Some Infowars tweets vanished today, but Twitter didn’t remove them

A handful of tweets and videos that appear to have been cited in the choice to remove Alex Jones from Facebook and YouTube vanished from Twitter on Thursday after being called out in a CNN piece focused on the company’s hypocrisy.

Celonis brings intelligent process automation software to cloud

Celonis has been helping companies analyze and improve their internal processes using machine learning. Today the company announced it was providing that same solution as a cloud service with a few nifty improvements you won’t find on prem. The new approach,

Saudi ally calls for Uber boycott over response to Khashoggi’s vanishing

Uber is facing calls for a boycott of its app in the Persian Gulf, a region that has poured billions of dollars of investment into the company’s ride-hailing business in recent years: 

Palm returns as an ‘ultra-mobile’ smartphone

I shared images I shot of the Palm device with a few co-workers ahead of this morning’s unveiling, and they were downright giddy. The new “ultra-mobile” device (a term us old people used to use to refer to something closer to a netbook) is a hard thing to contextualize without a picture,

Truphone, an eSIM mobile carrier that works with Apple, raises another $71M, now valued at $507M

Truphone — a UK startup that provides global mobile voice and data services by way of an eSIM model for phones, tablets and IoT devices — said that it has raised another £18 million ($23.

Did you score tickets to Startup Battlefield Africa 2018?

In just about two months, the TechCrunch crew will head to Lagos, Nigeria to host the day-long, action-packed Startup Battlefield Africa 2018. Come join us and watch the founders of Africa’s best early-stage tech startups compete for the glory,

It’s official: London-based Stride.VC raises £50M seed fund

Stride.VC, the new VC fund from Fred Destin, formerly a partner at Accel, and Harry Stebbings, producer of the “The Twenty Minute VC” podcast and ex-Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Atomico, is being officially unveiled today, confirming most of the details of my earlier report.

Penta, the German challenger bank account for SMEs, raises €7M Series A

Penta, the German fintech startup that offers a digital bank account targeting SMEs, has raised €7 million in Series A funding. Backing the company once again is Inception Capital, with total funding now at €10 million since Penta was founded in May 2016. Launched in Germany in December,

Cryptocurrency insecurity: IOTA, BCash, and too many more

Cryptocurrencies: a weird agglomerate of fascinating technology built by brilliant engineers; a whole new and potentially important form of economics; … and hype-machine puffed-up crazy-talk nonsense. So, as you might expect,

Sony’s 10″ Digital Paper Tablet is an ultra-light reading companion that needs to do more

Last year I had a good time comparing Sony's DPT-RP1 with the home-grown reMarkable. They both had their strengths and weaknesses, and one of the Sony's was that the thing was just plain big. They've remedied that with a much smaller sibling, the DPT-CP1, and it's just as useful as I expected.

Lowe’s Ventures backs Moved, a startup that makes moving less stressful

Adam Pittenger knows that moving is tough — after all, he said he’s moved eight times in the past seven years. Pittenger said that there are several reasons why the process can be stressful, like the fact that most people aren’t experts on moving, since they don’t do it as often as him (seriously,

This Interactive Map Shows How Satellites Are Searching for Flight 370

With no leads for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight after six days, more satellite imaging companies are pitching in to aid the search. Read more...    

谷歌眼镜业务发展总监Kelly Liang已跳槽至SmartThings

谷歌眼镜业务发展总监Kelly Liang已从该公司,并将前往“互联家庭(connected home)公司”SmartThings。此前,Liang是随着YouTube的收购而加入Google的。

美国安局新掌门坚称监听合法 对斯诺登保持强硬

据新华社电 美国国家安全局新任局长迈克尔·罗杰斯12日首次面对媒体回答问题。尽管罗杰斯承诺增加这一情报机构的透明度,但他坚称国安局的监听项目合法,同时对前国安局承包商雇员爱德华·斯诺登保持强硬态度。

索尼数字IMAX-F89传感器泄露 像素高达1.6亿 三种采样方式

索尼数字IMAX级F89(70.8mm x 53.1mm)传感器的幻灯片今天被泄露出来,全新背照式+积层式CMOS,全尺寸分辨率高达159百万像素,全新三种RGB全取,杜绝拜尔模式的一切问题!帧率可达1-240FPS,以下是图像:

汤森路透:2025年世界十项革新预测 远距传物成现实


6 guys perfectly recreated a childhood photo at ages 10, 17 and 29

These friends are a six-man wolfpack.Reddit user Downwarddawg posted a photo on Friday with the caption, "Best Buddies at 10, 17 and 29 years old." The sweet picture, showing him alongside five friends at a dining room table, quickly went viralSee also:

这样就不会弯?iPhone 6s之7000铝揭秘


Reflektive Raises $3.6 Million From Andreessen Horowitz To Rethink Annual Performance Reviews

Everyone dreads them: The annual performance review. After all, it’s hard for employees to do much with a yearly sit-down where some past accomplishments and failings are outlined, and a vague improvement plan with far-off objectives is set in place.


1、体验信息 产品名称:手机迅雷 体验人:xxt 产品版本:5.12 体验设备:iphone 5s 硬件环境: ...

SingTel ad replaces driver's eyes with VR goggles in spectacular stunt drifting demo

Mobile networks aren't typically recommended for setups where you need real-time access to data, but a new commercial shot for Singapore mobile operator SingTel aims to prove that the company's network is robust enough to replace your eyes.For the film,

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