Apply now to be a TC Top Pick at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Disrupt Berlin 2018, which takes place November 29-30, practically oozes with opportunity. And there’s no better way to take advantage of all that opportunity than to exhibit your early-stage startup in Startup Alley.

Celonis brings intelligent process automation software to cloud

Celonis has been helping companies analyze and improve their internal processes using machine learning. Today the company announced it was providing that same solution as a cloud service with a few nifty improvements you won’t find on prem. The new approach,

Saudi ally calls for Uber boycott over response to Khashoggi’s vanishing

Uber is facing calls for a boycott of its app in the Persian Gulf, a region that has poured billions of dollars of investment into the company’s ride-hailing business in recent years: 

Palm returns as an ‘ultra-mobile’ smartphone

I shared images I shot of the Palm device with a few co-workers ahead of this morning’s unveiling, and they were downright giddy. The new “ultra-mobile” device (a term us old people used to use to refer to something closer to a netbook) is a hard thing to contextualize without a picture,

Truphone, an eSIM mobile carrier that works with Apple, raises another $71M, now valued at $507M

Truphone — a UK startup that provides global mobile voice and data services by way of an eSIM model for phones, tablets and IoT devices — said that it has raised another £18 million ($23.

Did you score tickets to Startup Battlefield Africa 2018?

In just about two months, the TechCrunch crew will head to Lagos, Nigeria to host the day-long, action-packed Startup Battlefield Africa 2018. Come join us and watch the founders of Africa’s best early-stage tech startups compete for the glory,

It’s official: London-based Stride.VC raises £50M seed fund

Stride.VC, the new VC fund from Fred Destin, formerly a partner at Accel, and Harry Stebbings, producer of the “The Twenty Minute VC” podcast and ex-Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Atomico, is being officially unveiled today, confirming most of the details of my earlier report.

Penta, the German challenger bank account for SMEs, raises €7M Series A

Penta, the German fintech startup that offers a digital bank account targeting SMEs, has raised €7 million in Series A funding. Backing the company once again is Inception Capital, with total funding now at €10 million since Penta was founded in May 2016. Launched in Germany in December,

SenSat, a UK startup that uses visual and spatial data to ‘simulate reality’, picks up $4.5M seed

SenSat, a U.K. startup aiming to use visual and spatial data to “simulate reality” and help computers better understand the physical world, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding — cash it will use to further develop the technology, and invest in its San Francisco office.

Apple hints at plan to build a car after all as it rehires ex-Tesla engineering head

If you’re looking for hints that Apple might deliver on its long-rumored plan to develop its own car, a significant one landed this week after it emerged that Doug Field — Apple’s former VP of Mac hardware engineering — has rejoined from the company after a spell with Tesla.

Neat is a challenger bank for early-stage startups and SMEs

With the growth in cross-border payment services and ‘challenger’ bank cards for consumers, you’d be forgiven for wondering where the options are for small business — where cash is particularly precious. They do exist. One of the newer options is Neat,




威智网 8 月 3 日消息,今天,国内网上传出了两段令人新奇的视频,率先向我们分别展示了 WP 8.1 GDR1 版本上即将出现的桌面文件夹创建功能以及中国版 Cortana 小娜的初步操作体验。  

President Obama to Address Beheading of U.S. Journalist James Foley

President Obama is expected to speak about the murder of U.S. journalist James Foley at 12:45 p.m. ET. Obama's remarks will mark the first time the president addressed the barbaric murder and are expected to be delivered in the context of the broader Iraq conflict,





Typesafe调查:Java 8广泛普及,用户热切盼望Java 9

InfoQ分析了近日Typesafe公司针对Java 8的普及率而对Java开发者们所做的一项调查的结果,同时就其对Scala在Java开发者之间的普及所产生的影响问题对Typesafe的联合创始人Jonas Bonér进行了采访。 By Simon Maple Translated by 段珊珊


继巴克莱资本(Barclays Capital)和瑞士联合银行集团(UBS)之后,在摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)在最近公布的数据中表示截至3月份的2015年第1季度iPhone在全球范围内的出货量将会突破5400万台。


Fast Company 最近对苹果公司 CEO 进行了采访。采访谈到了 Apple Watch、乔布斯如何影响苹果的未来,还有就是苹果如何“在箱子外”生存下去。Q:史蒂夫·乔布斯的遗产如何在苹果传承下去?

[图]iPhone 6s发布前:中国iOS市场份额增5.2%



Gott Nytt År! 這是瑞典語的新年快樂,踏入 2016 年首先要提醒自己的,就是銀包和豬仔錢罌內的舊款 20、50 和 1,000 元鈔票將會在 6 月底停用,免得銀紙變廢紙。新的 20、50、200 和 1,000 元鈔票其實去年 10 月已經發行,不過筆者暫時只見過以著名兒童故事《Pippi Longstocking》作者 Astrid Lindgren 作主題的 20 元新鈔。以下有更多資料The post 一路向北:錢錢錢錢 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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