All 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are coming to IMAX

Marvel's having a 10th birthday bash, and you're invited.IMAX and Disney have announced that, in a celebration of the franchise's 10th anniversary, all 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are coming to IMAX theaters this Labor Day weekend.Yup, all of them – including,

The bromance is real between 'Spider-Man' stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland

Turns out there's only love between Spider-Man and Mysterio, guys.Jake Gyllenhaal chatted to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Tuesday about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as master of illusion Mysterio in the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home.

'Captain Marvel' first reactions: A fun, '90s adventure with a brilliant Carol Danvers

You may believe the hype.The much-anticipated Captain Marvel had its premiere on Tuesday night, and the first audiences to watch the film have described it as unlike any other MCU film they've seen before, and weirder than you'd expect.SEE ALSO: Who's who in 'Captain Marvel'The main take away?

Pixar short 'Kitbull' will make you cry with its unlikely dog-kitten friendship

Oh, you were having a pretty cry-free day, huh? Hit play on Pixar's newest short and you'll be a puddle of tears.Kitbull, directed by Rosana Sullivan and produced by Kathryn Hendrickson,

Watch someone feed a baby Porg in new Star Wars mixed reality game

Been dreaming of raising your own little Porg family since Star Wars: The Last Jedi?You can soon live like Luke Skywalker on the island of Ahch-To, surrounded by fluffy little Porgs, thanks to a new mixed reality project from Lucasfilm's immersive entertainment division.SEE ALSO:

5 most savage quotes from damning report on the 'digital gangsters' at Facebook

The results of an 18-month investigation into Facebook are out and they're not pretty. The UK Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMS) published a lengthy report filled with harsh words for the social media giant, which is accused of intentionally violating privacy laws.

Netflix's Mötley Crüe biopic digs into the band's debaucherous past

Yep, it's another music biopic.This time, it's not just about any act: It's about Mötley Crüe, one of the most debaucherous rock bands to have ever graced this Earth.The Dirt relives the band's highs and lows, and is based on the similarly-titled book they released in 2001. 

Privacy activists say online ad industry knowingly violated GDPR

Privacy advocates claim that an organization that represents the online ad industry knew they would be violating privacy laws, but did so anyway, in an updated complaint filed against the group as well as Google.On Tuesday,

Apple's 2018 iPhones have a serious naming problem

Let me blow your mind with this rumor: Apple is going to unveil new iPhones in the fall.Yes, that we know. But we also "know" a little more than that. Obviously Apple has so far not said a single word about its 2018 iPhone models, but the rumor mill has been chugging away,

What happens when internet subcultures get discovered by the masses

It’s Viral Market Crash week on Mashable. Join us as we take stock of the viral economy and investigate how the internet morphed from a fun free-for-all to a bleak hellscape we just can’t quit.If we’ve learned anything from the Ken Bones and Chewbacca moms of the internet,

How an average 21-year-old stacks up against Kylie Jenner

How do you even pick a birthday present for someone like Kylie Jenner, who already has almost a billion dollars to her name?Thankfully those outside the Kardashian-Jenner orbit don't have to worry about that. But it's wild to remember that at 21-years-old,

Xbox 上的 Twitch 串流服务已经开始运作了

分类: 游戏产品3 月 11 号除了是 Titanfall 的正式上市日之外,也是 Xbox One 版 Twitch 程序正式支持游戏广播的日子呢。


感谢ZooPDA的投递随着中国智能手机市场竞争的日趋激烈,多个厂商都推出互联网品牌手机冲击电商市场。除了 Nubia 因为全新团队,产品与中兴差异较大外,其他互联网品牌的手机都和原品牌有千丝万缕的联系。



Saying Goodbye To Windows 8

Considering the most recent leaks involving the Charms Bar, desktop improvements and the like, it’s becoming plain that some of what Windows 8 emphasized will be scaled back in Microsoft’s next Windows build. If Windows 8 was a dramatic lurch towards mobile computing, especially on tablets,

'True Detective' Really Needs Ellen Page and Kate Mara

What was HBO thinking not casting Ellen Page and Kate Mara for the second season of True Detective?With yesterday's news of Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell landing the starring roles, which excited nearly no one on the Internet, it's all too easy to wonder what if.See also:

Video shows violent clashes with Berkeley police in Eric Garner protests

Protests over police brutality in Berkeley, California, turned violent over the weekend, and protesters captured police response in a video that was uploaded to YouTube on SundayThe 10-minute video, above,

2014年度全景最佳图片销售排行榜 Top 20


Unity结合Flask实现排行榜功能 - andong777


AngularJS开发指南3:Angular主要组成部分以及如何协同工作 - chaojidan

AngularJS的主要组成部分是:启动(startup)- 展示“hello world!”执行期(runtime)- AngularJS 执行期概览作用域(scope)- 视图和控制器的集合区控制器(controller)- 应用的行为模型(model)- 应用的数据视图(view)- 用户能看...

Overkill 3 is the latest universal app to hit Windows 8.1

Overkill 3 is now available on Windows 8.1 devices and is one of the growing number of universal apps hitting the market in recent months. In a press release sent to WinBeta,

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