Quit single-use plastic for good with this collapsable water bottle that shrinks to fit in your pock

Giving up single-use plastic products like straws and water bottles is an admirable feat, and probably something that a lot more people would do if it was more convenient. As it turns out, it just might be thanks to the Kickstarter project HYDAWAY.

2018 was crypto's year of reckoning, but there's hope ahead

2018 has been a tough year for cryptocurrencies. As I write these lines, the prices of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum are the lowest they've been in over a year. The price decline, which started roughly in January, has been relentless:

Google hits pause on selling facial recognition tech over abuse fears

The ethical dilemma swirling around facial recognition technology has prompted Google to hit pause on selling its own system to the public.On Thursday, Google's Cloud business said it was holding off on offering a facial recognition system for general-purposes, citing the potential for abuse.

2018 is the year mobile gaming started to get serious

While smartphones have been popular gaming platforms for years, they've never really been able to directly compete with modern computers and consoles. Until 2018.As smartphone hardware keeps getting better and better, the technological gap between phones and consoles grows thinner and thinner.

Remember Apple Music Connect? Well, Apple's killing it.

For Apple, music and social just don't mix. According to 9to5Mac, the company is quietly killing the social component of its Apple Music service, Connect. SEE ALSO:

Kensington Palace released the royal Christmas cards and we'll be staring at them all day

The holiday season has arrived, which means we get another tiny glimpse into the lives of our favorite royal families.On Friday, Kensington Palace's social media accounts released the photo for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's 2018 family Christmas card,

The most popular dog names of 2018 are, as predicted, very adorbs

The annual list from Rover.com included research into its database of over a million dogs. Read more...More about List, Dogs, Mashable Video, Popular, and Names

Kit Harrington gives off goofy Jon Snow vibes in this adorable "How to Train You Dragon" spoof

Kit Harington may have moved on from one major franchise to another, but he just brought them together in a pretty adorable spoof.Harington did a fake audition for an "Untitled Fantasy TV Drama" along with his How to Train Your Dragon co-star Toothless.

Could this weird $12 gadget be the cure for snoring?

Chances are, you've encountered an awful snorer at some point in your life. Maybe it was that person you sat next to on a trans-Atlantic flight. Maybe it was your old college roommate. Maybe it's your partner. Who knows? Maybe it's you.

Start winning at SEO with this easy-to-use software

What’s the number one key to business success in the digital world? A spiffy logo? Nope. An in-office frozen yogurt machine? No (but it wouldn’t hurt). Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that it all comes down to a strong online presence.

What you need to know about NASA's mission to touch the sun

A NASA probe is about to launch on a mission to the sun in the name of protecting the Earth.On Saturday, the space agency's Parker Solar Probe is expected to launch to orbit, beginning its long and winding journey that will eventually allow humanity to touch our nearest star for the first time.

[组图]Lightie太阳能照明灯:小小塑料瓶 照亮大梦想

南非设计师兼社会企业家Michael Suttner最近公布了一个名叫Lightie的太阳能照明灯的项目。该装置可以塞入一个标准大小的汽水瓶中,以便取代危险的明火,成为棚户区和贫民窟居住者们的照明替代品。

使用Etag增强iOS的URL缓存功能 - iOS移动开发周报

本期iOS移动开发周报带来如下内容:SDWebImage缓存图片的机制、使用Etag增强iOS的URL缓存功能、从Facebook看移动开发的发展、FuzzyAutocomplete插件等。 By 唐巧

英国科学家计划在火星种菜 或将于2018年展开



今天,世纪互联全资子公司上海蓝云网络科技有限公司(以下简称蓝云)携手众多全球解决方案供应商,将首批4种典型应用 […]





[组图]Office UI Fabric:不仅仅用于为Office打造附加组件

微软Office团队在8月底的时候向外界免费发布了“Office UI Fabric”,以便开发者能够轻松创建采用Office设计语言和风格的各种Web、移动、以及桌面端应用程序。

Nikola Motor Company unveils its electric (mostly) truck

It’s been a big month for trucking innovations. In addition to Otto’s autonomous truck announcement, there’s the unveiling of Nikola Motor Company’s electric long-haul rig concept. The Nikola One, as it’s called, has “6×6 all-wheel drive,

The Internet can't stop making jokes about that moth that dive-bombed Ronaldo's face

LONDON — After a moth brutally dive-bombed Ronaldo's face during Sunday night's Euro 2016 final, the Internet reacted in the only way the Internet knows how: with a glorious tirade of never-ending, insect-themed jokes.SEE ALSO:

India’s Rentmojo, which rents out home appliances and furniture, raises $5M

Rentomojo, a startup pioneering an interesting alternative for furnishing homes in India, has landed $5 million in fresh financing to further scale its business. The money was provided by Accel and IDG Ventures, and it follows a $2 million raise last November from the same investors. Read More

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