Apeel Sciences is combating food waste with plant-derived second peels

In a world bursting with abundances like self-driving cars and robotic personal assistants, you would think that basic needs like sustainable food sourcing and distribution would be a problem of the past. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

JIRA is an antipattern

Atlassian’s JIRA began life as a bug-tracking tool. Today, though, it has become an agile planning suite, “to plan, track, and release great software.” In many organizations it has become the primary map of software projects, the hub of all development, the infamous “source of truth.

Awaken offers meditations focused on healing from systems of oppression

A mindful, contemplative approach to internalized racism and sexism is a necessary piece of the puzzle of dismantling systems of oppression, Awaken founder and CEO Ravi Mishra says. That’s the entire point of Awaken,

Why you need a supercomputer to build a house

When the hell did building a house become so complicated? Don’t let the folks on HGTV fool you. The process of building a home nowadays is incredibly painful. Just applying for the necessary permits can be a soul-crushing undertaking that’ll have you running around the city,

Apple Watch’s ECG feature is already proving its worth

When Apple announced its latest Series 4 Watch with electrocardiogram features, my mom took a sigh of relief, and then proceeded to set a reminder to order one for my dad. That’s because we found out last year, by chance, that he has atrial fibrillation.

Dallas-based TXV Partners targets $50M for its debut fund

These first-time VCs want to raise $50M for a Dallas-based, Millennial-focused venture firm.

SoftBank’s Vision Fund inches closer to $100B

Much has been said about the SoftBank Vision Fund, mostly in awe of the size of the investment vehicle. Today, however, the Vision Fund inched yet closer to that twelve-figure goal.

The nation-state of the internet

The internet is a community, but can it be a nation-state? It’s a question that I have been pondering on and off this year, what with the rise of digital nomads and the deeply libertarian ethos baked into parts of the blockchain community. It’s clearly on a lot of other people’s minds as well:

Offering a white labeled lending service in emerging markets, Mines raises $13 million

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor MallforAfrica goes global, Kobo360 and Sokowatch raise VC, France explains its $76M fund Harley-Davidson to expand EV lineup, may include scooters,

Grand Seiko is an homage to watchmaking’s past

The 1960s were a beautiful time for watches. Horlogy was in its prime and the great names we know and love today – Rolex, Omega, Cartier – were just one of many watchmakers churning out commodity products to a world that needed to tell the time. Their watches – simple, elegant,

Crypto mining giant Bitmain on target for $10B revenue this year

During a gold rush, Silicon Valley’s line is to always invest in picks and shovels instead of mining. Sometimes it pays just to do both.

Target Ignored Signs of Data Breach

puddingebola writes "Target ignored indications from its threat-detection tools that malware had infected its network. From the article, 'Unusually for a retailer, Target was even running its own security operations center in Minneapolis,




北京2014年4月23日电 /美通社/ -- 北京怡和嘉业医疗科技有限公司(以下简称“怡和嘉业”)在此郑重宣布,怡和嘉业已于2013年10月向中国国家知识产权局专利复审委员会(以下简称“专利复审委”),对瑞思迈的涉及面罩和呼吸机的5件发明专利提起了无效程序。

Everything Australians Need to Know About Getting The iPhone 6

SYDNEY — Apple announced the much-anticipated new iPhones on Tuesday, as bleary-eyed Australians tried to fight through their sleepy haze to catch a glimpse.If for some reason you've been stuck under a rock (or a dooner) or just need to know the finer details of getting your goodies Down Under,

Introducing Foodini: The machine that 3D prints your meals

The device works on the same principles as a standard 3D printer but secretes edible ingredients out of stainless steel capsules, with the aim of simplifying complex cooking tasks.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/11/06/introducing-foodini-machine-3d-prints-your-meals/

[组图]男子为避免起夜开灯刺眼 巧手改造浴室地面为“星空”


Amazon rival Jet takes off with nearly 352,000 signups in first 73 days

Jet, the ambitious ecommerce startup created by a former Amazon exec, appears to be taking off with close to 352,000 signups for its Insider program in the company's first 73 days.For comparison's sake,



'The Good Wife' recap: Alicia is 'taxed' as the show tackles euthanasia, racial profiling

"Taxed" might not have been a strong as last week's excellent outing, but it was still an enjoyable, well-paced episodeThe best part was seeing Diane back in court. This is the most active Diane has been all season, and it was great. Meanwhile,

WP运行安卓应用存技术壁垒 PA计划或已搁置

在应用才是王道的移动时代,微软竭尽所能的弥补Windows Store平台和苹果App Store、谷歌Play商城之间的差距。

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