PC sales help Lenovo results beat expectations

Lenovo's new Intelligent Devices Group helped drive strong first quarter results.

This Week in PC Hardware: The future of processor, graphics, and hard drive technology

It’s another week in PC hardware, where we recap some of the biggest hardware announcements of the week. In the past seven days, we’ve gotten a peek at the future of the processor, the state of the graphics card market since AMD shook it up last week,

Google launches hybrid cloud beta

Google reveals more on the hybrid Cloud Services Platform it introduced late last year at Google Cloud Next?

Major Wordpress security flaw discovered

Vulnerability went unpatched for six years, meaning many websites may have been affected.

Microsoft launches new Windows 10 Office app

New tool is designed to replace the 'My Office' app currently on offer.

5G can solve worldwide 4G congestion

4G speeds drop significantly during peak hours, research shows.

Increase the ROI 10x faster with these personalised app marketing strategies

Below are eight personalised app marketing strategies to help you increase the ROI 10x faster.

How UK's exit from the EU will impact upon HR practices for tech companies

So just what do HR teams need to consider both in the event of a deal and also in the event of a No Deal exit from the EU?

Data security will continue to be a big deal in 2019 - Here’s what you can do to protect your data n

When applied to protecting against internal threats, employee monitoring software can be a highly effective tool for protecting customer data. Here’s how:

The future of data has higher stakes than Brexit

In today's digital world, data has become the new oil and protecting it is a top priority for businesses and governments.

How technology is disrupting education and recruitment in finance

Technology is bridging the gap between what students learn in the classroom and what happens in the office.

Microsoft gifts OneDrive with new backup features

OneDrive can now keep your important files synced on the cloud.

This Device Records The Music Made By Flapping Insect Wings

Bzzz. Bzzzzzzz. Bzzzz. That's the sound of a house fly slowly driving you insane, but it's music to the ears of a team of computer scientists and entomologists at UC Riverside.

'Divergent' Behind-the-Scenes: Director Explains 8 Concept Images, Set Photos

It's almost not fair that while other studios' young-adult adaptations crash and burn around them, Lionsgate/Summit keeps cranking out hits.No one was sure whether Divergent, the combined studios' follow-up to The Twilight Saga and blue-chip franchise The Hunger Games,






12月4日,据《今日美国》(USA Today)报道,谷歌公司打算推出旗下最受欢迎的几款产品的儿童版本。《今日美国》引用谷歌公司工程部副总裁Pavni Diwanji的话说,谷歌此举是“为了使儿童享受到既有趣又安全的谷歌产品”。

Online petition urges Facebook to remove 'fat' emoji from status updates

A group of body-image activists are circulating an online petition that asks Facebook to remove a "feeling fat" status and emoji from status-update options.The Change.org petition has amassed more than 14,000 signatures so far,

有新鍵盤介面!iPad Pro 螢幕解像度或高達 2732 x 2048

最近有開發人員卻發現 iOS 9 的源代碼內似乎暗藏了不少資訊,而當中更顯示 iPad Pro 的螢幕解像度可能會達到 2,732 x 2,048。The post 有新鍵盤介面!iPad Pro 螢幕解像度或高達 2732 x 2048 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

A $750 Pill And Its Brash Owner Get Competition — And It Costs $1

Turing Pharmaceuticals, a months-old biotech startup that is largely financed by its 32-year-old founder and CEO Martin Shkreli, sparked widespread outrage last month. The reason:

Alton Brown's Cookbook "For the Instagram Crowd" Will Be Photographed Exclusively With an iPhone

One might argue that perpetually documenting our meals with our handy camera phones has changed our relationship with eating. Now insufferable food personality Alton Brown is working on a new cookbook that will have only iPhone photography, in a crass attempt to capitalize on that trend. Yum?


BI 中文站 5 月 9 日报道  特斯拉在上周三发布的最新财报有两个要点,这两个要点似乎相互矛盾。  第一个要点是该公司的 Model X SUV 汽车的生产已落后于计划,它的亏损额正在扩大,两名重要的生产高管已离职 ... ...

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