OpenID Connect Identity Protocol Launches With Support From Google, Microsoft & Others

Signing users in to a mobile or web app isn't necessarily hard, but keeping their credentials safe is something that's often best left to specialists. The OpenID Foundation today announced the launch of OpenID Connect,

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Hulu adds a dark mode on the web

Rejoice, dark mode fans. Hulu is joining YouTube and YouTube TV as the streaming video service to embrace a dark theme – something that gives video sites a more cinematic look and feel (as Netflix already knows).

The new normal

When we first started writing about startups at TechCrunch the idea of a startup – a small business with global ambitions – was a pipe dream. How could a side hustle like Twitter turn into a mouthpiece for heroes and villains?

Apple overhauls its privacy pages, and now lets U.S. customers download their own data

Apple has refreshed and expanded its privacy website, a month after its most recent iPhone and Mac launches. You’re not going to see much change from previous years — the privacy pages still state the same commitments that Apple’s long held,

Hulu’s Live TV service may add ‘skinnier’ bundles of news, sports and entertainment programming

Hulu is planning to change up its live TV service by dropping channels from its core offering to instead create smaller “bundles” of sports, news, and entertainment programming, according to an interview with Hulu CEO Randy Freer in The Information. The changes,

Twitter opens archive of 4,500 accounts related to Russia and Iran’s political propaganda

After getting hauled into Washington to be grilled over how its social media platform was exploited to influence public opinion around elections and politics in the US and elsewhere, Twitter vowed that it would be more open with its data,

Product Hunt Radio: Gen Z, what ‘the kids these days’ are using, and the future of social apps

In this episode of Product Hunt Radio, I'm recording from my home in San Francisco to talk to two young entrepreneurs, Tiffany Zhong and Drake Rehfeld.

Roku to resume sales in Mexico, following court ruling

Last year, Roku lost a legal battle in Mexico over piracy which resulted in a ban on sales of its devices in the country. Now, that ban has been lifted, the company says, following a favorable ruling from the 11th Collegiate Court in Mexico City.

EA Founder Raises $6.5M From Greylock For Social And Emotional Learning Game ‘If You Can’

If You Can Company, a new startup from EA founder Trip Hawkins that uses gameplay to teach children social and emotional learning (SEL) skills, has raised $6.5 million in Series A funding led by Greylock Partners. with Almaz Capital participating. Previously, the company raised $2.

Cal By Adds New Feature To Make Meetings Easy

Cal, the smart calendar app that integrates with to-do list maker, has launched a new feature called HeadsUp that helps you manage meetings and appointments. It is currently available for Cal on Android and will be available on iOS in the near future. Read More

Amid Messaging Mania, WeChat Releases Major Upgrade, Adds New Features

With the messaging app space suddenly running hot after the Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp, you can bet the other big messaging platforms are playing close attention to their products. And sure enough, WeChat has just done a major upgrade for both iOS and Android. Read More

硅谷员工彼此怎么看对方? 苹果员工魅力值排最末

华尔街日报报道,一款社交软件 Hinge 最近发表研究称苹果员工或许充满才能,但是他们在硅谷的同行眼里魅力值排行最低,某种程度上甚至是负数。



TripAdvisor Fined In Italy For Fake Reviews

mpicpp writes with news that TripAdvisor, a travel website filled with user-generated reviews, has been hit with a €500,000 ($611,000) fine for "misleading customers" by failing to cull fake reviews from their list.

腾讯游戏执行制作人 Steve Gray:中国风游戏国际化的多维因素

在极客公园 GIF 大会上,我们听到来自腾讯游戏执行制作人 Steve Gray 讲述让中国风游戏国际化的多方面关键因素。

Violence against women in Turkey: Erdogan takes a surprising stand

ISTANBUL, Turkey—The murder of a 20-year-old university student in Turkey has thrust the taboo topic of violence against women into the national spotlight, with unlikely voices weighing in.See also:

科技进步了多少?专业人士用PS 1.0告诉你


你造吗?“404 Error”为微软省了2.97亿

几乎所有使用IE浏览器的人都对“无法显示该页”(404 Error)印象深刻,它代表了你没有连接到网络或者该网址不存在。

YouTube 全新的桌面播放器已向所有人开放了

在经过了数个月的测试以后,YouTube 终于决定,将全新的 HTML5 桌面播放器向所有人开放了。从现在开始,你就能在电脑端看到重新设计后的界面,底部的控制列变得较过去更为透明,而且在鼠标离开后不久它就会自动隐藏。


就是因为世界上有一大堆不愿意吃苦的人,各种奇形怪状的减肥方法才会那么盛行。到了明年,一种全新的减肥法就要来了:吞气球。  这个听起来异常可怕的减肥方法就是美国 Allurion Technologies 公司所提出的创意。

'Doctor Who' makes an unexpected appearance in 'Call of Duty'

Ask any Doctor Who fan what scares them most, and a majority will probably agree: it's the Weeping Angels. The predatory aliens look like angel statues, but turn your back on them and they'll creep closer, ever closer, until they get you. As Call of Duty: Black Ops III players are learning now.

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