UAE carrier Etisalat launches its Windows Phone client, includes several handy features

Popular UAE carrier, Etisalat, has launched its official app on the Windows Phone Store. The app allows users to find the company’s retail centers, payment options, Wifi spots and more. Using the app, one can also keep tabs on their own account activities.

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UAE carrier Etisalat launches its Windows Phone client, includes several handy features

Popular UAE carrier, Etisalat, has launched its official app on the Windows Phone Store. The app allows users to find the company’s retail centers, payment options, Wifi spots and more. Using the app, one can also keep tabs on their own account activities.


通用远程配置规范将使消费者能够掌控联网移动设备,助力市场增长 西班牙巴塞罗那--(美国商业资讯)--GSM协会(GSMA)今天宣布,该协会正在与移动网络运营商、移动设备制造商和SIM卡供应商合作,为消费设备的远程OTT配置和连接管理制定一种通用的全球规范。


全球M2M协会(GMA)和M2M世界联盟成员将部署相关服务;如今近65%的全球M2M连接是由遵循GSMA规范的运营商提供服务 西班牙巴塞罗那--(美国商业资讯)--GSM协会(GSMA)宣布,包括全球M2M协会(Global M2M Association,



Facebook program bringing free Internet to millions of Egyptians shut down

A program co-launched by Facebook that provided free Internet to more than three million Egyptians has been shut down, according to the social media websiteFacebook and Etisalat Egypt started Free Basics around two months ago.

Facebook 推出的免费上网服务,再次夭折在埃及

Facebook 曾经想推出一项叫做 Free Basics 的免费上网服务,Free Basics 是 项目的一部分,旨在为用户提供免费的互联网通道,用户可以通过这个入口获得新闻、工作、旅行、运动等信息,访问 Facebook 及其旗下的产品,使用维基百科、BBC新闻、必应搜索、Dictionary.com和本地新闻网站。 Mark Zuckerberg曾说,这么做是想帮助发展中国家更自由地上网,所以提供免费的服务,但不想限制用户对其它服务提供商的访问。听起来Facebook的初心似乎是极好的,但是前不久,这个美好的故事终结在印度,今天又再次夭折在埃及。




阿联酋迪拜2015年2月9日电 /美通社/ -- 全球同类最大奖项 -- 首届“阿联酋无人机公益应用奖”(UAE Drones for Good Award)今日公布获奖者名单,阿联酋副总统兼总理穆罕默德·本·拉希德·阿勒马克图姆阁下(Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum)、阿联酋部长和国际要人共同见证了这一重要时刻。


“移动物联网计划”将借助有望于2016年推出的商用解决方案助力加快LPWA市场发展,并获得移动运营商、原始设备制造商和物联网公司支持 伦敦--(美国商业资讯)--GSMA(GMS协会)今天宣布该协会建立了“移动物联网计划”(Mobile IoT Initiative),这是一个由26家全球领先的移动运营商、原始设备制造商(OEM)以及芯片、模块和基础设施公司提供支持的项目,旨在解决授权频谱低功耗广域网(LPWA)解决方案的使用问题。


Airtel、Avea、亚通、阿联酋电信、Millicom、MTN、Ooredoo、Orange、挪威电信、沃达丰和Zain率先签署新准则 南非开普敦--(美国商业资讯)--GSM协会(GSMA)今天发布了《移动支付提供商行为准则》(Code of Conduct for Mobile Money Providers),准则中概述了一系列一般商业原则,以实现数字金融服务向安全、负责任的方式发展。

Windows 10 Settings app starts showing new Web Browsing section to non-Insiders

Microsoft has been experimenting with a new Web browsing section in the Settings header earlier this year, and it seems that non-Insiders are now starting to see it.

Microsoft Lists app is now generally available in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Microsoft Lists, the new Microsoft 365 project management and collaboration tool. The Lists app is now available to commercial, education, and government subscribers, the company announced yesterday.

Microsoft expands presence in Ireland with 200 new jobs and an Engineering Hub

Microsoft has a storied history with the country of Ireland, the company’s most notable entanglement with the area came as a 2014 legal battle over user privacy.

Minecraft Dungeons’ second season pass will unlock the game’s next 4 DLC expansions

Minecraft Dungeons’ upcoming downloadable content (DLC), Howling Peaks, has officially been given the December 9th launch date and will release alongside a completely new season pass. While the original season pass for the dungeon crawler includes all of the DLC released up until now,

Fortnite may be getting some Star Wars or Mandalorian video game content in December

Fortnite’s current Marvel-themed season, Nexus War, is set to end on December 1st at 4 PM ET with the arrival of the monstrous Galactus to the Battle Royale island and a massive event that will likely see several changes to the map as the focus on Marvel ends and the next season,

Microsoft releases new 20H2 build for Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels

Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels can download today a new patch for the Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2). This is the cumulative update build 19042.662 (KB4586853), which brings a long list of fixes related to the touch keyboard, the Xbox Game Bar, USB 3.0 hubs,

Microsoft Planner tasks will soon surface relevant files to add as attachments

Microsoft Planner is about to get a “File recommendations” feature that will let users choose recommended files to add as attachments to their tasks. The update will start rolling out in early January 2021, as noted in the most recent update to the company’s roadmap.

Finding jobs in India becomes easier as Naukri launches its Windows Phone app, one of the most popular job search engines in India, has finally launched its Windows Phone client. Founded in 1998, the search engine clocks millions of page views and is the go-to search engine for most job-seeker Indians.

The top free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps and games as of July 13th

Microsoft's Windows Phone Store is home to thousands of Windows Phone apps, with new apps coming in on a weekly basis. Let's take a look at the Windows Phone Store and see which apps are at the top of the charts when it comes to the free, paid, and trending categories.

This is a prime example of the perfect Windows Phone app (editorial)

However your feelings about the The Verge may be, there is no denying that it is one of the largest technology news (and other topics) site on the internet. There is a third-party app available on Windows Phone for The Verge,





滴滴打车被爆存漏洞叫车却招来黑车 司机:有出租车自己卖单


Android手机外置SD卡(TF卡)的获取方法 - LittlePanpc



不管怎么说,我都觉得去做一个手机的粉丝是一件非常奇怪的事情。小米出了一本书叫《参与感》,写的很晦涩而且一半是瞎说——屌丝用户才需要参与感,vip 用户需要的是存在感。

Proof That Rush Hour Is Kinda Terrible Everywhere

Your day can be defined by your morning commute. Cramming into a packed subway car or blaring your horn in bumper-to-bumper traffic is much more stressful than, say, snoozing on a train or riding a gondola up a picturesque mountain.Below,

理光推出SP213系列激光打印机新品:支持Wi-Fi 每分钟输出23页

理光(Ricoh)刚刚在美国推出了3款黑白激光打印机新品,分别是SP 213SNw和SP 213SFNw、以及SP 213Nw。

Highlights from world leaders' speeches at the U.N.

The presidents of China, Russia and the United States talked about hypocrisy, past mistakes and a future of greater equality during their speeches at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday in New York CityThere were some slightly awkward moments—the U.S.

Harvard's band spelled out 'PENIS' during a football game

During a Nov. 14 Ivy league matchup against the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard's marching band spelled the word "Penis" during a performance on the field.An image of the band's all-caps PENIS formation gained some traction after being tweeted by Jacob Adler.

2016lol愚人节皮肤什么时候出 多少钱 lol愚人节小兵特效

lol愚人节皮肤2016什么时候出 多少钱 lol愚人节小兵特效,2016愚人节皮肤一共有4款,树精,德莱文,塔姆,维克兹,当然同时还推出德莱文小兵,及召唤师图像,的确很萌。按照以往的价格预测:树精估计129,其余35了 ... ...

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