Are iPhones a security threat? Apple rejects Chinese claims

In a carefully and respectfully worded post on Apple’s Chinese website the company denied claims made on Chinese television that iPhones were a concern to national security.Read more:

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Are iPhones a security threat? Apple rejects Chinese claims

In a carefully and respectfully worded post on Apple’s Chinese website the company denied claims made on Chinese television that iPhones were a concern to national security.Read more:

Apple Asserts Its Commitment To Privacy In Response To Report By China’s CCTV

Apple has published a statement via its Chinese website as a follow-up to a report on the state-run CCTV last week that claimed its devices could present a state security risk according to researchers. The statement, available in both Chinese and English,

Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

MojoKid writes: "When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden came forth last year with U.S. government spying secrets, it didn't take long to realize that some of the information revealed could bring on serious repercussions — not just for the U.S. government, but also for U.S.-based companies.

Where You Are Is Who You Are Even If It Is China

Where your cloud data is stored is, increasingly, critical to determining who controls it. Though many around the globe have become concerned about data storage in the United States, there are worse alternatives. Imagine, for example, if your personal data were stored on a cloud server in China,

Apple’s iOS security: Not what it’s cracked up to be

Apple’s mobile platform is seen as highly secure, but a forensic scientist and hacker has been busy pointing out multiple holes including backdoors and surveillance mechanisms.Read more:

ICE Benchmark Administration Announces Bank of China as a Direct Participant to the Gold Auction

LONDON -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), the leading global network of exchanges and clearing houses,

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

The TechCrunch crew is back from Disrupt London with exciting news to report and a few new companies for you to meet. Jukedeck, an AI startup that writes music for your videos, took home the Disrupt Cup and the £30,000 grand prize. The winner of the Disrupt London Hackathon was FreeMe,

Merck and Pfizer to Present Updates for Avelumab at the European Cancer Congress 2015

Data from six abstracts, including new data in mesothelioma, urothelial (e.g. bladder) and gastric/gastroesophageal cancers,

How the iCloud "Hack" Holds iOS Devices Hostage

If you're an Aussie with an iPhone, there's a chance you've been woken up in the middle of the night by a certain terrifying message.Read more...

8 Reasons Why the Tokyo Olympics Will Be the Most Futuristic We've Ever Seen

In 1964, the last time Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics, the nation revealed one of the biggest mic drops in transportation history: the debut of the shinkansen, the world-famous bullet train that became a Japanese icon. The first high-speed train in the world,

Businesses increasingly moving to multi-cloud

Shifting business priorities spur multi-cloud adoption.

PC industry sees unexpected surge in sales

Enterprise upgrades lead to first year-over-year growth in six years.

Separating fact from fiction this Friday the 13th

Tech experts clear up some of the most common misconceptions running rife throughout the IT industry.

The five stages of cloud (security)

Moving from an on-premise environment to the cloud requires a different approach to cyber security.

Top 10 tips from business leaders using Technology Business Management to drive innovation

We’ve spoken to hundreds of IT leaders about their experiences since starting to actively practise TBM – we’ve distilled all those conversations into 10 things you should know before you start too.

UK retailers must modernise to survive, and thrive

It's time for retailers to make use of the mainframes on which their business are run to help drive growth and innovation.

Cyber security and data privacy: what are you over-looking?

Cloud, BYOD, Voice, to name a few.

Microsoft could replace humans with Project Adam

Microsoft says, "Project Adam is a new deep-learning system modelled after the human brain that has greater image classification accuracy and is 50 times faster than other systems in the industry".Read more:

"Your money or your website!" Russian hacker group ransoms CNET for Bitcoins

Technology news website CNET has fallen prey to an attack by the Russian hacker group w0rm, who attempted to ransom the personal data of more than one million users.Read more:

BYOD proving difficult transition, as half of all companies don't bother

While predictions about Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) paint a rosy future the reality is something less than expected.Read more:



Twitter CEO首度访华只到上海

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo今日抵达上海,展开首次中国之行。Twitter已被封锁了多年,要想解禁几乎不可能。路透社报道称,Costolo将与上海市官员、自贸区代表以及学者、学生见面。

[图]佳能推出新款工业用相机 配置1500万像素传感器


Aldi wants you to pop an £80 smartphone in your supermarket basket

Aldi has just announced that it is launching a smartphone for those whose pennies are truly pinched. But even though it's a budget handset, we're not sold on the specs.Read more:

文章: Docker源码分析(二):Docker Client创建与命令执行

该文为《Docker源码分析》系列第二篇,在Docker架构篇的基础上,继续从源码的角度出发,分析用户如何创建Docker Client,以及如何通过Docker Client发送用户具体请求。

java之final关键字 - 高杰才_Android

final关键字(可以读不可以写、只读)1、final的变量的值不能够被改变 ①、final的成员变量 ②、final的局部变量(形参) //意思是“实参”一旦传进我的方法里面,就不允许改变2、final的方法不能够被重写3、final的类不能够被继承java的Api中有没有final.

Drone Sightings Near Other Aircraft Up Dramatically

schwit1 writes The government is getting near-daily reports — and sometimes two or three a day — of drones flying near airplanes and helicopters or close to airports without permission, federal and industry officials tell The Associated Press.

锁屏界面同样可以很个性 各种主题任君选择


Bing looks back through their most popular homepage images for 2014

Searching for content on the web needs to be fast and accurate, but Bing think is should also be beautiful and an opportunity to learn something new. The Bing homepage image serves as an interesting and eye catching portal to the web.


本文整理了8月21日阿里笔试产品和运营的问答题,欢迎转需! 【业务性产品经理(商业领域)笔试题】 (开放题共四 ...

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