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Apple's 2018 iPhones have a serious naming problem

Let me blow your mind with this rumor: Apple is going to unveil new iPhones in the fall.Yes, that we know. But we also "know" a little more than that. Obviously Apple has so far not said a single word about its 2018 iPhone models, but the rumor mill has been chugging away,

Dolly Parton just absolutely smashed a 'Jolene' version of the distracted boyfriend meme

Dolly Parton just weighed in on the distracted boyfriend meme and, well, she absolutely smashed it. The singer and all-round legend tweeted a meme that pretty much any Dolly fan will instantly understand. SEE ALSO:

Camila Cabello tweeted the best reply to her 2012 self after winning at the VMAs

Ever wondered what you might say to your past self if you had the chance?Well Camila Cabello knows. After winning big at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night — taking home both the Artist of the Year and the Video of the Year awards — she took to Twitter to post a message to her 2012 self.

Get an extra $30 off this drone and take some epic footage above the clouds

If you’ve been looking to get into drones, or just want to add a new one to your fleet, you should take a good hard look at the TRNDlabs Spectre Drone. It’s one of the most powerful drones on the market, boasting a 720p HD 2.

Learn how to boost traffic and increase sales with this $13 Google Adwords course

In Mad Men, businesses flock to Sterling Cooper and Don Draper's advertising prowess to create mind-blowing ads that help sell their products and services. That may have worked well in the 1960s,

How 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' revived our cold, dead hearts

I need to start with a confession: I've never liked rom-coms. Like, not even once.And that comes with a second confession: My distaste for rom-coms goes hand-in-hand with my acceptance that I'll die alone because love is a trap designed to imprison me in a false sense of security,

True rockstars Aerosmith join Post Malone for an electric VMAs performance

It's an unlikely combination, but it definitely makes sense.At the MTV VMAs on Monday, Post Malone ended the ceremony with a performance of his hit "rockstar" alongside 21 Savage. Given the song's title, it was appropriate they both brought out some true stars of rock in Aerosmith,

Madonna's self-indulgent tribute to Aretha Franklin gets criticised by fans

The death of Aretha Franklin still continues to inspire tributes from across the world, and the MTV VMAs are no different.At the ceremony on Monday, Madonna gave a tribute to the Queen of Soul. But fans have complained the speech was more about herself, rather than Franklin.SEE ALSO:

What happens when internet subcultures get discovered by the masses

It’s Viral Market Crash week on Mashable. Join us as we take stock of the viral economy and investigate how the internet morphed from a fun free-for-all to a bleak hellscape we just can’t quit.If we’ve learned anything from the Ken Bones and Chewbacca moms of the internet,

How an average 21-year-old stacks up against Kylie Jenner

How do you even pick a birthday present for someone like Kylie Jenner, who already has almost a billion dollars to her name?Thankfully those outside the Kardashian-Jenner orbit don't have to worry about that. But it's wild to remember that at 21-years-old,

Why 'Fortnite' bypassing Google Play could be a security nightmare

Fortnite, the year’s hottest video game, is finally making its way to Android devices. However, owners of those devices may want to proceed with caution. The game, for now, is available exclusively on Samsung devices through the company’s app store.


如果你看过电影《雨人》和《海洋天堂》,也许会对“自闭症”这种疾病印象深刻。自闭症又称孤独症,这种疾病的患者经常 […]

苹果支持Lightning耳机消息 引发诸多担忧




賀皇冠車系 60 週年 豐田推出兩款限定版






一号店 数据分析总监 王颖祥(@数据海洋:微信号dataplayer):如何成为一名合格的数据分析师;在大数据崛起的时代,数据分析师将是未来十年朝阳职业,也是最有“钱”途的行业并介绍了现在数据分析现状及薪资要远高于IT行业的情况并分享了现在数据分析现实工作情况及面临的处境。

'Brooklyn cool' Hillary Clinton has a campaign HQ

Will she run? While we still don't know the official answer, we at least know where Hillary Clinton will go.Clinton has reportedly signed a lease for a new campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, according to reports in Politico and MSNBC.

Making Big even Better! Samsung 新機試玩派對

相信有留意手機新聞的 Wire 民都會知道 Samsung 將於下星期會在紐約舉行全球發佈會推出幾款新產品,而近日係 Samsung 官方網頁就終於推出了新預告比大家止止渴!

Enchroma 太阳镜是否真的具有矫正色盲的效果?是如何实现的?

稍稍补充一下 @Antediluvian 的回答。之所以会对其原理产生疑问,很大程度上是源于对色盲以及色弱的混淆或误解。简单来说,该眼镜对色弱有效,对色盲无效。

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