The World Cup Finals: It All Comes Down to This

And so, we reach the end of the World Cup.It's Germany and Argentina for the Cup — a final matchup many saw coming, but one with rich story lines waiting to play out. Will Germany's young squad, which exploded onto the international stage in the 2010 World Cup, prove how much they've grown?

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World Cup Final: Live Updates on Germany vs. Argentina

This is it, baby: The 2014 World Cup final. Germany vs. Argentina from Rio de Janeiro's legendary Maracana stadium. Eternal glory awaits the winner; massive disappointment awaits the loserCan Germany complete what's felt since 2010 like an inevitable march toward its fourth World Cup title?

World Cup Weekend: As Titans Fall, Will Germany, Argentina Stand Tall?

Giants are falling, people.Costa Rica upset Italy Friday, earning a spot in the knockout round,

'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' Tweets Soar to 33,000 Since World Cup Final

World Cup fans wasted no time hurling jokes and supportive puns on Twitter after Argentina lost Sunday's lengthy final game to Germany, 1-0Among those puns was "Don't Cry for Me Argentina,

The World Cup Finals: It All Comes Down to This

And so, we reach the end of the World Cup.It's Germany and Argentina for the Cup — a final matchup many saw coming, but one with rich story lines waiting to play out. Will Germany's young squad, which exploded onto the international stage in the 2010 World Cup, prove how much they've grown?

World Cup Preview: Brazil Takes on Germany Without Its Star Defender

Almost a month of World Cup soccer action later, and we have a final four: Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands and Argentina.With the July 13 final only days away, Germany and Brazil will take the pitch on Tuesday to find out who will live on, and make a last run for the famous cup.

Why the 2014 World Cup Final Must Redeem the Disgrace of 1990

Picture the worst soccer match you've ever seen. Make it more boring than Wednesday's Argentina-Netherlands semi-final clash,

Argentina vs. Netherlands: Live Updates on World Cup Semifinal Showdown

You're probably still in shock after Brazil's utter humiliation by Germany on Tuesday, but the World Cup's second semifinal kicks off Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET, and it looks to be a doozy: Argentina vs.

Halftime Pledges and Anus Injuries: Your World Cup Thursday Roundup

Over the past two days, a historic blowout and a nerve-wracking grinder of a game finally gave us a World Cup final that promises to be epic:

World Cup Win Makes Germany Uber Happy

Don't cry for Argentina (Messi's got that covered), celebrate for Germany on their fourth World Cup titleThe German machine didn't exactly dominate against Argentina in Sunday's final match — it was a tough run into overtime, when a goal by Mario Goetze solidified the team's hard-earned victory.

PSA Fail: Kid's Gambling Dad Gets Rich Betting on Germany World Cup Win

You could say Singapore's National Council on Problem Gambling made a bad bet by choosing Germany as the crux of an anti-gambling PSA that hit YouTube one week before the World Cup finalEmbedded above, the spot tells the story of five young boys sitting around a picnic table,

Facebook takes down network linked to Roger Stone, Proud Boys for ‘inauthentic behavior’

Facebook routinely bans profiles and pages from its platform for trying to cheat the system and fake engagement or mislead users.But it’s not everyday that one of those networks is run by President Donald Trump’s former associate, Roger Stone.In a post on its website today,

Earth won't immediately cool off if we slash emissions

The amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit a record high in May. That's because humanity kept emitting a prodigious amount of carbon, even through the worst pandemic in a century. But if civilization does begin to significantly cut emissions,

9 excellent recent novels to read this month

Summer is in full swing, and while plenty of things are looking different these days, one that hasn't is the joy of a good book. You may not be reading it on the subway or a beach like normal, but the pleasure of drifting somewhere else still holds strong appeal,

This company wants to make edible insects the future of food — Future Blink

Beobia's goal is to produce and consume sustainable food without compromising the planet. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Food And Drink, Sustainability, Eco Friendly, and Future Blink

The legal cannabis industry must reckon with systemic racism

The legal and medical cannabis industry has long been complicit in the systemic oppression of Black people. As Black Lives Matter protests continue around the country, activists, doctors, and entrepreneurs are calling for those in cannabis to dismantle the systemic racism the industry is built on.

Sony made a wearable air conditioner that fits in your pocket — Future Blink

The Reon Pocket uses thermoelectric cooling and claims to cool your body by up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Read more...More about Tech, Sony, Mashable Video, Summer, and Future Blink

Step into Pompeii's final hours at Grand Palais exhibit – Future Blink

A new exhibition at Paris' Grand Palais puts visitors in Pompeii just hours before Vesuvius’ eruption. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Paris, Grand Palais, Pompeii, and Vesuvius

Chrome Extension Plays Clown Music When You Read About Rob Ford

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have a reputation for bringing "his circus" wherever he goes, but in case you forgot just how ridiculous the city's top official is, there's a tool to help remind Google Chrome users.

5 Ways to Showcase Your Freelance Graphic Design Work

When it comes to finding clients, creative professionals live by the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Designers face a unique challenge:

5 Can't-Miss Apps: Athla Velocity and More

With the last few matches of the World Cup wrapping up, and the final game right around the corner, you may have overlooked some of this week's best new apps.Luckily, Mashable creates a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps, so you won't miss out.See also:

Real NASA Pics That Look Like Stills From Gravity

Nope, you're not looking at stills from the Oscar-nominated film Gravity. They're all real photos, straight from NASA, and they were all shot in space. Read more...    

Android Wear手表也能成为智能家居控制中心

安锋网 7 月 7 日消息,在前不久的 Google I/O 2014 大会上谷歌正式发布了 Android Wear,谷歌也正式的向开发者公布了 Android Wear 的 SDK。近日就有开发者成功的将 Android Wear 手表变身“操控智能家居器”。




苹果用 Healthkit 描绘了未来医疗的宏大愿景,现在它终于要用于临床试验了今年 WWDC 上,集成在 iOS 8 中的 HealthKit 无疑是一大亮点,苹果用它描绘了一幅无比美好的未来医疗场景:未来会有好几千个第三方健康与保健软件应用、医疗设备在收集用户的健康数据,而苹果则尝试将来自不同源的健康数据进行整合,以统一的形式呈现给用户,同时还要帮助医疗工作者使用这些数据,更好地监测病人状况,提升诊断与治疗决策的质量。

Sql Server 存储过程删除一个表里(除ID外)完全重复的数据记录--Leawee - Leawee

1 CREATE PROCEDURE P_DeleteSameData 2 ( 3 @table nvarchar(50),--表名 4 @columns nvarchar(200)--列名,格式形如:Id,Name,Age 5 ) 6 AS 7 BEGIN 8 BEGIN...

YC掌门人Sam Altman的“反泡沫论”:来一场10万美金的赌局吧

有关科技泡沫,我们已经在之前发布了很多篇来自美国知名投资人的警告,其中有 Bill Gurley、 Mark Cuban、Albert Wenger等等。

Scientists Finally Created a White Laser—and It Could Light Your Home

Lasers have been advancing science and threatening move characters since the 1960s, but you may have noticed they always have a distinct color. Now, a team of scientists has developed the world’s first white laser.Read more...

阿里巴巴收购 365 翻译,将打造破除语言障碍的基础设施服务

近日阿里巴巴正式宣布收购翻译服务平台 365 翻译及并行的众包翻译平台做到!,前者连接客户和供应商,后者则为项目提供众包翻译的解决方案。

All this week’s Xbox news recapped

The latest episode of the official This Week On Xbox video series has gone live and can now be viewed either via the embedded YouTube video below or on an Xbox One console. The...The post All this week’s Xbox news recapped appeared first on WinBeta.

Das Keyboard 推出游戏键鼠产品线

Das Keyboard 生产的超重型机械键盘深受程序员的喜爱,该品牌现在为游戏玩家推出了一个叫作 Division Zero 的新键鼠产品线。其中的新款 X40 键盘配备了金属材质的上盖面板、LED 背光键帽以及新的黄金触点设计。X40 的上盖面板可以进行拆卸和更换,全键无冲让玩家能够在游戏中尽情厮杀。… Read More

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