Singapore’s Golden Gate Ventures announces a $10M fund for crypto deals

VCs around the world are trying to wrap their head around crypto, and the new investment paradigm it brings. Some have made one-off deals but a few have jumped in off the deep end with dedicated crypto funds, with A16z in the U.S. the most prominent example.

Facebook is building a camera TV set-top box codenamed Ripley

A mysterious product called “Ripley” appeared hidden besides Facebook’s new Portal smart displays in Facebook for Android’s code. Dug up by frequent TechCrunch tipster Jane Manchun Wong a week ago, 

Elon Musk’s settlement with the SEC approved by judge, sending shares higher

The saga between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which began with a now infamous “funding secured” tweet about taking the electric automaker private, is officially resolved.

Substack celebrates its first birthday with 25K paying newsletter subscribers

It’s been a year since the launch of Substack, a platform that allows newsletter writers to build a subscription business. Today, on its first birthday, the startup has a simple message: Yes, people really are willing to pay for newsletters. In fact, the company says there are more than 25,

With Watch GT, Huawei ditches Google for its own OS

LG’s strange new hybrid Watch W7 marked a small but important victory for Wear OS. But this morning in London, Google lost a key ally in the smartwatch wars — for this model, at least. Huawei’s latest wearable, the Watch GT ditches the Google operating system for its own in-house brew, LiteOS.

Timex builds its first automatic watch in decades

Leave your smartwatch on the counter because Timex is back with its first automatic watch in decades. Called the Marlin, this 21-jewel timepiece that hearkens back to the days of “Takes a licking, keeps on ticking.” The Marlins cost $249 and come in multiple styles. This particular model,

Discord’s new game store rolls out to the rest of the world today

When Discord first launched its new built-in game store just a few weeks back, there was one big caveat: it was available to only a tiny, tiny slice of its 150M users. 50,000 of them, to be exact — all of them in Canada. Today it’s going global. Discord says that access to its store […]

Walmart’s Vudu may add subscription video channels to its streaming service

Walmart appears to have big plans for its video streaming service, Vudu . On the heels of a partnership with MGM for original content, new reports claim the retailer is now in discussions with various video services, in the hopes of making them accessible through Vudu itself.

Femtech hardware startup Elvie inks strategic partnership with UK’s NHS

Elvie, a femtech hardware startup whose first product is a sleek smart pelvic floor exerciser,

Wonderschool raises $20M to help people start in-home preschools

Educators already don’t get paid enough, and those that work in preschools or daycares often make 48% less. Meanwhile, parents struggle to find great early education programs where kids get receive enough attention and there’s space,

Qualcomm settles antitrust case in Taiwan

Qualcomm may have lost its long-winded deal to buy NXP on account of China and it continues to battle lawsuits worldwide, but the company does have a dose of good news out of Asia today after it settled an antitrust investigation in Taiwan. The U.S.

微软收购诺记再惹不满 韩国提出异议


Gawker Texas Parents Angered by Fourth-Graders' Bizarre Adult-Themed Homework | Jalopnik The Mazda M

Gawker Texas Parents Angered by Fourth-Graders' Bizarre Adult-Themed Homework | Jalopnik The Mazda Miata's Creator Is Happy You Think His Car Is A Chick Car | Jezebel Craigslist Ad Offers You $175 to Bathe in Ramen Noodles | Kotaku A Cancelled Kickstarter With A Happy EndingRead more...


上海2014年5月9日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年5月初,国内首家科技媒体协作推广联盟(TMA)正式成立,此举标志着科技领域一种全新的媒体形态及合作模式的形成。

.Net魔法堂:史上最全的ActiveX开发教程——ActiveX与JS间交互篇 - ^_^肥仔John

一、前言 经过上几篇的学习,现在我们已经掌握了ActiveX的整个开发过程,但要发挥ActiveX的真正威力,必须依靠JS。下面一起来学习吧!二、JS调用ActiveX方法 只需在UserControl子类中(即自...

This Short Sci-Fi Thriller Shows a Quantum Experiment Gone Awry

Would you follow your lover to a different dimension? Read more...

How We'll Live on Mars: A Manifesto for Colonizing the Red Planet

For more than century, humans have imagined building colonies on Mars, and now settling the Red Planet is no longer a pipe dream—it’s something we might achieve in little over a decade. And many people, including the author of the new book How We’ll Live on Mars,

Aftermath of deadly tornadoes and powerful blizzards in Texas

At least 11 people were killed and many others lost their homes when tornadoes ripped through the Dallas area on Saturday. The twisters were followed by strong blizzards, which blanketed north and west Texas with snow. Read more...More about Texas, Storm, Tornado, Blizzard, and Us World

Baby born in Hawaii with brain damage linked to the Zika virus

Hawaii health officials confirmed Friday that a baby born in Oahu had brain damage linked to a past Zika virus infection. The virus has been in the spotlight in recent weeks as a possible culprit for an increase in brain deformities in newborns in Brazil. The Hawaii case could be the first in the U.

Nominations For The 2016 Europas Awards Now Open, TechCrunch Partners

Nominations are now open for The Europas Awards 2016, the European Tech Startup Awards. The Europas will be held on June 14, 2016, in London. You can nominate an individual (founder, investor etc) or startup that you think in the last year deserves to be recognized RIGHT HERE.


威锋网 3 月 2 日消息 苹果与美国联邦调查局(FBI)已将因是否应该破解加州枪击案罪犯手机引起的争执交给了美国国会解决,站在苹果这一边的杀毒软件 McAfee 创始人 John McAfe 为了让 FBI 不再难为苹果,今天又放话了——半小时就能破解 iPhone。  John McAfe 在一次电视访问中为 FBI 破解 iPhone 支招,表示只需从硬件和软件两方面下手,首先需要硬件工程师拆解手机然后复制指令集,然后再令软件工程师运行反汇编程序让这些指令集可读即可。  

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