Thousands of smart homes and businesses at risk of data breach

Cybercriminals can abuse MQTT servers to gain access to smart homes.

Smart Building Technologies Could Expose Companies To A New Breed Of Cyber Attack

Last month major corporations and household names such as Evernote, TweetDeck and Feedly were held ransom by Internet hackers. Many found this concerning, but even more serious is that some businesses may not realize how highly vulnerable they are to such an attack.

Professor Kevin Fu Answers Your Questions About Medical Device Security

Almost a year ago you had a chance to ask professor Kevin Fu about medical device security. A number of events (including the collapse of his house) conspired to delay the answering of those questions. Professor Fu has finally found respite from calamity,

The Creepy New Security Credit Score for Spotting "Insider Threats"

Almost two years after Edward Snowden climbed the world stage, the intelligence community is just now putting the finishing touches on a computer-driven system for catching insider threats– one that promises not just to detect future Snowdens and Mannings in the act,

De-risking digital transformation

Businesses that protect against vulnerabilities and secure their data are more likely to have a successful digital transformation.

IBM launches AI bias tool

The firm's new tool can analyse how and why algorithms make decisions in real time.

A vision of workforce enablement

By using innovative technology and the latest insights, your business can improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

The best Usenet providers

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when looking at binary newsgroups is finding a provider with fast servers who keeps copies of binary files uploaded to Usenet for as long as possible (retention period).

ISVs help elevate today’s enterprise apps

Independent software vendors can aid businesses in re-building their apps and preparing them for the digital economy.

Microsoft launches Hololens to businesses

New HoloLens applications should help bring the device into the office.

Three technologies transforming the legal field

Embracing new technologies can help law firms gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

How can startups harness the power of IoT

As more and more companies begin to effectively adopt IoT technology, young startups and SMEs cannot risk overlooking the benefits on offer. Doing so will put them a step behind their competitors.

Amazon considers move into UK financial services

US e-commerce giant reportedly in talks with insurance companies to launch its own price comparison site in the UK.

Forging a competitive advantage in the analytics economy

Machine data analytics is predicted to play an increasingly pivotal role in business strategy.


如果你想找一件相当与众不同的西装,那么清凉又护体的Diamond Armor,绝对会是一个好选择。当然,这套由SuitArt开发的“钻石护甲”,其售价也相当不菲——320万美元的标价,让它轻轻松松地就成为了世界上最贵的定制西装。

Magic Vuvuzela Is World's Most Annoying Way to Change Channels

You probably haven't thought much about vuvuzelas in the last four years. Back in 2010, these South African plastic horns made headlines when they became an annoying distraction during the World CupNow, the World Cup is back — and so are vuvuzelas. At least, one media company,



iTools 林凌:5100万 iPhone 用户等你来合作

上海2014年5月28日电 /美通社/ -- 5月25日,2014年第4期“GAMELOOK游戏开放日”在广州召开,此次活动由37手游、iTools 倾力赞助支持。(原文可在 阅读。

Google Hires 'Project Zero' Hackers to Debug the Internet

Google has hired a team of hackers to sniff out some of the biggest bug's lurking within the Internet as a part of a new project it calls "Project Zero."The Project Zero team aims to reduce the number of people affected by targeted attacks and stop bugs like Heartbleed early on.

C# 关于Try/Catch对系统性能影响的总结 - 雲霏霏



小编导读:《未来是湿的》,《认知盈余》京东上已经要2-6天才能发货了!不过能被马总推荐的书,让小编膜拜一下吧! […]

Shell invests $53m in solar power ... to increase oil production

In what seems like a somewhat contradictory move, the Dutch firm has announced it is developing solar equipment in order to recover heavy crude oil more easily and more cheaply.Read more:

黑胶唱片供不应求 今年增长五成




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