Wonderschool raises $20M to help people start in-home preschools

Educators already don’t get paid enough, and those that work in preschools or daycares often make 48% less. Meanwhile, parents struggle to find great early education programs where kids get receive enough attention and there’s space,

Facebook is building a camera TV set-top box codenamed Ripley

A mysterious product called “Ripley” appeared hidden besides Facebook’s new Portal smart displays in Facebook for Android’s code. Dug up by frequent TechCrunch tipster Jane Manchun Wong a week ago, 

Elon Musk’s settlement with the SEC approved by judge, sending shares higher

The saga between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which began with a now infamous “funding secured” tweet about taking the electric automaker private, is officially resolved.

Substack celebrates its first birthday with 25K paying newsletter subscribers

It’s been a year since the launch of Substack, a platform that allows newsletter writers to build a subscription business. Today, on its first birthday, the startup has a simple message: Yes, people really are willing to pay for newsletters. In fact, the company says there are more than 25,

With Watch GT, Huawei ditches Google for its own OS

LG’s strange new hybrid Watch W7 marked a small but important victory for Wear OS. But this morning in London, Google lost a key ally in the smartwatch wars — for this model, at least. Huawei’s latest wearable, the Watch GT ditches the Google operating system for its own in-house brew, LiteOS.

Timex builds its first automatic watch in decades

Leave your smartwatch on the counter because Timex is back with its first automatic watch in decades. Called the Marlin, this 21-jewel timepiece that hearkens back to the days of “Takes a licking, keeps on ticking.” The Marlins cost $249 and come in multiple styles. This particular model,

Discord’s new game store rolls out to the rest of the world today

When Discord first launched its new built-in game store just a few weeks back, there was one big caveat: it was available to only a tiny, tiny slice of its 150M users. 50,000 of them, to be exact — all of them in Canada. Today it’s going global. Discord says that access to its store […]

Walmart’s Vudu may add subscription video channels to its streaming service

Walmart appears to have big plans for its video streaming service, Vudu . On the heels of a partnership with MGM for original content, new reports claim the retailer is now in discussions with various video services, in the hopes of making them accessible through Vudu itself.

Qualcomm settles antitrust case in Taiwan

Qualcomm may have lost its long-winded deal to buy NXP on account of China and it continues to battle lawsuits worldwide, but the company does have a dose of good news out of Asia today after it settled an antitrust investigation in Taiwan. The U.S.

Apply now to be a TC Top Pick at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Disrupt Berlin 2018, which takes place November 29-30, practically oozes with opportunity. And there’s no better way to take advantage of all that opportunity than to exhibit your early-stage startup in Startup Alley.

SenSat, a UK startup that uses visual and spatial data to ‘simulate reality’, picks up $4.5M seed

SenSat, a U.K. startup aiming to use visual and spatial data to “simulate reality” and help computers better understand the physical world, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding — cash it will use to further develop the technology, and invest in its San Francisco office.

Ward BRDF实现心得 - 星光下的守望者

最近做了Ward BRDF的实现,相对于之前的lambert,phong来说,Ward是一个真正意义上的各向异性BRDF,但同样的,Ward模型也是一个基于经验的模型,并不是物理上正确的。它由ward本人于1992年在《Measuring and modeling anisotropic refle...




在4月10号,微软正式针对开发者们推送了Windows Phone 8.1的开发者预览版,短短不到一周的时间, […]

简单易懂的程序语言入门小册子(1.5):基于文本替换的解释器,递归定义与lambda演算的一些额外说明 - 古霜卡比

这一篇接在第一篇lambda演算的后面。讲讲一些数学知识。经常有些看似很容易理解的东西,一旦要描述得准确无误,就会变得极为麻烦。 软件工程里也有类似情况:20%的代码实现了核心功能,剩下80%的代码处理边界情况。

[图]银色版徕卡奢华相机M Monochrom日本发售

根据日本地区网站报道,Leica M Monochrom的银色周年纪念版(Silver Anniversary Edition)相机已经在日本地区接受预定。它的具体上市时间为6月6日,参考报价为892800日元,折合人民币约为54800元。


根据2014年9月Time Inc. 和 YouGov 的调查,富人并没有停止去实体店进行假日消费,虽然今年网购超过实体店。

被搬动会自动报警 杭州首现智能防盗窨井盖



现在越来越多的团队公司做app开发的,开发后上传到app store。经过严厉的审核,本以为万事大吉,岂料,一 […]

Microsoft and Zend form strategic partnership for Azure

Zend, "the PHP company", and Microsoft today announced a strategic partnership, and will be starting things off with the integration of Zend's Z-Ray into the Azure App Service.  Z-Ray is a "developer's cockpit", according to a post on the Azure blog:Z-Ray acts as a developer’s cockpit,


一、产品信息 产品名称及版本:印象笔记ios版 软件版本:7.7.7 操作系统:IOS 8.2 体验者:cck ...

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