Some Infowars tweets vanished today, but Twitter didn’t remove them

A handful of tweets and videos that appear to have been cited in the choice to remove Alex Jones from Facebook and YouTube vanished from Twitter on Thursday after being called out in a CNN piece focused on the company’s hypocrisy.

Last call for Polish pitch-offs

I’m heading back to Europe to hang out in Wroclaw and Warsaw so it’s last call for pitch off applications. I’ll be at a Wroclaw event, called In-Ference, which is happening on December 17 and you can submit to pitch here. The team will notify you if you have been chosen.

9 smart gifts for a smarter home

Smart home items make great gifts and what follows are some of the best. From faster Wifi to smart meat thermometers, there’s something here for everyone on your list. I use everything listed here and can attest to their quality. That’s important to me.

Influential Apple analyst cuts iPhone shipment estimates

TF International Securities Apple analyst extraordinaire Ming-Chi Kuo delivered a less than stellar iPhone forecast this week with the straight forwardly titled note, “2019 iPhone shipments likely to be under 190 million units.

This drone shrinks to fit

Researchers at the University of Zurich and EPFL have created a robot that shrinks to fit through gaps, a feature that could make it perfect for search and rescue missions.

Facebook bug exposed up to 6.8M users’ unposted photos to apps

Reset the “days since the last Facebook privacy scandal” counter, as a Facebook has just revealed a Photo API bug gave app developers too much access to the photos of up to 5.6 million users.

Ridesharing IPOs and $850M for Luckin, Plaid and Zymergen

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we had the regular crew back together which was good fun. Connie took point, we had Danny mic’d up in New York,

Facebook Portal adds games and web browser amidst mediocre Amazon reviews

After receiving a flogging from privacy critics, Facebook is scrambling to make its smart display video chat screen Portal more attractive to buyers. Today Facebook is announcing the addition a of a web browser, plus some of Messenger’s Instant Games like Battleship, Draw Something, Sudoku,

Cryptocurrency insecurity: IOTA, BCash, and too many more

Cryptocurrencies: a weird agglomerate of fascinating technology built by brilliant engineers; a whole new and potentially important form of economics; … and hype-machine puffed-up crazy-talk nonsense. So, as you might expect,

Sony’s 10″ Digital Paper Tablet is an ultra-light reading companion that needs to do more

Last year I had a good time comparing Sony's DPT-RP1 with the home-grown reMarkable. They both had their strengths and weaknesses, and one of the Sony's was that the thing was just plain big. They've remedied that with a much smaller sibling, the DPT-CP1, and it's just as useful as I expected.

Lowe’s Ventures backs Moved, a startup that makes moving less stressful

Adam Pittenger knows that moving is tough — after all, he said he’s moved eight times in the past seven years. Pittenger said that there are several reasons why the process can be stressful, like the fact that most people aren’t experts on moving, since they don’t do it as often as him (seriously,



C#反射基础知识和实战应用 - 雲霏霏

首先来说一下什么是反射?反射提供了封装程序集、模块和类型的对象(Type类型)可以使用反射动态的创建类型的实例,将类型绑定到现有对象,或从现有对象中获取类型,然后,可以调用类型的方法或访问其字段和属性 。

Five rules to observe when implementing database virtualisation

Almost 500 IT professionals surveyed by SolarWinds gave information on what database administrators must do to ensure VMs are implemented in the best way possible.Read more:

文章: 火币CTO巨建华访谈:数字货币交易平台的基础架构和技术挑战

在最近举办的“比特币产业峰会暨火币网一周年庆”活动期间,InfoQ就数字货币交易平台的基础架构和技术挑战采访了火币CTO巨建华,他分享了自己在行业领域的宝贵经验和精彩观点。 By 崔康


入侵智库Stratfor网站的黑客Jeremy Hammond曾是FBI最高通缉的网络罪犯,他于2012年在芝加哥的家中被捕。 Hammond从小就表现出反权威的性格,他将黑客行为作为一种实现社会正义的手段。


威锋网讯,苹果在当地时间周二被授予了一项和 iPhone 保护系统有关的专利,该保护系统可以当手机在掉落的时候被识别,然后系统就会计算出大致的碰撞点,并转移其重力的中心来避免敏感元件的碰撞。  

[CES 2015]售$399 全球最薄平板戴尔Venue 8 7000本周发售

在去年9月召开的英特尔开发者会议上戴尔率先展示了业内最薄的Venue 8 7000,厚度仅仅只有6mm,也是首款配备英特尔Real Sense 3D摄像头的平板。

[视频]西雅图警察局设YouTube账号 分享警察执勤过程






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