Students and mentors: Apply for the all-new TC Include program at Disrupt SF with #BUILTBYGIRLS

We’re going all out for this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt SF (September 5-7), which means more fantastic content, more of the most influential startup and tech leaders and tons of networking. As such,

Equity transcribed: Away’s $1.4B valuation and CrowdStrike’s S-1

Welcome back to another transcribed edition of Equity, the wildly popular TechCrunch podcast that digs deep into the week’s news about … equity. There were no IPOs this week so there was only one episode, but it was jam-packed with news about direct-to-consumer scooters,

Sam Altman’s leap of faith

Earlier this year, founder-investor Sam Altman left his high-profile role as the president of Y Combinator to become the CEO of OpenAI, an AI research center at its outset that founded by some of the most prominent people in the tech industry in late 2015. The idea:

Immigrant founders, smartphone growth, SEO tactics, SoftBank’s financials, and AR tech

How an immigration crackdown is hurting UK startups Our European correspondent Natasha Lomas spent the past few weeks investigating what’s been happening to immigrant founders and tech talent in the UK, who have been receiving more scrutiny from the Home Office in recent months.

Big revenues, huge valuations and major losses: charting the era of the unicorn IPO

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor From lab-grown meat to fermented fungus, here’s what corporate food VCs are serving up A record $2.5B went to US insurance startup deals last year, and big insurers are in all the way We can make charts galore about the tech IPO market.

Original Content podcast: ‘Game of Thrones’ burns it all down

This post and podcast contain spoilers for “Game of Thrones.” Our original co-host Darrell Etherington returns for this week’s Original Content podcast, which is all about “Game of Thrones” — specifically “The Bells, wins the TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech

It’s been a long night at VivaTech. The building hosted a very special competition — the TechCrunch Hackathon in Paris. Hundreds of engineers and designers got together to come up with something cool, something neat, something awesome.

Startups Weekly: There’s an alternative to raising VC and it’s called revenue-based financing

In this week's newsletter: Amazon takes a bite of Deliveroo and Away packs on $100M

Facebook now requiring Pages with large US audiences to go through additional authorization

Facebook today announced it’s implementing a new measure to secure Facebook Pages with large U.S. followings in order to make it harder for people to administer a Page using a “fake or compromised account.” Beginning with those that have large U.S. followings,

Apeel Sciences is combating food waste with plant-derived second peels

In a world bursting with abundances like self-driving cars and robotic personal assistants, you would think that basic needs like sustainable food sourcing and distribution would be a problem of the past. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Offering a white labeled lending service in emerging markets, Mines raises $13 million

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor MallforAfrica goes global, Kobo360 and Sokowatch raise VC, France explains its $76M fund Harley-Davidson to expand EV lineup, may include scooters,

解除咒语的还是咒语,Now Code.org把Flappy Bird改成编程课了

比起跟风而起的各种克隆版Flappy XXX而言,教人们学习编程的非营利组织 Now Code.org的做法简直堪称化腐朽为神奇。


雷锋网前线记者May报道,当地时间11:58(国内时间凌晨 1:58),2014奥斯卡最佳男主角McConaughey Matthew, 马修-麦肯锡现身SXSW!

These Beautiful Maps Show How Similarly City Streets are Arranged

These gloriously rich maps, dripping in trippy neon color, are more insightful than they may first appear—because their hue actually reveal similarities in the way city streets are oriented.Read more...

Graphene: Reversible Method of Magnetic Doping Paves Way For Semiconductor Use

concertina226 writes: A team of physicists at University of California, Riverside have discovered how to induce magnetism in graphene in a way that still preserves the material's electronic properties, which paves the way for graphene to be used as a semiconductor.

解读 Google 如何脱掉“恶人”外衣


'Furious 7' review, 'Furious' version: Please, please let this be the last 'Fast'

"One last ride," Vin Diesel says without irony in Furious 7, which is a bald-faced lie because we know Universal Pictures is going to cause at least three or four more of these atrocious car wrecks, each one cornier and more stupefyingly preposterous than the last.That's too bad, because really,

Fiat enables people to virtually flip a 3,000-pound car using Microsoft Kinect

NEW YORK — Fiat turned to technology to promote its 500X Trekking vehicle at the New York Auto Show on ThursdayThe company collaborated with Icon Interactive to create a giant digital display attached to a Microsoft Kinect,

Women in pro soccer play for love, definitely not money

After the U.S. Women’s National soccer team trounced Japan at this year’s World Cup, the players returned home like conquering heroes. But despite all the media attention and ticker-tape parades, the reality of life for professional female soccer players is far from glamorous.




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