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This smartwatch might be Samsung's best wearable yet - Power Up

The Samsung Galaxy Watch may resemble a traditional timepiece, but what lies inside is anything but traditional. The new smartwatch doubles down on trackers for sleep, fitness and stress, while keeping old Samsung Watch favorites like the rotating bezel. There are still some kinks to work out,

Adobe finally has a full version of Photoshop for the iPad

Adobe has finally delivered what many photographers and artists have wanted for years.The company is releasing a full-featured version of Photoshop that can run on Apple’s iPads. The software, which has been rumored for some time, will be available in 2019. SEE ALSO:

Why the next royal baby might not be a Prince or Princess

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced that they'll be welcoming their first child in spring 2019.But the latest addition to the royal family might not be a Prince or Princess. SEE ALSO:

Boston Dynamics 'parkour' robot took more than 20 attempts to nail it

Boston Dynamics have released another impressive robot video. This time it's the humanoid Atlas attempting 'parkour'. But before you freak out in awe, Boston Dynamics have cautioned that it took 20 attempts to get it right. The big robot takeover will just have to wait.   Read more...

Shop this Gryphon wireless router sale

Home is where the WiFi is. And when there's WiFi, there's a wireless router.You never really think about your router unless your connection becomes unbearably spotty. In which case,

Gain access to millions of books, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers for an entire year

We're living in the age of digital subscriptions. But between Netflix, Audible, Kindle, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and a host of other services you're currently paying recurring fees to, you might be draining your checking account more than you think. On top of that,

Harry and Meghan are expecting a baby and yes we are screaming right now

You can always rely on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to bring out some good news when everything else is burning down around us. And they've gone and done exactly that. This morning the royal couple announced on Twitter that they're expecting a baby in spring 2019. SEE ALSO:

Lena Waithe buzzed off her hair, and it's for the best reason

Hair is personal, political, and a pain in the ass.Lena Waithe, Mattress of None writer and queer icon understands this well. The actress recently revealed to Variety the reason why she buzzed her hair, despite what it supposedly says about her femininity.SEE ALSO:

'Downward Dog' is the TV equivalent of an emotional support animal

If 2018 has shown us anything definitive, it is that human beings are garbage. Dogs, on the other hand, remain literal angels whom we do not deserve.Case in point: Last year, ABC had in its hands one of the purest, most hysterical, most heartwarming comedies on television.

6 apps to hide your secret nude photos

Anyone who's tried online dating has this recurring nightmare: you show your friend/mom/Lyft driver a nice photo on your phone — a picture of your dog at the beach, or the overpriced avocado toast you had for brunch — and then they start swiping. Suddenly,



微软智能手表又曝新料 或将搭载血糖监测仪

威智网 7 月 16 日消息,根据外媒 Neowin 最新报道称,微软即将推出的以健身为重点的可穿戴智能手表(腕带)将会搭载血糖监测仪和紫外线(UV)传感器,这一硬件配置将使该设备成为可以和苹果 iWatch 技术比肩的可穿戴产品。  


威锋网讯,苹果是一颗大树,一些从树枝中走出的前苹果员工纷纷都创建了属于自己的公司,并取得了成功。今天外媒就从中选出了 10 个成功的例子和大家一起分享。

Dojo App Offers A Highly Curated Guide To Days And Nights Out In London

When Robin Shimmin (CEO), Nicholas Dart (CTO) and Devran Karaca (COO) quit their well-paid day jobs — at Lotus F1, Deutsche Bank and Ernst & Young, respectively — to found Dojo, they had one thing on their mind: to solve the problem of finding something to do in London,

Juniper Research:预计2017年全球移动商务交易用户达20亿


Watch Expedition 42/43 Blast Off to ISS Today at 4PM EST [Updated]

The second phase of Expedition 42 will launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome via Soyuz rocket (above) today at 4:01PM EST. Carrying three astronauts from ESA, NASA, and the Russian Federal Space Agency, the rocket will then rendezvous with the International Space Station about six hours later.

加码“参与感” 九阳启动首届大型粉丝节

杭州2015年1月25日电 /美通社/ -- 受到小米粉丝营销带来的冲击之后,几乎所有的传统企业都把目光投向了粉丝。要拥抱互联网,如何培养粉丝,如何粘合粉丝,传统企业一直在探索门道。

Visa plans to use smartphone tracking to prevent credit card fraud

Visa wants to put an end to those annoying calls you sometimes get from your bank when buying things far from home.

Messaging App Firm Line Launches Paid-For Music Streaming Service In Japan

Messaging app Line began testing music streaming when it launched a $2 per month service in Thailand in May, and today it has introduced a larger service in its native Japan. Read More


香港素有美食天堂的美譽,但講到「搵食」你會參考網站食評、報紙雜誌,還是電視 節目的介紹呢?出外旅遊公幹的話,TripAdvisor 網站相信是不少旅遊愛好者的心水,根據網民的評分「搵食」以為好穩陣,原來可以好搵笨!

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