Global unicorn exits hit multi-year high in 2018

Unicorn exits are taking flight. With the IPO window wide open, an apparent record number of venture-backed companies privately valued over $1 billion have launched public offerings this year.

Cassette decks from Crosley take aim at tape-hoarding nostalgia-seekers

Crosley, makers of the "good enough" record players you see in Urban Outfitters and Target, have turned their retro novelty eye on the next obvious format: cassettes. These two new decks from the company have all the latest features from 1985, but also a handful of modern conveniences.

Overnight success now requires a little more time

Building a great consumer company is harder these days. Try anyway.

FCC approval of Europe’s Galileo satellite signals may give your phone’s GPS a boost

The FCC's space-focused meeting today had actions taken on SpaceX satellites and orbital debris reduction, but the decision most likely to affect users has to do with Galileo. No, not the astronomer — the global positioning satellite constellation put in place by the E.U. over the last few years.

Tesla acquires trucking companies to squeeze in more deliveries before Dec. 31

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Thursday that the electric automaker had acquired “trucking capacity,” a move aimed to boost deliveries of its Model 3 vehicles before the federal tax credit begins to wind down Dec. 31. Musk at first didn’t explain what “acquired trucking capacity” meant.

Uber joins Linux Foundation cementing commitment to open source tools

Uber announced today at the 2018 Uber Open Summit that it was joining the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member, making a firm commitment to using and contributing to open source tools.

Apple partners with A24, the studio behind ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Hereditary’

Apple has signed a multi-year agreement with A24, which will see the film studio producing multiple movies for Apple. Not much else is known about the deal yet — not the number of films, their genres or the talent involved. Still,

Facebook changes algorithm to demote “borderline content” that almost violates its policy

Facebook has changed its News Feed algorithm to demote content that comes close to violating its policies prohibiting misinformation, hate speech, violence, bullying, clickbait so it’s seen by fewer people even it’s highly engaging. In a 5000-word letter by Mark Zuckerberg published today,

Gaming in Asia may be crypto’s killer dApp

As money and talent flows into the crypto and blockchain worlds, a persistent question keeps coming up: what is going to be the “killer app” that drives adoption for these nascent technologies? The answer may well be quite simple: gaming in Asia. That’s the theory for Cryptokitties,

Only 48 hours left: Apply to Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Berlin

The action you take within the next 48 hours could change your life. That’s how much time you have left to apply to TechCrunch Startup Battlefield, our world-renowned pitch competition, which takes place at Disrupt Berlin 2018 on November 29-30.

The overlooked opportunity in tackling public finance

If you’re a certain age, it’s likely that you’ve never given a second thought to buying a municipal bond or the process of bond buying, even if you’ve intuited, rightly, that’s it’s an intentionally opaque business. Yet there could be a big opportunity for startups,

VS2013迎来Bing Code Search扩展 支持StackOverflow和MSDN

今天,微软为Visual Studio 2013开发者社区带来了一个名为“Bing Code Search”(必应代码搜索)的新扩展。本质上来说,它允许任何经验水平的程序员,从相关的代码仓库中查找示例,包括MSDN、StackOverflow、Donnetperls、以及CSharp411。    

10,000 Falling Dominoes That Actually Work As a Simple Computer

YouTube is chock full of falling domino videos, but Numberphile's Matt Parker may have trumped them all with a complicated 10,000 domino setup that just so happens to function as a very crude computer. How is such a thing even possible? This primer video explains the basics.Read more...

Hewlett-Packard Admits To International Bribery and Money Laundering Schemes

First time accepted submitter CP (1315157) writes "Hewlett-Packard has admitted to [bribery and money laundering] in order to profiteer off of lucrative government contracts in Russia, Poland, and Mexico, according to court documents.

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HTC拍照旗舰HTC Eye国行亮相

HTC即将于10月8日在纽约举行“双重曝光”发布会,推出一款主打自拍的手机HTC Eye,而目前,该机的行货版本已经获得工信部的入网许可证。行货版HTC Eye型号为M8Ew,支持中移动和中联通双4G网络。




东东推荐:产品经理工作很多时候是比较杂的,要处理各种各样的突发状况,这需要产品经理做好时间管理,也要调整自身, […]

[观点]如果这个世界没有苹果 将会是怎样?

几天前我们讨论过一个话题:“如果这个世界没有Android 将会是怎样?”不可否认 Android 的诞生给我们的生活带来了极大的便利,也带来了更多的选择。


杭州2015年5月28日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年5月27日13时,浙江长龙航空 B737-300F 货运飞机满载货物从昆明长水国际机场起飞飞往孟加拉首都达卡,标志着浙江长龙航空首条国际货运航线正式开通,



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