Femtech hardware startup Elvie inks strategic partnership with UK’s NHS

Elvie, a femtech hardware startup whose first product is a sleek smart pelvic floor exerciser,

CES will allow sex tech on a one-year trial bias, and finally bans booth babes

The Consumer Technology Association, the organization behind the annual Consumer Electronics Show, is slowly getting up to speed with the modern-day. Today,

Retail role play

Retail isn’t dying, it’s evolving. How democratizing data access is changing the rules -- and roles -- for both brands and merchants.

Final tickets to our 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party

One of Silicon Valley’s most fun and enduring traditions — the 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party — takes place on July 25. If you don’t have a ticket yet, know this: We just released the last batch of tickets. Once they’re gone, that’s it. No party for you. Don’t miss out on a night of fun […]

Amazon Prime Day sees competition from more than expected number of retailers

Amazon’s Prime Day continues to gain competition from rival retailers piggybacking on the annual event with their own sales. Ahead of this year’s Prime Day, RetailMeNot had forecast that this year’s sale would see competition from 250 retailers. Today, the firm upped this figure to over 300,

Facebook reportedly hasn’t contacted the regulator it says will oversee Libra’s privacy and data sec

A Swiss regulatory agency that Facebook executive David Marcus said in Congressional testimony would be responsible for overseeing data and privacy protections for the company’s newly launched cryptocurrency, Libra, has not been contacted by Facebook, according to a report.

Minecraft Earth starts rolling out in beta in Seattle and London

If you’ve been waiting to check out Minecraft Earth (Mojang’s Pokemon GO-style augmented reality reimagining of its hugely popular game Minecraft) good news: it’s starting to roll out to some people now. The catch? It’s only available to a slice-of-a-slice of the world, at first.

Peter Thiel says Elizabeth Warren is ‘dangerous,’ Warren responds: ‘Good’

Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t seem too unhappy about being labeled “dangerous” by investor Peter Thiel . Thiel, who co-founded PayPal, Palantir and Founders Fund, made the comments in an interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson,

Wonderschool raises $20M to help people start in-home preschools

Educators already don’t get paid enough, and those that work in preschools or daycares often make 48% less. Meanwhile, parents struggle to find great early education programs where kids get receive enough attention and there’s space,

Qualcomm settles antitrust case in Taiwan

Qualcomm may have lost its long-winded deal to buy NXP on account of China and it continues to battle lawsuits worldwide, but the company does have a dose of good news out of Asia today after it settled an antitrust investigation in Taiwan. The U.S.

Apply now to be a TC Top Pick at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Disrupt Berlin 2018, which takes place November 29-30, practically oozes with opportunity. And there’s no better way to take advantage of all that opportunity than to exhibit your early-stage startup in Startup Alley.




据福布斯网站报道,Developer Economics最近对全球逾130个国家和地区的1万名开发者进行的一项调查显示,尽管利润最为丰厚,但只有16%的全球开发者开发面向企业的移动应用。

新一年 新一页 盘点那些千奇百怪的日历


Resourceful cat turns dog into a comfortable cat bed

Who are humans to decide what does and does not qualify as a cat bed? For Farina the cat, any soft and warm space will do. This includes her friend Maeby the Siberian husky, whose own nap is interrupted by the addition of a cat sleeping on top of her.

【報價】Lenovo 推出平板手機 PHAB Plus 售價 $2,488

Lenovo 今日於香港正式推出平板手機 PHAB Plus,有灰色、銀色及香檳金色可供選擇。PHAB Plus 售價為$2,488。The post 【報價】Lenovo 推出平板手機 PHAB Plus 售價 $2,488 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

L'ufficio tradizionale sta per scomparire?

Se una sola parola potesse descrivere la rivoluzione digitale della scorsa decade,


由Google在2012年发布的基于地理位置的游戏Ingress终于有了ios版本的客户端,看来果粉还是不受G […]


戴上一个头盔便可遨游天下,明知道是虚拟的山光水色却仍然忍不住触摸,惊叫,这样的未来还有多久?高端旅行网站赞那度推出的国内第一个旅行VR App 还有虚拟现实VR旅行短片《梦之旅行The Dream》着实让我吃惊了一下,虽然它的长度还不到三分钟。

盘点2015年最强大的五款PC硬件 你认同吗?

在即将过去的 2015 年里,有许多我们在 2014 年幻想的未来科技都已经成为了现实,除此之外,我们还见证了 PC 硬件的一些进展,从显卡、处理器到路由器、笔记本电脑等等,Type-C USB 接口也逐渐被消费者所接受。  日前,外媒 PCWorld 为我们总结了 2015 年最强大的 5 款 PC 硬件。下面我们来看看,我们需要给自己的 PC 安装怎样的硬件才能让它强大起来吧。  1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 980  2014 年 9 月,Nvidia 正式推出了台式机使用的 GTX 980 显卡。


在Model S推出极富创新的Autopilot(自动驾驶)系统之后,特斯拉又为它带来了一次更新,新增了一个叫做Summon(召唤)的功能。Summon,顾名思义就是能让驾驶者通过智能手机应用向汽车发出开到某个指定位置的指令。听起来是不是觉得这个功能既炫酷又实用呢?--的确如此。然而有些时候,它可能会成为恶作剧的帮凶,比如下面这段视频里的“腹黑”老爹。

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