NASA’s Parker Solar Probe launches tonight to “touch the sun”

NASA's ambitious mission to go closer to the Sun than ever before is set to launch in the small hours between Friday and Saturday — at 3:33 AM Eastern from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, to be precise. The Parker Solar Probe, after a handful of gravity assists and preliminary orbits,

Social investment platform eToro acquires smart contract startup Firmo

Social investing and trading platform eToro announced that it has acquired Danish smart contract infrastructure provider Firmo for an undisclosed purchase price. Firmo’s platform enables exchanges to execute smart financial contracts across various assets, including crypto derivatives,

Apple unveils its subscription streaming service, AppleTV+

To close out today’s press event focused on Apple’s service’s business, the company has officially announced its streaming initiative, Apple TV+. CEO Tim Cook said this will be an ad-free subscription service, with everything available for online and offline viewing, across more than 100 countries.

Lidar startup Ouster raises $60 million in production run-up

Ouster has raised $60 million as the San Francisco-based lidar startup opens a new facility that will have the capacity to assemble and ship several thousand sensors a month by the end of 2019. The new factory, which will have a grand opening ceremony March 28,

Apple’s revamped TV app is ready to stream its new shows

Along with the long-awaited introduction of Apple’s TV and movie streaming service, the company also introduced a new Apple TV app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.  The updated design is meant to make it easier to find content, no matter the source – whether that’s Apple’s new TV channels service,

Apple Card will make credit card fraud a lot more difficult

Apple’s new credit card has a curious security feature that will make it much more difficult to carry out credit card fraud. The aptly named Apple Card is a new credit card, built into your iPhone Wallet app, which the company says will help customers live a “healthier” financial lifestyle.

The Apple TV app to launch on smart TVs, Roku, Fire TV and computers

Apple is revamping its Apple TV app with a new offering. But how will you be able to access the service exactly? Apple is launching the Apple TV app on smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio. The Samsung app will land first, and other manufacturers will get the Apple TV app this Spring. […]

Apple Arcade is Apple’s new cross-platform gaming subscription

Apple wants to tilt the balance from ad-laden freemium gaming titles towards all-access ad-free gaming experiences that can be downloaded across platforms on iOS, macOS and tvOS. At the company’s services event this morning, they announced Apple Arcade,

Twitch is closing its Communities

Say goodbye to Twitch’s Communities. The game streaming service says it’s soon killing off this still relatively new addition to its site in favor of implementing a tagging system instead. With the changes,

New material design stores energy like an eagle

Auxetics are materials that store energy internally rather than bulging out. In this way they can store more energy when squeezed or struck and disperse it more regularly. Historically, however, these materials have had sharp corners that could break easily with enough pressure.

What the Facebook Crypto team could build

Facebook is invading the blockchain, but how? Back in May Facebook formed a cryptocurrency team to explore the possibilities, and today it removed a roadblock to revealing its secret plans.



A Map of How Much Better US Air Quality Has Gotten in the Last Decade

You can literally breathe easier now; new imagery from NASA's Aura satellite shows that over the past 10 years, air quality in the U.S. has improved. It's not to say that the environment isn't still generally screwed, but that's great news, especially if you live in or near a city. Read more...


摘要 : O2O模式里,线上营销和线下消费是一个过程里的两个不同阶段,先有线上营销,才有线下消费,没有线上营销,就不会有线下消费。   


如果你现在生活得还算凑合,能养活老婆孩子,能抽起中档烟,隔三岔五喝两顿小酒,那你就别再张罗写什么剧本了。  1、你想白天混点儿工钱,晚上再写剧本捞点儿外块,让自己的生活锦上添花,这基本是不可能的。

文章: Netty系列之Netty百万级推送服务设计要点

移动互联网时代,推送服务成为App应用不可或缺的重要组成部分,推送服务可以提升用户的活跃度和留存率。本文针对Netty的架构特点,介绍下如何使用Netty实现百万级客户端的推送服务。 By 李林锋

What color is this dress: Gold and white or blue and black?

The world has suddenly been divided into two groups: the Blue and Blacks and the Gold and WhitesThe BBs and the GWs are screaming at each other in loungerooms, in offices, in different lighting across the globe. The cause of the great debate? The color of a dress.On Thursday,



客户端GUI程序开发漫谈 - liulun


C# String.jQueryStringFormat("hello $world", new {world="cnblog" }); - JackWang-CUMT




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