Are iPhones a security threat? Apple rejects Chinese claims

In a carefully and respectfully worded post on Apple’s Chinese website the company denied claims made on Chinese television that iPhones were a concern to national security.Read more:

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Are iPhones a security threat? Apple rejects Chinese claims

In a carefully and respectfully worded post on Apple’s Chinese website the company denied claims made on Chinese television that iPhones were a concern to national security.Read more:

Apple Asserts Its Commitment To Privacy In Response To Report By China’s CCTV

Apple has published a statement via its Chinese website as a follow-up to a report on the state-run CCTV last week that claimed its devices could present a state security risk according to researchers. The statement, available in both Chinese and English,

Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

MojoKid writes: "When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden came forth last year with U.S. government spying secrets, it didn't take long to realize that some of the information revealed could bring on serious repercussions — not just for the U.S. government, but also for U.S.-based companies.

Where You Are Is Who You Are Even If It Is China

Where your cloud data is stored is, increasingly, critical to determining who controls it. Though many around the globe have become concerned about data storage in the United States, there are worse alternatives. Imagine, for example, if your personal data were stored on a cloud server in China,

Apple’s iOS security: Not what it’s cracked up to be

Apple’s mobile platform is seen as highly secure, but a forensic scientist and hacker has been busy pointing out multiple holes including backdoors and surveillance mechanisms.Read more:

ICE Benchmark Administration Announces Bank of China as a Direct Participant to the Gold Auction

LONDON -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), the leading global network of exchanges and clearing houses,

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

The TechCrunch crew is back from Disrupt London with exciting news to report and a few new companies for you to meet. Jukedeck, an AI startup that writes music for your videos, took home the Disrupt Cup and the £30,000 grand prize. The winner of the Disrupt London Hackathon was FreeMe,

Merck and Pfizer to Present Updates for Avelumab at the European Cancer Congress 2015

Data from six abstracts, including new data in mesothelioma, urothelial (e.g. bladder) and gastric/gastroesophageal cancers,

How the iCloud "Hack" Holds iOS Devices Hostage

If you're an Aussie with an iPhone, there's a chance you've been woken up in the middle of the night by a certain terrifying message.Read more...

8 Reasons Why the Tokyo Olympics Will Be the Most Futuristic We've Ever Seen

In 1964, the last time Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics, the nation revealed one of the biggest mic drops in transportation history: the debut of the shinkansen, the world-famous bullet train that became a Japanese icon. The first high-speed train in the world,

Google launches hybrid cloud beta

Google reveals more on the hybrid Cloud Services Platform it introduced late last year at Google Cloud Next?

Major Wordpress security flaw discovered

Vulnerability went unpatched for six years, meaning many websites may have been affected.

Microsoft launches new Windows 10 Office app

New tool is designed to replace the 'My Office' app currently on offer.

5G can solve worldwide 4G congestion

4G speeds drop significantly during peak hours, research shows.

Increase the ROI 10x faster with these personalised app marketing strategies

Below are eight personalised app marketing strategies to help you increase the ROI 10x faster.

How UK's exit from the EU will impact upon HR practices for tech companies

So just what do HR teams need to consider both in the event of a deal and also in the event of a No Deal exit from the EU?

Data security will continue to be a big deal in 2019 - Here’s what you can do to protect your data n

When applied to protecting against internal threats, employee monitoring software can be a highly effective tool for protecting customer data. Here’s how:

Microsoft could replace humans with Project Adam

Microsoft says, "Project Adam is a new deep-learning system modelled after the human brain that has greater image classification accuracy and is 50 times faster than other systems in the industry".Read more:

"Your money or your website!" Russian hacker group ransoms CNET for Bitcoins

Technology news website CNET has fallen prey to an attack by the Russian hacker group w0rm, who attempted to ransom the personal data of more than one million users.Read more:

BYOD proving difficult transition, as half of all companies don't bother

While predictions about Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) paint a rosy future the reality is something less than expected.Read more:

谷歌今年将采用随机模式挑选Google I/O参加者

距离2014年Google I/O还有126天的时间。届时,开发者们将仍旧齐聚在加州旧金山的莫斯考尼西中心,大会的主题及设定则跟往年的并无大异。

Xbox One 会在今个月推出玩家声誉通知功能

分类: 游戏产品在去年七月之时,Microsoft 给大家预览了一下新一代的玩家声誉系统,以让其他玩家得知谁是好玩家(深绿色)、一般玩家(浅绿和橙色)以及应该避免接触的坏玩家(红色)。

Google lashes out at rival Apple by funding Samsung in legal patent battle

The ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung has roped in another major player, Google, who has offered to pay some of Samsung's legal costs. But why?Read more:

Pussy Riot, on U.S. Trip, Debuts Twitter Account in English

The Russian activist punk group Pussy Riot created a Twitter account on Tuesday at @pussyrrriot, and is tweeting for the first time in English:Russia is not China or Iran YET, so since we can still use Twitter, we will give a shot at running it in English,

'Free Arturo': The Campaign to Save a 'Sad' Polar Bear in an Argentine Zoo

The Internet community has a lot of love for its ursine friends — and now it's banding together to save one.A petition has received more than 250,000 signatures to save Arturo, a 29-year-old polar bear, who currently resides in Mendoza Zoo in Mendoza,

两届 F1 世界冠军阿隆索为新的骑行风投项目做好准备

阿联酋迪拜2014年9月30日电 /美通社/ -- 两届一级方程式赛车 (Formula One) 世界冠军费尔南多-阿隆索 (Fernando Alonso) 在骑行业务领域看到大量商机,今天已经联合运动投资管理公司 NOVO 收购一个资产投资组合,他们将有助于加快这一组合的增长。

[视频]同门之斗 iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus深度对比评测

感谢猫眼分享的投递一直以来苹果都是小屏的跟随者,不过这一次苹果似乎彻底放手了,不仅推出了4.7英寸的iPhone 6,还推出了5.5英寸的iPhone 6 Plus,彻底解禁了iPhone的屏幕。那么大小iPhone 6他们到底有什么不同呢?


密码管理服务提供商Dashlane最近推出了旗舰性的功能:一键修改所有账户密码,包括设有双重验证的账号。目前Dashlane的这个功能已经支持了包括Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter等普通用户高频使用的网站。


日前,一篇刊登在《生物学快报(Biology Letters journal)》上的文章披露,一只9岁大的雌性灰鲸曾在11-12年间创造了一项迁徙记录。

韩国节目惊现小米 雷军暗示要进军韩国


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