Kids can now learn to code by building this Star Wars droid

This Star Wars Droid will have kids everywhere geeking out, while also learning to code. The award-winning design allows kids to choose from over 6 Block-based missions from the appHeads up:

Adobe's new experiment turns tone deaf humming into real music

What if your tone deaf humming could actually sound...pretty good? That's the premise of a new experiment from Adobe that aims to turn your voice into music.It's called Project Kazoo, and it could one day make soundtrack creation as simple as humming a quick tune.SEE ALSO:

10 gifts for the fan who has a love/hate relationship with Marvel

Whether you're drawn to the blockbuster movies, to Netflix, to old-school cartoons or to the comics that started it all, you know by now that it's Marvel's world and we're only living in it. It's tough, sometimes, to know that you're a teeny, tiny cog in a massive corporate entertainment empire,

Best deals for Oct. 16: Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch games, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, and more on sale

If you have ever felt the shoulder ache brought on by too much gaming, have an indent permanently worn into your couch in your "spot," or have ever blown on a gaming cartridge to get it to work, then these deals are about to make you very happy.SEE ALSO: Save nearly $3,

Google Pixel 3 XL teardown reveals Samsung screen, tons of glue

Now that the Pixel 3 XL is out in the open, it was just a matter of time until someone disassembled it. The first to do so is the trusty iFixit, and while digging through the Pixel 3 XL's innards didn't result in any groundbreaking discoveries,

Why Netflix's 'Hill House' finale changes the way we look at the show

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the entirety of Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House, all 10 episodes. Proceed with caution.It's safe to assume these days that a supernatural TV drama isn't going to end with us, the viewers,

Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite shows e-readers can still get better

There are very few gadgets in this world I consider to be perfect. But one of them, or at least one that comes pretty damn close, is my Amazon Kindle e-reader. I’ve been a huge fan since I bought my first Kindle (third-generation) back in 2007,

SimpliSafe takes on Nest with the Video Doorbell Pro

The connected doorbell market is expanding. Modular home security manufacturer SimpliSafe is launching the Video Doorbell Pro nationwide on Tuesday for $169.99. While the price undercuts other offerings like the Nest Hello ($229),

Bitcoin developer finds bug in competing coin, does the right thing

Proponents of Bitcoin and its competing cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash, which was created as a "fork" of Bitcoin's code and history, aren't exactly in love with each other. Social media channels are full of squabbles over which coin is better and which one is more deserving of the "Bitcoin" name. 

The first IKEA store opened in India and it was intense

IKEA is ready to let those rupees roll in. The Swedish furniture giant just opened its first store in Hyderabad, ready to cater to the furniture and meatball needs of the world's fastest growing middle class. SEE ALSO: Apple has sold less than 1 million iPhones in India in 2018,

Kylie Jenner celebrates 21st birthday by flipping the bird to her Instagram followers

When a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family has a birthday, low-key isn't exactly the word we'd use to describe their celebration. True to form, Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday was anything but low-key. SEE ALSO: didn't throw shade at Kylie Jenner. It actually made an important point.

HTML5&CSS3练习笔记(一) - 竹林溪风

属性选择器的用法 格式:[属性/^/*/$=值]1、【attr=val】 匹配指定值的元素1 2 3 完全匹配元素4 5 HTML代码1 [id=section1]2 {3 background: #eee;4 font-...





Amazon's Unveils a Huge Movie and Ebook Sale, Plus More Deals

Need something to pass the time until House of Cards comes back next week? Today only, Amazon's offering big savings on award-winning Kindle ebooks and streaming movies to own. The most popular book on the list is Life of Pi ($3), and Boyhood ($7) highlights the movies,

聽聲認人!iOS 版微信加入語音解鎖功能

現在的身份辨識有很多方式,除了指紋之外,也可以利用「聲紋」來進行辨識。 最近微信就在 iOS 版本上加入了聲紋辨識功能,方便用家解鎖。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 聽聲認人!

Ticket Booking Startup Beijing Weiying Raises $105M From Investors Including Tencent

Beijing Weiying Technology, the maker of a movie ticket booking platform that is embedded in WeChat, China’s largest messaging app, has raised a $105 million series B. Investors include WeChat owner Tencent and Wanda Group, one of China’s largest movie theater operators. Read More

Apple renames Passbook to Wallet, Apple Pay coming to UK in July

Apple has made a couple of major announcements regarding its mobile payments system, the most important of which is the name change of Passbook to WalletThe app acts to as a single place to store payment cards and special payments coupons, making mobile payments that much easier.


松下最近展示了他们最新开发的3D照相馆平台3D Photolab,其中更是动用了120台旗舰无反GH4做扫描前端。

Airbnb’s Joe Zadeh Talks Product Direction And Keeping Things Simple

Airbnb’s had a busy summer. It rolled out an Apple Watch app, hit 1 million guests staying in an Airbnb in a single day, and over the summer Airbnb members hosted 17 million guests.


上海2015年10月16日电 /美通社/ -- 9月25日,由 TUV 南德意志集团(以下简称“TUV SUD”)医疗健康服务部主办的“欧盟临床评价研讨会”在上海召开,旨在向中国企业及时传递欧盟最新的医疗器械临床要求,通过对相关适用标准及指南要求的解析,帮助企业正确理解临床评估的实际意义和法规要求。

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