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Bitcoin developer finds bug in competing coin, does the right thing

Proponents of Bitcoin and its competing cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash, which was created as a "fork" of Bitcoin's code and history, aren't exactly in love with each other. Social media channels are full of squabbles over which coin is better and which one is more deserving of the "Bitcoin" name. 

Dolly Parton just absolutely smashed a 'Jolene' version of the distracted boyfriend meme

Dolly Parton just weighed in on the distracted boyfriend meme and, well, she absolutely smashed it. The singer and all-round legend tweeted a meme that pretty much any Dolly fan will instantly understand. SEE ALSO:

Camila Cabello tweeted the best reply to her 2012 self after winning at the VMAs

Ever wondered what you might say to your past self if you had the chance?Well Camila Cabello knows. After winning big at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night — taking home both the Artist of the Year and the Video of the Year awards — she took to Twitter to post a message to her 2012 self.

Get an extra $30 off this drone and take some epic footage above the clouds

If you’ve been looking to get into drones, or just want to add a new one to your fleet, you should take a good hard look at the TRNDlabs Spectre Drone. It’s one of the most powerful drones on the market, boasting a 720p HD 2.

Learn how to boost traffic and increase sales with this $13 Google Adwords course

In Mad Men, businesses flock to Sterling Cooper and Don Draper's advertising prowess to create mind-blowing ads that help sell their products and services. That may have worked well in the 1960s,

How 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' revived our cold, dead hearts

I need to start with a confession: I've never liked rom-coms. Like, not even once.And that comes with a second confession: My distaste for rom-coms goes hand-in-hand with my acceptance that I'll die alone because love is a trap designed to imprison me in a false sense of security,

True rockstars Aerosmith join Post Malone for an electric VMAs performance

It's an unlikely combination, but it definitely makes sense.At the MTV VMAs on Monday, Post Malone ended the ceremony with a performance of his hit "rockstar" alongside 21 Savage. Given the song's title, it was appropriate they both brought out some true stars of rock in Aerosmith,

Madonna's self-indulgent tribute to Aretha Franklin gets criticised by fans

The death of Aretha Franklin still continues to inspire tributes from across the world, and the MTV VMAs are no different.At the ceremony on Monday, Madonna gave a tribute to the Queen of Soul. But fans have complained the speech was more about herself, rather than Franklin.SEE ALSO:

The first IKEA store opened in India and it was intense

IKEA is ready to let those rupees roll in. The Swedish furniture giant just opened its first store in Hyderabad, ready to cater to the furniture and meatball needs of the world's fastest growing middle class. SEE ALSO: Apple has sold less than 1 million iPhones in India in 2018,

Kylie Jenner celebrates 21st birthday by flipping the bird to her Instagram followers

When a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family has a birthday, low-key isn't exactly the word we'd use to describe their celebration. True to form, Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday was anything but low-key. SEE ALSO: didn't throw shade at Kylie Jenner. It actually made an important point.

The spotlight is back on the iCar as Tesla's vehicle engineering chief returns to Apple

Doug Field, former Apple VP of Mac hardware, and also former Tesla VP of engineering, is now back at Apple and working on the company's secretive Project Titan, Daring Fireball's John Gruber has found out. 

EU Launches World's Largest Civilian Robotics Program; 240,000 New Jobs Expected

Hallie Siegel writes: "The European Commission and 180 companies and research organizations (under the umbrella of euRobotics) have launched the world's largest civilian research and innovation program in robotics. Covering manufacturing, agriculture, health, transport,


赶在今年的E3游戏展之前,“口袋妖怪艺术学院”(Pokemon Art Academy)已经提前公开。尽管作为一款大作,早期泄露会部分响应到任天堂的“游戏完整性”。但抛开这些,该游戏看起来仍然足够有趣,不大会影响爱好者们的热情。

1Password Unveils 'Holy Grail' of Password Managers for iOS 8

While much of the initial excitement around iOS 8's new extensibility features surrounded widgets and the potential for third-party keyboards, there's another type of app that will greatly benefit from these changes: password managers.AgileBits, the company behind the 1Password software,

Google For Spies: How the NSA Created Its Own Search Engine

The National Security Agency doesn't just store your cellphone data, it can also look up who you talked with through its own Google-like search engineThe agency's search engine called ICREACH can comb through around 850 billion files of phone calls,



[澳洲纪行] 其三:在 Migenius,遇见为全球客户服务的云计算团队

编者按:本文为TechCrunch中国合作方动点科技独家稿件,作者李书航。书航是TechCrunch中国的联合主编,“澳洲纪行”是他澳大利亚采访的系列文章。 澳洲行程第三天,我在美女司机 Amy… Read More

Unity3D 学习教程 8 3d模型加贴图 - 喝了

点击创建 添加一个文件夹命令为pic把图片拖入到工程中拖入后图片显示在pic文件夹中把图片拖到立方体中这样就完成了为3D模型添加贴纸的工作---------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

These women used social media to reclaim their bodies

Sukki Singapora is the kind of person who electrifies the InternetHer bright blue hair falls in waves around her neckline as she discusses, over Skype from London, her passion and art form: burlesque dancing.

Huge prehistoric monument found near Stonehenge

LONDON — The hidden remains of a major stone monument that could dwarf Stonehenge have been discovered by archaeologists.See also: 8 breathtaking spots to see the stars in the UKThe 90-stone structure, which is buried under a grassy bank,

华硕推出ROG G11游戏台式机

华硕今天宣布,针对游戏玩家推出高性能游戏台式机ROG G11,采用第六代英特尔酷睿i7处理器,性能比上代产品高出23%,能效提升22%。

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