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Start winning at SEO with this easy-to-use software

What’s the number one key to business success in the digital world? A spiffy logo? Nope. An in-office frozen yogurt machine? No (but it wouldn’t hurt). Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that it all comes down to a strong online presence.

Kevin Spacey's 'Billionaire Boys Club' opened to $126 — and no, that isn't a typo

Yes, you read that rightBillionaire Boys Club, starring Kevin Spacey, made just $126 at the box office during its opening weekend. The film opened Friday in only 10 theaters in the U.S. Despite its all star cast — including Ansel Elgort, Taron Egerton, Emma Roberts, Jeremy Irvine, Cary Elwes,

Toronto is finally filling this sinkhole because annoyed residents turned it into a tomato garden

Fed up Toronto residents managed to push the city into fixing a sinkhole by passive aggressively planting tomatoes in it. SEE ALSO: I tried the Amazon Plants Store and got covered in wet dirtA huge pothole has marred Poplar Plains Road "for months now," according to CityNews reporter Brandon Rowe.

Jennifer Lopez thinks we need more romantic comedy in our lives

Jennifer Lopez knows what the people want, and what the people want are romantic comedies.On Friday night's Tonight Show, Lopez talked to host Jimmy Fallon about her upcoming film Second Act, in which she stars as a woman who enters the corporate workforce in her forties, per Entertainment Weekly.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra made their engagement official, and people have FEELINGS

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's engagement went Instagram official, and the internet can't handle it.Jonas reportedly popped the question a month ago on Chopra's 36th birthday. The couple didn't make the official announcement until Saturday morning, however,

NASA cameras spot extremely bright meteor streak through the sky over Alabama

Dozens of people in the Southeast U.S. were treated to a special cosmic show in the wee hours of Friday morning.An exceedingly bright fireball meteor streaked above that part of the country at about 1:19 a.m. ET on Friday, and it was caught in the act by NASA's all sky cameras in Alabama. SEE ALSO:

New panda mom doesn't know she has twins thanks to these sneaky zookeepers

Crafty zookeepers are keeping a set of newborn panda twins alive by switching them out every day. Although twins aren't uncommon, when pandas have multiple babies they tend to devote all of their attention to only one of their cubs, leaving the other to starve. SEE ALSO:

Antoni from 'Queer Eye' holding a wombat is the purest thing we've seen this week

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week.Forget for a moment our current government drama, and savor this lovely palette cleanser in the form of Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye holding a wombat. 

What you need to know about NASA's mission to touch the sun

A NASA probe is about to launch on a mission to the sun in the name of protecting the Earth.On Saturday, the space agency's Parker Solar Probe is expected to launch to orbit, beginning its long and winding journey that will eventually allow humanity to touch our nearest star for the first time.

Laptops on sale: Save on Dell, Apple, Lenovo, and more from Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy

It's the freakin' weekend and there are plenty of deals on laptops so you can binge-watch all of your favorite shows in bed before returning to the office on Monday.SEE ALSO: 7 of the best laptops for students heading back to schoolIf you're looking for something simple and reliable,

Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump weigh in as NFL anthem protests continue in preseason

The NFL's 2018 preseason has officially begun and several players are keeping Colin Kaepernick's controversial protests alive.During the National Anthem on Thursday, players at four separate games chose take a knee, raise their fists, or remain in the locker room during the National Anthem,





摩托三星和LG三大手表齐亮相Google I/O大会

安锋网 6 月 26 日消息 在今天的 Google I/O 开发者大会上,三款 Android Wear 系统智能手表齐齐亮相,LG G Watch 和三星的 Gear Live 今天下午可购买,预计 7 月初发货,G Watch 售价 229 美元约合,Gear Live 售价 199 美元。

CSR Asia高峰会的共同价值培训将由Mark Kramer领讲

CSR Asia 高峰会的共同价值(Shared Value) 培训将由Mark Kramer 领讲 香港2014年8月12日电 /美通社/ -- CSR Asia 高峰会是亚洲地区最重要的企业社会责任峰会,届时将有五百名参加者共济一堂,讨论年内的创新成果和最迫切的 CSR 议题及趋势。



Explosion damages restaurant near mosque in eastern France

A blast damaged a restaurant near a mosque in the city of Villefranche-sur-Saone, eastern France on Thursday, French newspaper Le Progres reports. There were no casualtiesAccording to the mayor of Villefranche Bernard Perrut, the explosion happened in front of the restaurant L'Impérial,



500 Startups Adds $5M More To Its 500 Durians Micro Fund For Southeast Asia

There’s good news for startup founders and entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia after 500 Startups increased its $10 million fund for the region by a further $5 million. Read More


产品概况 背景介绍 人人都是产品经理社区是中国最大、最活跃、最具人气产品经理学习、交流、分享平台。成立5年以来 ...

The 140 Direct Message limit on Twitter is dead.

The 140 Direct Message limit on Twitter is dead. You can now send up to 10,000 characters a message on, Tweetdeck, and the iOS and Android apps—part of Twitter’s bid to make its messaging more competitive with Facebook and Google’s offerings. Go forth and DM your friends a novel.

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