Kids can now learn to code by building this Star Wars droid

This Star Wars Droid will have kids everywhere geeking out, while also learning to code. The award-winning design allows kids to choose from over 6 Block-based missions from the appHeads up:

Save up to 24% on selected Samsung TVs and soundbars from Amazon UK

With so many blockbuster movies and top sporting events available at our fingertips, it's a wonder that we ever leave the house. It's so easy nowadays to draw the curtains, shut out the world, and get lost in whatever is on your TV.Before you strap in for a lengthy session though,

We're all second-screening. Here's how you're doing it wrong.

Second-screening — watching TV while also looking at your phone, tablet or laptop — is probably the  most widely adopted destructive behavior of the decade. We keep hearing that it's bad for us; we keep doing it regardless. It's the smoking of the 2010s. 

Miley Cyrus tweets the funniest moment from her and Liam Hemsworth's wedding

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been married for nearly two months now. But Cyrus is nowhere near done blessing our feeds with romantic (and hilarious) content from the couple's wedding.On Twitter, Cyrus shared a photo from the ceremony of herself, her mom Tish Cyrus, and her wedding bouquet. 

John Boyega dancing to Vanessa Carlton is instantly cheering to watch

Sometimes, all you really want is for the DJ to put on an old-school banger.And if there's one track that truly fits that bill, it's the memorably intense piano chords of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles".SEE ALSO: John Boyega posts very teasing photo from the set of 'Star Wars:

Oral-B electric toothbrushes, Braun electric shavers, Philips epilators, and more on sale for Feb. 1

We have make the decision to start the week with deals on personal care products designed to make you dazzle. We're not saying you need any help in this department, but Monday is definitely the day that this kind of product is needed most.We have tracked down deals on electric toothbrushes,

Save up to 12% sitewide on select products in the Dell UK sale

There's no hard and fast rule that dictates when you need to say goodbye to your trusty old device and replace it with something shiny and new. You just know when the time is right. Maybe you glanced at your tired old laptop recently and got that feeling,

Flying 1,300 mph on airplanes would be great. But future aviation has other plans.

In the year 2044, our cities might be energized by fusion power plants, our sleek cars may all run on electricity, and our doctors might regularly employ gene-editing to cure blindness. But our airplanes will probably still fly at the same speeds they did half a century ago:

Bitcoin developer finds bug in competing coin, does the right thing

Proponents of Bitcoin and its competing cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash, which was created as a "fork" of Bitcoin's code and history, aren't exactly in love with each other. Social media channels are full of squabbles over which coin is better and which one is more deserving of the "Bitcoin" name. 

The first IKEA store opened in India and it was intense

IKEA is ready to let those rupees roll in. The Swedish furniture giant just opened its first store in Hyderabad, ready to cater to the furniture and meatball needs of the world's fastest growing middle class. SEE ALSO: Apple has sold less than 1 million iPhones in India in 2018,

Kylie Jenner celebrates 21st birthday by flipping the bird to her Instagram followers

When a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family has a birthday, low-key isn't exactly the word we'd use to describe their celebration. True to form, Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday was anything but low-key. SEE ALSO: didn't throw shade at Kylie Jenner. It actually made an important point.


跟大家介绍一个网站分析厂商,估计北京的数字营销圈子对它比较熟悉,因为它具有强大的功能,所以介绍给大家。Webt … 继续阅读 »



Stratasys 3D打印技术助全球首架自动追踪运动航拍无人机面世

美国明尼阿波利斯和以色列雷霍沃特2014年7月15日电 /美通社/ -- 全球领先的 3D 打印和增材制造解决方案供应商 Stratasys Ltd.




小白叨一叨:快承认吧,你早已经对微信朋友圈上瘾。天亮睁眼后、天黑闭眼前,你在刷朋友圈吧?坐公交车、等开饭、上厕 […]


猎云网注:陈欧,登陆纽交所最年轻的 CEO,上市以来一直被谣言和绯闻缠绕。昨晚,沉寂许久的他,在《芭莎男士》品位成功 2014 年度人物的舞台上,直面一切,宣布回归江湖。陈欧称,不想做一个有钱的废人!  以 ... ...

三星Galaxy S6跑分现身 Exynos 7420成绩出炉

将在三星Galaxy S6上采用的旗舰级Exynos7420处理芯片,跑分成绩已经现身Geekbench基准测试网站,该芯片在Geekbench 3软件的跑分情况为多核5478分,单核1520分,极有可能为S6原型机设备的跑分。



微软与雅虎重谈10年搜索合作协议 谈判期限延长30天




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