New Zealand politician casually cycled to hospital to give birth

Sundays are usually a lazy, uneventful affair for many of us.Not for the 42-week pregnant New Zealand Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter, who made her way to hospital for an induction.SEE ALSO:

Trump supporters think their ‘election night meltdown’ videos are being deleted

Is YouTube deleting those popular pro-Trump video compilations mocking Democrats and liberals “melting down” over Donald Trump’s 2016 election night win?No, but a conspiracy theory is gaining traction on Reddit alleging just that.SEE ALSO:

How Magic Leap compares to Microsoft HoloLens

I first tried out Microsoft HoloLens a few years ago, a few months before its launch as a developer tool, and came away with similar impressions that many tech journalists had at the time: the tech was intriguing and impressive in some ways,

A major cryptocurrency exchange is trolling the New York attorney general

It probably wasn't the smartest move. Roughly 24 hours after a major report from the New York state attorney general's office led officials to declare that the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is "possibly operating unlawfully in New York,

New 'Space Jam' to be produced by 'Black Panther' director and now we can't wait

Everybody get up, the Space Jam sequel is suddenly stacked. With no casting beyond LeBron James and Bugs Bunny, the upcoming sports-comedy-cartoon followup will now be produced by Ryan Coogler. Terence Nance (Random Acts of Flyness) will direct.SEE ALSO: Shaq is a flat-Earther too,

Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Jeff Bridges 'come together' to promote student activism

Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Jeff Bridges participated in a "bed-in" to promote peace and student activism at New York City Hall. This emulated the Bed-Ins for Peace that Lennon and Ono organized in 1969 to protest the Vietnam War.

Defy gravity at this interactive optical-illusion museum

Experience over 70 exhibits of optical illusions IRL at New York's interactive Museum of Illusions. From mirror tricks to gravity-defying rooms, your mind is sure to be blown. Read more...More about Instagram, Mashable Video, Optical Illusion, Museum, and Culture

Tabletop gaming is getting a mixed-reality upgrade

Online game developer Wargaming created this mixed-reality prototype of its game World of Tanks. It also plans to use the tech to recreate historical events with the History Channel. Read more...More about Gaming, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Tech

Aston Martin is recreating James Bond's DB5 from 'Goldfinger' — with gadgets

As far as classic Bond cars go, few are as iconic as the Aston Martin DB5.Not only was it memorable in its first appearance in Goldfinger, but played a subsequent role in Thunderball and GoldenEye, and most recently in Skyfall and Spectre. SEE ALSO: Forget the Tesla Model 3,

Simone Biles makes gymnastics history, dresses in solidarity with sexual assault survivors

Olympic champion Simone Biles just made gymnastics history wearing a leotard that honors survivors of sexual abuse.The 21-year-old athlete donned a teal leotard she designed herself on Sunday, winning her fifth title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Boston,

Read the beautiful letter that allowed 'Crazy Rich Asians' to use Coldplay's 'Yellow'

One of the most emotional moments in Jon M. Chu's much talked-about rom-com Crazy Rich Asians almost didn't happen. Luckily, the director wrote one hell of a beautiful letter to Coldplay.SEE ALSO:



华大科技首推基于Complete Genomics平台的人全外显子组测序服务

中国深圳和美国剑桥2014年7月22日电 /美通社/ -- 全球最大的基因组学研究机构华大基因旗下子公司 -- 深圳华大基因科技服务有限公司(简称“华大科技”)今天宣布,在全球推出基于 Complete Genomics(简称“CG”)技术平台的人全外显子组测序服务。

【C】 05 - 声明和定义 - 卞爱华


Deadspin Video: Ray Rice Knocks Out His Fiancée In An Elevator | io9 Three Things To Keep In Mind Ab

Deadspin Video: Ray Rice Knocks Out His Fiancée In An Elevator | io9 Three Things To Keep In Mind About The Big Jack The Ripper 'Reveal' | Kotaku Teens React (Surprisingly Well) To An Ancient Nintendo Console | Lifehacker Top 10 Legal Rights and Issues Everyone Should Know About Read more...


美国东部时间9月19号上午,北京时间夜间,223岁的纽交所将迎来史上最大的一单IPO。一家主营业务远在中国的企 […]

功能陽春?LINE 終於推出 iPad App

LINE 和 Whatsapp 一樣,沒有特別為 iPad 推出專有的介面,直到最近 LINE 終於為 iPad 推出獨立的專用 App,不過在功能方面就沒有追上 iPhone 版本,只提供基本的通訊功能。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 功能陽春?

Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.公布截至2014年12月16日之每周定期公告的资产净值

阿姆斯特丹--(美国商业资讯)--监管新闻:   Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.(股票代码:PSH:NA)今天在其网站www.pershingsquareholdings.com上公布了其每周定期公告的资产净值(NAV)。


本文讨论设计流程的最后一个环节-选择方案。故名思义,选择方案即是从上一步骤-探索可能性-得到的可能解决方案的集 […]

阿里营收未达预期重挫股价 市值蒸发220亿美元

腾讯科技金铎 1 月 30 日报道  就业等多项数据利好,美股周四普涨。中国概念股多数上涨,阿里巴巴近期卷入假货风波,且昨日公布的营收未达市场预期,导致股价大跌 8.78%,创上市以来最大单日跌幅,市值也因此 ... ...

用支付宝摇车牌号 在深圳等城市即将实现


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