Finding jobs in India becomes easier as Naukri launches its Windows Phone app, one of the most popular job search engines in India, has finally launched its Windows Phone client. Founded in 1998, the search engine clocks millions of page views and is the go-to search engine for most job-seeker Indians.

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Good Riddance To Social Search

Remember how not too long ago the future of search — at least according to the big search engines — was social search? Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find any mention of social search on Google or Bing (let alone Yahoo Search).

Pinterest Improves Its Search Engine Again, With Smarter Place Search

Yep, Pinterest is becoming a search engine. Following this week’s news regarding the arrival of a feature called “Guided Search” on the web, Pinterest today says it’s now rolling out smarter “Place Search,” too.

Facebook Expands Search To All 2 Trillion Posts, Surfacing Public Real-Time News

Facebook is ready to challenge Google and Twitter for control of real-time news search and the news itself. Starting today for US English language users, Facebook Search will return anything you’re allowed to see from its 2 trillion posts. That includes public posts by all people and Pages,

Pinterest Becomes More Search Engine-Like With The Launch Of Guided Search On The Web

In April, Pinterest introduced a new way to narrow down what you’re looking for on mobile with the addition of a feature called “Guided Search,” which pops up related terms at the top of the screen after you enter in a keyword to start a search. Today,

Bing Video search receives feature improvements and layout optimizations

Microsoft is continually refining the Bing experience. A few months ago, the Bing team touched up the image search experience by updating their Image Graph. With the updated Image Graph, users are now presented with additional information when searching for pictures.

Privacy-Focused Search Engine DuckDuckGo Gets A New Look, Smarter Search With “Instant Answers”

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine whose popularity grew last year following the NSA and PRISM leaks, is today rolling our an updated interface for its website, which features “smarter search,” plus a new, cleaner design and improvements related to photo search, video search,

Windows 10: Turn the search icon in the taskbar into a search box in Technical Preview build 9879

记录几个基础的SQL开发题 - Joe.TJ

一些很基础,但是在第一时间,不借助工具我却没能全答对的问题。至今,我也是试着回答一下 1. 表A有5行数据,表B有7行数据,问Inner Join最多返回几行数据,Left Join最多返回几行数据,分别在什么情况下?

Yahoo spotted testing other search providers for its search engine, namely Google

Under the recently renegotiated agreement with Microsoft, Yahoo is permitted to look else where for some of its search results. Previously it used Bing exclusively.Search Engine Land recently spotted that Google is being introduced in to some search results. Under the agreement,

Facebook Brings Graph Search To Mobile And Lets You Find Feed Posts By Keyword

Facebook is finally getting serious about search. Today it’s challenging Google for finding answers and Twitter for checking real-time chatter with the launch of keyword search. Two years after launching semantic “My friends who…” search for people, places, and photos on the web,

Windows 10 Settings app starts showing new Web Browsing section to non-Insiders

Microsoft has been experimenting with a new Web browsing section in the Settings header earlier this year, and it seems that non-Insiders are now starting to see it.

Microsoft Lists app is now generally available in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Microsoft Lists, the new Microsoft 365 project management and collaboration tool. The Lists app is now available to commercial, education, and government subscribers, the company announced yesterday.

Microsoft expands presence in Ireland with 200 new jobs and an Engineering Hub

Microsoft has a storied history with the country of Ireland, the company’s most notable entanglement with the area came as a 2014 legal battle over user privacy.

Minecraft Dungeons’ second season pass will unlock the game’s next 4 DLC expansions

Minecraft Dungeons’ upcoming downloadable content (DLC), Howling Peaks, has officially been given the December 9th launch date and will release alongside a completely new season pass. While the original season pass for the dungeon crawler includes all of the DLC released up until now,

Fortnite may be getting some Star Wars or Mandalorian video game content in December

Fortnite’s current Marvel-themed season, Nexus War, is set to end on December 1st at 4 PM ET with the arrival of the monstrous Galactus to the Battle Royale island and a massive event that will likely see several changes to the map as the focus on Marvel ends and the next season,

Microsoft releases new 20H2 build for Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels

Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels can download today a new patch for the Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2). This is the cumulative update build 19042.662 (KB4586853), which brings a long list of fixes related to the touch keyboard, the Xbox Game Bar, USB 3.0 hubs,

Microsoft Planner tasks will soon surface relevant files to add as attachments

Microsoft Planner is about to get a “File recommendations” feature that will let users choose recommended files to add as attachments to their tasks. The update will start rolling out in early January 2021, as noted in the most recent update to the company’s roadmap.

The top free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps and games as of July 13th

Microsoft's Windows Phone Store is home to thousands of Windows Phone apps, with new apps coming in on a weekly basis. Let's take a look at the Windows Phone Store and see which apps are at the top of the charts when it comes to the free, paid, and trending categories.

This is a prime example of the perfect Windows Phone app (editorial)

However your feelings about the The Verge may be, there is no denying that it is one of the largest technology news (and other topics) site on the internet. There is a third-party app available on Windows Phone for The Verge,

Windows 9 (Threshold) Start Menu screenshot leaks onto the web

[图]Nokia X跑分成绩曝光,接近小米1S

虽然跑分并不能代表一切,但是只要是Android机就免不了被好事者说“不服跑个分”,已经有人在MWC现场的Nokia X演示机上这么干了,跑分成绩毫无意外的低。

让聚会更方便的实时位置分享 App——Jink



(原文来自 The New York Times,虎嗅编译) 创新能力来自哪里?几个世纪以来,我们都有一个明确 […]

谷歌发布机器人编程云平台 Open Roberta| 极客早知道 2014 年 11 月 5 日





Try to spot the native ad on the cover of the newest issue of Forbes

Forbes magazine has crossed a line that many in the publishing industry view as sacredTry to spot the advertisement on the cover of its upcoming March issue.Image: ForbesAs you may have guessed, it's the black box with the text, "Fidelity Voice: Revving Up Your Retirement.

Google已清空自家在线商店的Nexus 5库存

Google已经停售Nexus 5了,作为该公司于2015年推出的旗舰智能机,它也终于被正式被官方甩到了脑后。一名Google发言人向TheVerge表示:“尽管零售商与运营商那里还有一些Nexus 5的库存,但我们这次已经将主要精力放到了Nexus 6上”。


北京2015年5月11日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年6月17-19日,夏季世界O2O博览会(O2OEXPO)将在北京国家会议中心盛大召开。

Reminder: We’ll See You On June 23 For The First Summer TC Pitch Off In Warsaw

Just a reminder that we’ll be holding the first summer TC Pitch Off in Warsaw on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 8:30 PM to Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 2:00 AM (CEST).

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