟有何区别?了解了这些,我们或许就更能理 […]

Social Media Examiner:2014年最新社会化营销工具全景图

许多人关心社会化营销工具的最新发展,这里将Social Media Examiner所做的最新调查结果进行了编译,分享给各位。

没事抖一抖 能捕捉动能的AMPY移动电源

有那么一群人,手机电量还有 99% 的时候就开始担心手机要没电了。手机没电了找移动电源,移动电源没电了怎么办?没事,有了 AMPY 移动电源,这些都不成问题。  

Watch The New Tesla Model S P85D Destroy The Old P85 In A Drag Race

The Tesla Model S P85D packs dual electric motors and all-wheel drive. It’s basically a Porsche-killer that can transport seven people. And it utterly destroys the previous king of Teslas, the P85. In the video above produced by Drag Times the P85D proves its worth by destroying a P85.

Office 365助力加拿大航空 成团队协作的重要工具

Office官方博客在今天更新的博文中以加拿大航空(Air Canada)为典型案例,讲述在部署Office 365服务之后如何帮助公司超过2.

苹果向App Analytics添加新的指标和特性

近日,苹果在开发者邮件列表中宣布,最近推出的App Analytics服务现在提供了一些新特性,有助于深入了解应用崩溃次数、付费用户量和指标比值。在WWDC 2015大会上,苹果对这些新特性进行过非常详细的介绍。

2 hurricanes and 1 typhoon in the Pacific look amazing from space

A trio of storms swirling above the Pacific Ocean look stunning from spaceHurricanes Jimena and Ignacio and Typhoon Kilo are churning the waters to the east and west of Hawaii, giving astronauts a chance to get some great views of large storms over the past week.See also:

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