Slack raises, Dropbox and Snap report earnings, and Magic Leap is real

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week Matthew Lynley and Alex Wilhelm were joined by 500 Startups CEO Christine Tsai for what turned out to be a super packed episode.

Netflix is testing a new feature that lets you instantly replay scenes (for some reason)

Netflix loves to test new ideas, and its latest experiment is an odd new feature that lets viewers watch a scene again. A selection of Netflix subscribers noticed the new addition, which serves a pop-up asking if they want to “watch this scene again” after certain ‘highlight’ scenes in a show.

A former Ofo exec is launching his own scooter startup

With €20 million in VC backing, Dott plans to release a fleet of multi-colored e-scooters in Paris in early-2019.

LemonBox, which brings US vitamins to Chinese consumers, raises $2M

LemonBox, a Chinese e-commerce startup that imports vitamins and health products from the US, has raised $2 million to develop its business. The company graduated from Y Combinator’s most recent program in the U.S. and, fuelled by the demo day,

Distinguished VCs back wholesale marketplace Faire with $100M at a $535M valuation

Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures, Keith Rabois of Khosla, Alfred Lin of Sequoia and Alex Taussig of Lightspeed are backers of Faire.

Anki’s Vector is getting Alexa access next week

Vector’s already got the adorable bit down, courtesy of a team staffed by former Pixar and Dreamworks animators. But Anki’s grownup version of Cozmo can use a bit of help when it comes to smarts. Starting next week, the desktop robot will be able to tap into Amazon Alexa’s deep base of answers.

IMAX pulls the plug on its dream of VR arcades

The company behind the biggest screens in cinema is giving up on bringing VR screens within a few inches of users’ faces. The company announced today in a SEC filing that it will be shutting down its three remaining virtual reality centers including its flagship location in Los Angeles.

They scaled YouTube — now they’ll shard everyone with PlanetScale

When the former CTOs of YouTube, Facebook and Dropbox seed fund a database startup, you know there’s something special going on under the hood. Jiten Vaidya and Sugu Sougoumarane saved YouTube from a scalability nightmare by inventing and open-sourcing Vitess,

OurPath raises $3M in round led by Connect Ventures to ‘reverse’ Type 2 Diabetes

There are many, many tech startups tackling the problem of diabetes. You only have to look at the TechCrunch tag to find some of the latest, and even the Apple Watch is getting in on the act. But literally ‘reversing’ Type 2 diabetes remains a tough nut to crack.

Singapore’s Golden Gate Ventures announces a $10M fund for crypto deals

VCs around the world are trying to wrap their head around crypto, and the new investment paradigm it brings. Some have made one-off deals but a few have jumped in off the deep end with dedicated crypto funds, with A16z in the U.S. the most prominent example.

Femtech hardware startup Elvie inks strategic partnership with UK’s NHS

Elvie, a femtech hardware startup whose first product is a sleek smart pelvic floor exerciser,

微软与KEXP合作利用SXSW宣传Lumia Icon

西南偏南音乐节(SXSW)是一场音乐、电影以及互动的盛会,每年都会有上万人参加这个盛会。今年微软利用这场盛会来宣传旗下最新的 Windows Phone 设备—— Lumia Icon。

Oculus Rift温馨创意:帮助老人看外界

虚拟现实眼镜 Oculus Rift 能带来更真实的 3D 体验,对于玩家们来说可谓神器。不过 Priscilla Firstenberg 的想法可谓创新又温馨:用它帮助老人看看外面的世界。  

[图]真八核处理器 优米X3评测之开箱

优米X3是一款定位为玩家级的智能手机,机身尺寸为156.5*76.8*7.6mm,机身正面为5.5英寸 FHD LTPS LCD屏幕,表面则加入了陶瓷质感设计,锌镁合金边框来提供保护,并有灵动的呼吸灯装点机身。


周二美国股市收盘后,微软公布了第四财季财报,营收为233.8亿美元,每股收益为0.55美元。分析师平均预计,微软该季度营收为230亿美元,利润为每股0.60美元。 第四财季,微软确认的Surface营收为4.09亿美元。运营利润为64.

How Laws Restricting Tech Actually Expose Us To Greater Harm

An anonymous reader writes: Cory Doctorow has an article in Wired explaining why crafting laws to restrict software is going to hurt us in the long run. The reason? Because we're on an irreversible trajectory toward integrating technology with our cars and houses, bodies and brains.

eclipse在debug启动时无法启动解决办法 - Mr.Wen




苹果三星专利战争已结束一年 但三星更伤了

2014 年 8 月苹果和三星旷日持久的专利战争在双方的一纸和解协议下戛然而止,如今一年已经过去了,行业认为这次和解对双方产生了很大的影响,特别是三星,他们的智能手机业务在过去一年受到了很大的影响。

[图+视频]索尼Xperia Z5与Z5 Compact上手

索尼在今天上午展出了Xperia Z5产品线,较大的Z5配备了10800p的显示屏,但稍小的Xperia Z5 Compact在摄像头和处理器上仍然强劲。值得一提的是,索尼还推出了4K屏版本的Xperia Z5 Premium,不过我们会在单独的文章中对其进行详细介绍。

The Stinkbird's Diet is Surprisingly Close to Our Own

Stinkbirds, otherwise known as hoatzins, have spread out across South America in part because they have something in common with humans and other mammals. The clue is in the name “stinkbird.”Read more...

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