How can startups harness the power of IoT

As more and more companies begin to effectively adopt IoT technology, young startups and SMEs cannot risk overlooking the benefits on offer. Doing so will put them a step behind their competitors.

Why It's Often Easier To Innovate In China Than In The United States

About a year and a half ago, I discovered this $12 “Gongkai” cell phone (pictured above) in the markets of Shenzhen, China. My most striking impression was that Chinese entrepreneurs had relatively unfettered access to cutting-edge technology, enabling start-ups to innovate while bootstrapping.

BYOD posing major mobile security risks

More and more organisations are allowing employees to bring their own devices for work.

BlackBerry seals $1.4bn Cylance deal

Software giant adds AI cyber security tools to its portfolio.

Major SMS leak exposed millions of messages

Two-factor authentication codes were also exposed in Voxox leak.

Kid-focused smartwatches can be hacked to track location

Report uncovers worrying security flaws in popular products.

Why employee engagement matters in digital transformation

Neil Harvey, CTO at Kirona, discusses how employee-buy in can motivate workforces and drive successful digital transformation projects.

Personal cyberattacks becoming more common

Hackers are pushing bots aside as they roll up their sleeves.

Winning customer trust for physical security-as-a-service

Rodrigue Zbinden, CEO at Morphean, discusses the security and intelligence benefits of Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).

Amazon considers move into UK financial services

US e-commerce giant reportedly in talks with insurance companies to launch its own price comparison site in the UK.

Forging a competitive advantage in the analytics economy

Machine data analytics is predicted to play an increasingly pivotal role in business strategy.

How hackers targeted bank customers in Brazil

Recently, Radware’s Threat Research Centre identified a hijacking campaign aimed at Brazilian Bank customers through their IoT devices, attempting to gain their bank credentials.





Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a beautiful device, but pricing is disappointing

The freshly revealed Surface Pro 3 might be a lovely piece of hardware, but Microsoft has lost the plot in terms of the price tag.Read more:


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IntelliJ IDEA常见问题 - liupengcheng

转载自 IntelliJ IDEA常见问题 提高性能禁用 拼写检查 spelling = settings - project - inspections - spelling - ty...


這隻可愛的小貓絕不是普通的貓貓。Nemuriale 外型像一隻俄羅斯藍色毛絨貓公仔,但其實內有電子儀器助你入眠..The post 「助眠」電子貓貓模擬媽媽心跳。不再數綿羊 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

Windows 10 :微软的战略、梦想和挑战

Windows 10将是微软新任CEO纳德拉(Satya Nadella)上任以来的最大挑战。 上任近一年时间 […]


FDA批准首个细胞周期蛋白依赖性激酶4/6(CDK4/6)抑制剂 现在IBRANCE可以与来曲唑联合应用作为治疗ER阳性/HER2阴性绝经后 转移性乳腺癌的一线治疗 纽约2015年2月5日电 /美通社/ -- 辉瑞公司日前宣布美国食品与药品管理局(FDA)已经加速批准了IBRANCE® (palbociclib)联合来曲唑作为内分泌治疗为基础的初始方案用于治疗ER+/HER2-绝经后晚期乳腺癌。

WiFi速度测试中iPhone 6 Plus不敌Galaxy S6 Edge

作为目前市面上能够买到的最热门旗舰机型--Galaxy S6和iPhone 6,在此前的评测中已经涵盖了处理性能、相机和跌落,而今天YouTube视频主Adrian Isen则对这四款旗舰的的网络速度进行了测试。

Study Suggests Uber Reduces DUI Deaths

You can have your own argument about Uber’s value as an industry-changing technology (just please don’t torch anyone’s car in the process). But one recent study looked at a particular effect of Uber: namely, when it started in California, did it reduce drinking and driving deaths? Read more.

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