Forging a competitive advantage in the analytics economy

Machine data analytics is predicted to play an increasingly pivotal role in business strategy.

Fujitsu supercharges healthcare AI

New text mining system will cut down on processing and wait times.

Amazon hiring 2,000 more UK workers

Among the 2,000 new workers the tech and retail giant is looking for, are engineers, software developers, as well as data scientists.

Top technological trends for 2019 and beyond

As an entrepreneur or an established businessman, you need to broaden your thinking, explore technologies and implement the ones that will aid the growth of your business even further.

Broadcom reportedly in talks to buy Symantec

The deal could be worth $15 billion.

Kaspersky tracks down major new ransomware

This one is different, and more dangerous.

How messaging apps are raising the stakes with slack

Enterprise communication expert, Praveen Kandyadi, shares his insights on best practices messaging apps need to implement in order to beat the biggest player in the market.

Connected cars and the future of transport

Q&A with Ankur Bhan, head of WING business at Nokia.

How hackers targeted bank customers in Brazil

Recently, Radware’s Threat Research Centre identified a hijacking campaign aimed at Brazilian Bank customers through their IoT devices, attempting to gain their bank credentials.

PC sales help Lenovo results beat expectations

Lenovo's new Intelligent Devices Group helped drive strong first quarter results.

The future of data has higher stakes than Brexit

In today's digital world, data has become the new oil and protecting it is a top priority for businesses and governments.

美国自由艺术家Cathy Johnson的手绘本





苹果试图用自家的智能设备向用户提供全方位的使用体验,办公室里工作用Mac,在家里休闲用iPad和Apple TV,贴身智能设备就是iPhone了。被全方位包围了?不然。有一个重要场景被忽略了。


当参加演唱会时候歌手往往会要求粉丝挥动手机来营造火爆热闹的气氛,最近电子乐团Booka Shade在举办演唱会的时候将这种互动推向新的高潮,当演唱会开始之后乐迷通过手机中的定制应用将声音和灯光进行同步,现场600人同时挥动手中的手机形成的声音和灯光效果将演唱会中的互动发挥到了极致。

数学图形之Breather surface - 叶飞影

这是一种挺漂亮的曲面图形,可惜没有找到太多的相关解释.Indifferential equations, abreather surfaceis a mathematical surface relating tobreathers.其数学公式很复杂,参数方程为:where 0


大数据的定义与特征         大数据(big data)是这样的数据集合:数据量增长速度极快,用常规的数据工具无法在一定的时间内进行采集、处理、存储和计算的数据集合。

Mad race driver drifting near a cliff on a mountain pass

Witness professional driver Fredric Aasbø drifting on a Norwegian mountain pass on his 800hp 2JZ Speedhunters Toyota 86-X. It made me feel a knot in the stomach.Read more...


导读:从2000年回国,这15年来时时都处在风口中,吹得我难受,各种各样的机会。让我焦虑的是什么能够不做,而不 […]


智能联网、移动应用、云端技术三箭齐发 台北--(美国商业资讯)--由外贸协会及台北市计算机公会共同主办的全球ICT产业年度盛会“台北国际电脑展” (COMPUTEX TAIPEI)将于明日6月2日登场,一连展出5天。

Hundreds run naked into the ocean to celebrate the winter solstice

You've gotta make the most of the shortest day of the year in Australia — so why not take your clothes off and go for a nudie run?That is what a bunch of brave souls in Tasmania did on Monday, June 22, to celebrate the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

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