Verizon explains why it throttled a fire department's data during wildfire

Earlier this summer, the Santa Clara County Fire Department sent a team to fight the largest wildfire in the history of California. The problem? During the fire, Verizon throttled the department's "unlimited" data once it reached its limit. As part of its emergency services,


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Snapchat is more popular than ever

Snapchat is more popular than ever, and that's very good news for Snap. The company reported its second quarter results for 2019, revealing that user growth is again on the rise — by a lot.Snapchat's daily active users (DAUs), one of the app's most closely watched metrics, grew to 203 million,

Jon Stewart's face as Mitch McConnell walks by him is priceless

Every so often a photograph captures a facial expression so priceless that you feel compelled to print it out, frame it, and do something really dramatic like sneak it into the Louvre. Today I am pleased to announce that I had one of those moments.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is $80 off at Amazon

TL;DR: Get the perfectly compact Samsung Galaxy Tab for $249.99 at Amazon and save $80 (off the normally $329 price) with a coupon.Dorm rooms are small — like really small. Some might even say basically the same size as a closet, and when you add a roommate, forget about it. 

With autonomous valet parking, your Mercedes-Benz can park itself

Drop off your car and let it find itself a parking spot.On Tuesday, the Mercedes-Benz company Daimler and German car parts company Bosch unveiled their driverless parking without supervision (either in or outside the car) at a German parking garage. At the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart,

George Foreman indoor/outdoor electric grills are just $55 at Walmart

TL;DR: Get this convenient George Foreman electric grill for indoor and outdoor use for only $54.99 at Walmart. You save $44 off a grill that can cook up to 15 servings. Outdoor grilling season is here, but you can't rely on the weather to always cooperate.

Trump haters commiserate with UK over Boris Johnson with a heartfelt meme

Boris Johnson has officially become the next prime minister of the UK, and there's something eerily familiar about him to Americans. Johnson holds isolationist and anti-immigration views (he's basically the face behind Brexit); he's loud and outspoken; and he has a mop of yellow-blond hair.

Accio, wand! The 10 most popular 'Harry Potter' spells revealed

Everyone who's read Harry Potter will have fond memories of practicing their wand twirling action in front of the mirror, muttering "Expelliarmus" over and over again in the vague but undying hope that something will actually happen and that magic is indeed real.

Facebook's role in anti-refugee attacks outlined in shocking study

Facebook bubbles are dangerous. Not in an abstract, immeasurable way. They actually make communities more prone to racial violence, claims a disturbing new study from the University of Warwick. The New York Times reported a lengthy piece outlining the study from Altena, Germany,

What was Fox News covering while Manafort and Cohen were in court? This hilarious meme has some answ

Hey, Fox News, any big news going on? No? Okay. As you may have noticed, a lot went down on Tuesday. Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager, was found guilty of eight counts of tax and bank fraud. Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, meanwhile,



雅马哈发布新款条形电视音响 售价约6130元



微软将弃用Nokia品牌,取而代之的是Microsoft Lumia。微软丰富的改名战绩里,又加上了新的一笔。




在作为美国热点科技事件长达 1 个多月之后,索尼影业的那部引发“黑客攻击”的电影《刺杀金正恩》终于开播,看与不看的选择权现在在你手上。 索尼影业日前宣布将在太平洋时间 24 日 10a.

AngularJS开发指南8:AngularJS模块的详解 - chaojidan


[图]联想IdeaPad迎来100/300/500五大系列Windows 10笔记本新品

联想为基础型用户发布了100S/300/300S/500/500S系列的Windows 10笔记本新品,并且在定价上也相当友好。我们从IdeaPad 100S开始讲起,该系列机型采用了英特尔凌动(Atom)Z3735F四核处理器(可选赛扬N3050)、11.


《神秘科学剧场3000年(Mystery Science Theater 3000,简写MST3k)》是专门恶搞烂片的电视喜剧。每一集都会播放一部烂片,主角和两个机器人会不断地在旁边讲风凉话嘲笑剧情。MST3k于1988年11月首映,1999年在上映12年197集后下档。



高通骁龙Wear 2100智能穿戴处理器平台 加码 LTE 网络连接

今年的智能穿戴行业将迎来新的发展路线,为啥呢?因为高通再次升级了其智能穿戴平台的解决方案,推出了 Snapdragon Wear 2100 智能穿戴处理器平台,这次增加了对下一代 LTE 网络的支持。这就意味着,你在今年购买到的新款智能手表,有望可以直接脱离手机而单独联网,尤其是在没有 Wi-Fi 的情况下。

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