Skype app for Windows 8.1 updated, now features free group video calling

Several months ago, Skype made the group video calling feature available on its service for free. Skype now mentions that group video calling has increased "four fold" since the feature went free. Microsoft has now rolled out this feature to the Skype app for Windows 8.1.

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Microsoft is rebooting its Redmond campus, here’s a progress report

Parts of the campus redesign include the demolition of 1980's era buildings and erecting more modern locations, equipped with the latest and greatest tech from the company and its partners.

Former Windows Insider chief Gabe Aul now works at Facebook

Gabe Aul, the former head of the Windows Insider Program announced on Twitter today that he has joined Facebook after working at Microsoft for almost 27 years.

Raspberry Pi 4 released with upgraded specs, starts at $35

The new Raspberry Pi 4 is here with upgraded technical specifications, including 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB RAM versions. The Raspberry Pi 4 pricing starts at $35 (1GB), $45 (2GB), and ends at $55 for the 4 GB DDR4 RAM version. Additionally, the Raspberry Pi 4 is now using USB-C for power,

Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal is now available on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store

The new Windows Terminal app that Microsoft announced last month at its Build developer conference is now available on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store. The company says that the app is currently in “early preview” and will get frequent updates as Microsoft listens to user feedback,

Bill Gates wishes Microsoft was the company that came up with Android

According to Bill Gates, letting Apple and mainly Google own the mobile market with Android was nothing less than his “greatest mistake ever.”

Microsoft’s foldable Surface device reportedly has two 9-inch screens and support Android apps

More details about Microsoft’s rumored “Centaurus” dual-screen devices are starting to Surface after the company reportedly showed it at a recent internal event.

Microsoft Launcher 5.5 available now, brings adaptive icons to all Android users

Microsoft Launcher has been officially updated to version 5.5 after about a month of beta testing.

Nokia comes close but Apple still has the highest smartphone brand loyalty

When it comes time to purchase a brand new smartphone, do you stick to the same brand or do you venture to a new brand? According to a new chart from Statista, Apple still has the highest smartphone brand loyalty. Nokia comes in third place, right behind Samsung.

Microsoft broadens renewable energy commitment, buys 175 megawatts of wind energy in Illinois

GameStop's retail portal becomes cost efficient and productive, now runs Office 365

We are beginning to see more companies switch over to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud productivity solution, thanks to the cost efficiency and productivity enhancements. GameStop, the popular gaming retailer, has made the move to Office 365, saving $700,000 annually.

Sony 2014 年式 Bravia 液晶電視在台發表, 4K 系列 6 、 7 月陸續推出

Sony 今天在台發表 2014 年式的 BRAVIA 液晶電視,幾款高階機種已全新的 Wedge 楔型設計為出發點,在極簡化的設計理念下,機身側面呈現獨特的梯形,不僅提供良好的欣賞視野角度,亦增加內建揚聲器的反射空間範圍。






虎嗅注:上周几乎同一时间,亚马逊刚发布了那款有点儿坑爹的Fare Phone;而北京时间今天(6月26日)凌晨,谷歌又开起了发布会。这让身在帝都深受时差之苦的小编只想说一句——还让不让人睡觉啦!?

有图有真相:诺基亚Android神机刷上MIUI V5

MIUI V5在第三方Android ROM中可以说是表现非常出色的,Nokia X在Android手机领域也算是后起之秀(虽然被扼杀了),那么二者结合在一起会碰撞出什么样的火花呢? Announces Linux Support

For years, Good Old Games has made a business out of selling classic PC game titles completely free of DRM. Today they announced that their platform now supports Linux. They said, We've put much time and effort into this project and now we've found ourselves with over 50 titles, classic and new,

点餐平板电脑提供商E la Carte完成3500万美元融资

在与Applebee’s合作,在美国全国范围内推出服务之后,E la Carte又完成了3500万美元的融资,从而将其平板电脑技术提供给美国和全球的更多餐厅。

仅990g 惠普最轻Core M笔电EliteBook 1020

多年之前,移动 PC 似乎除了厚重的工作站和游戏笔记本电脑之外,性能基本和轻薄不沾边,但现在已经明显改善,而且即便是轻薄的游戏本也没有性能缺陷可言,至于传统的笔记本电脑亦是如此。  

Dynamics: 可为动态壁纸增加更多样的图案

威锋网讯,从 iOS 7 开始,苹果推出了动态壁纸这个新的特性,这些动态壁纸可以随着你 iOS 设备的移动而移动。

阿里校招规模由3000人降至400 入职应届生待遇缩水

阿里巴巴校招发布通知称,由于集团人才战略调整,阿里巴巴 2016 校招名额确定将要缩减,各岗位将执行更加严格的 “择优录取” 标准,也就是说,按原定名额有很大几率被录取的同学,现在不得不面临更加激烈的竞争。

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