Cootek, the Chinese maker of TouchPal keyboard, files for $100M US IPO

Cootek, the Chinese mobile internet company best known for keyboard app TouchPal, has filed for a public offering in the United States. In its F-1 form, submitted last week to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Cootek said it wants to raise up to $100 million.

Pokémon GO battles will soon be less tappy, more Fruit Ninja-y

At the end of last year, Pokémon GO finally got a player-versus-player battling system. While it was a very much welcomed addition, it has always seemed a bit… monotonous. It just requires so… much… tapping. You repeatedly tap the screen to make your Pokémon attack,

Curve, the ‘over-the-top’ banking platform, raises $55M at a $250M valuation

Curve, the London-based “over-the-top banking platform,” has raised $55 million in new funding. The startup lets you consolidate all of your bank cards into a single Curve card and app to make it easier to manage your spending and access other benefits.

What to expect from tomorrow’s antitrust hearing featuring big tech

Tomorrow, representatives from Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple will testify before Congress in the second hearing organized as part of the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust investigation into the world’s largest technology companies.

Facebook snags former Vine GM to run product for its new experimental app division, NPE Team

Is Facebook preparing to launch a serious competitor to TikTok? If so, the company just picked up some key talent to make that happen. Last week, Facebook announced plans for a new division, called the NPE Team,

SpaceX and NASA detail cause of Dragon test failure, crewed flight this year looks ‘increasingly dif

SpaceX held a press conference on Monday to discuss the results of a months-long investigation conducted by itself and NASA into an anomaly that took place during a static fire test in April.

Computing pioneer and LGBT icon Alan Turing will grace the £50 note in 2021

Alan Turing, one of the pioneering figures in modern computing, and also a tragic one in LGBT history, will soon appear on the U.K.'s £50 note. He was selected from a shortlist of scientists and bright minds so distinguished that it must have made the decision rather difficult.

Why commerce companies are the advertising players to watch in a privacy-centric world

The unchecked digital land grab for consumers’ personal data that has been going on for more than a decade is coming to an end, and the dominoes have begun to fall when it comes to the regulation...

Here are the 63 startups that launched today at Y Combinator’s S18 Demo Day 1

From “cheese 2.0” to connecting flights for satellites, Y Combinator showed off a wide array of early stage startups fresh from its YC Summer 2018 batch.

Costco now supports Apple Pay across all of its US stores

Apple has landed a big new partner for Apple Pay in the U.S. after Costco began accepting the mobile payment service across 750 stores. The retailer plans to include support at its gas stations, but that isn’t yet complete.

Stratolaunch announces new launch vehicles and reusable space plane

Stratolaunch, the commercial space firm founded by Paul Allen back in 2011, has revealed a bit more of its plan for taking payloads to orbit via one of the world's biggest planes. It's now working on a pair of its own rocket-powered launch vehicles,

苹果 iPad 以旧换新面向英国、德国、西班牙和法国开放

根据 和 网站报道,今天苹果官方 iPad 以旧换新服务开始面向包括法国、德国、西班牙和英国等欧洲国家开放。该服务允许顾客将旧款 iPad 带到当地的苹果零售店,并抵消购买新 iPad 时的费用。

创业一年我进入了“养老”模式 - 吐槽~


Is Dong Nguyen Trolling Gamers With "Swing Copters"?

Nerval's Lobster writes Given its extreme difficulty, it's tempting to think that the new Swing Copters is Dong Nguyen's attempt at a joke (You thought 'Flappy Bird' was hard? Check this out!), or maybe even a meta-comment on the emerging "masocore" gaming category.

UK Offers Scotland More Autonomy Ahead of Independence Vote

LONDON — The British government plans to offer Scotland more financial autonomy in the coming days, as polls predict a very close vote in the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence.

Seattle Sounders FC sporting Halo 5: Guardians jerseys on Sunday

Microsoft is pulling no punches in marketing the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One game. The Xbox Wire has released a post showing off Halo 5: Guardians-themed soccer league uniforms. Wearing them will be...The post Seattle Sounders FC sporting Halo 5:

HTML5游戏开发引擎,初识CreateJS - 请叫我头头哥

CreateJS为CreateJS库,可以说是一款为HTML5游戏开发的引擎。打造 HTML5 游戏,构建新游戏,提供构建最新 HTML5 的技术、你可以通过这个网站学习如何构建跨平台和跨终端游戏。这个资源库还会告诉你如何构建多人在线游戏。

经济下滑引担忧 阿里股票被卖空比例创14个月新高


银行买不起防火墙 被黑客轻松偷走8000万美元

BI 中文站 4 月 24 日报道  近期,在全球最严重的一起在线盗窃事件中,一名调查人员发现,孟加拉国央行很容易遭到黑客攻击。该国央行没有部署防火墙,并且只用价格 10 美元的二手交换机将计算机连接至 SWIFT ... ...

Dive head-first into the cosmos with SpaceVR

One of the major promises of virtual reality is the ability to find yourself transported to exotic locations. Nothing is quite so exotic as the final frontier.



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