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Grab-Uber deal wins Philippines approval but ‘virtual monopolist’ concern remains

Grab’s acquisition of Uber’s Southeast Asia business in May has been embroiled in regulatory scrutiny, but the ride-hailing firm has some positive news after the Philippines’ regulator gave the deal the all-clear. It did so, however,

Stealthy Singapore VC firm Qualgro is raising a $100M fund

Southeast Asia’s venture capital space is booming right now. Openspace Ventures just announced the close of its newest $135 million fund, Golden Gate Ventures hit the first close on its upcoming $100 million vehicle, and a third Singapore-based fund is also raising big right now: Qualgro.

Cootek, the Chinese maker of TouchPal keyboard, files for $100M US IPO

Cootek, the Chinese mobile internet company best known for keyboard app TouchPal, has filed for a public offering in the United States. In its F-1 form, submitted last week to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Cootek said it wants to raise up to $100 million.

Here are the 63 startups that launched today at Y Combinator’s S18 Demo Day 1

From “cheese 2.0” to connecting flights for satellites, Y Combinator showed off a wide array of early stage startups fresh from its YC Summer 2018 batch.

Costco now supports Apple Pay across all of its US stores

Apple has landed a big new partner for Apple Pay in the U.S. after Costco began accepting the mobile payment service across 750 stores. The retailer plans to include support at its gas stations, but that isn’t yet complete.

Stratolaunch announces new launch vehicles and reusable space plane

Stratolaunch, the commercial space firm founded by Paul Allen back in 2011, has revealed a bit more of its plan for taking payloads to orbit via one of the world's biggest planes. It's now working on a pair of its own rocket-powered launch vehicles,

One Medical may be in talks to raise more than $200 million

One Medical, the company hoping to disrupt the doctor’s office with concierge services, virtual visits and same-day appointments, is rumored to be in late-stage talks with the Carlyle Group for $200 million in funding, according to CNBC.

Google created a fake pizza brand to test out creative strategies for YouTube ads

Google’s Unskippable Ads team has been testing out ad effectiveness in a compelling new way: It created a fake pizza brand called Doctor Fork, used stock footage to create 33 ads and then served them up on YouTube and reached 20 million impressions. Ben Jones, creative director at Unskippable Labs,

Workona helps web workers finally close all those tabs

A new startup, Workona, this week launched software designed for those who primarily do their work in a browser. The company’s goal is to become the OS for web work – and to also save web workers from the hell that is a million open tabs. To accomplish this,

Hollywood gets its own open source foundation

Open source is everywhere now, so maybe it’s no surprise that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (yes, the organization behind the Oscars) today announced that it has partnered with the Linux Foundation to launch the Academy Software Foundation,

Apple orders a show about a video game studio from the ‘It’s Always Sunny’ gang

Apple’s been on a tear lately. Say what you will about some of the company’s programming decisions (see: Carpool Karaoke), at least it’s building a portfolio that’s got a little something for everyone. Earlier this week, word got out that it ordered a series based on Min Jin Lee’s novel, Pachinko.

HTC One(M8)终于发布:搭载双后置相机可以先拍照后对焦,4月份全球上市

HTC 今天凌晨在美国发布了其最新旗舰安卓机型 M8,或者说新 HTC One。M8 延续了上一代 HTC One 饱受各方赞誉的工业设计和机身用料,更为强大的处理器与经过全面提升的 Sense 6.

测试Servlet生命周期学习笔记 - 星云博客园

操作方法:1.新建工程;File——>new——>Java Project——>TestServlet(工程名称)——>Finish.2.加载servlet-api.jar类包;TestServlet(右键)——>Build Path——>Configure Build Path——>Library...

Oppo eyes success in emerging markets ... using high-end smartphones

The Chinese phone manufacturer has chosen a different tactic to rivals such as Xiaomi, seeing a potential growth opportunity for more expensive handsets in developing countries.Read more:

松下在electronica 2014展示最新智能家居和汽车应用

慕尼黑--(美国商业资讯)--松下欧洲汽车与工业系统(Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe) (PAISEU)作为一家新成立的联合公司首次亮相2014年11月11-14日在慕尼黑展览中心(Messe Munich)举行的2014年慕尼黑国际电子元器件博览会(electronica 2014)。


无论是对自己还是对客户,苹果一直都以严格的保密措施为外界所知。iOS 8 发布之后,甚至就连苹果本身都不能攻破由 iPhone 用户设置的密码。对于用户来说,苹果升级保密等级自然是广受好评的。

GitHub从1月5号起不再支持Windows XP里的IE浏览器

据VentureBeat消息,由于安全漏洞的原因,从1月5号起GitHub网站加密协议将不再支持RC4密码套件,导致的结果是Windows XP系统的用户使用IE浏览器将无法连接到GitHub。

The odds of sharing a birthday with Jesus and your brother

When you tell people that you're born on Christmas, they typically react in one of two ways. It's either:Image: Tumblr, narrycherrieor:Image: GiphyAnd then there's the internal debate over whether it's worth it to explain that you're Jewish and don't celebrate Christmas.Image: Tumblr,



一种酶可以在 37℃ 时活性最高,55℃ 时失活,这种酶可以参与聚合酶链式反应 (PCR) 吗?



我们听说 3D 打印有希望在医疗领域派上用场,没想到倒是一只乌龟先用上了:3D 打印龟壳,怕是龟族里的第一龟。这只名叫 Cleopatra 的乌龟完全是名不副实,因为糟糕的饮食习惯,导致龟壳坑坑洼洼的。

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