Nintendo’s NES Switch controllers activate the nostalgia centers (and wallets) of retro gamers

The news that Nintendo would be adding NES games to the Switch as part of its paid online service had a mixed reception, but the company has made up for this controversial decision by releasing wireless NES controllers to play those games with. At $60 they’re a bit steep, but come on.

Roku now deleting Infowars from its platform after customer outcry

Roku is deleting the Infowars channel from its platform, a couple days after adding it as a supported channel. In a tweet, Roku said after the channel became available, “we heard from concerned parties and have determined that the channel should be removed from our platform.

CERN’s plan for 100-km collider makes the LHC look like a hula hoop

The Large Hadron Collider has produced a great deal of incredible science, most famously the Higgs Boson — but physicists at CERN, the international organization behind the LHC, are already looking forward to the next model. And the proposed Future Circular Collider,

Transparency-seeking OPEN Government Data Act signed into law

The federal government produces one hell of a lot of data, but despite desultory lurches towards usability there's little guarantee that it's available in a way that makes it useful to anyone. That may change for the better with the OPEN Government Data Act,

The Square Off chess board melds the classical with the robotic

CES crowds can be tough — especially toward the end of the week. You’re physically and emotionally drained, and you’re pretty sure you’ve seen everything the consumer electronics world has to offer. And then something comes along to knock your socks off. Square Off was one such product,

Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray will reunite for Apple and A24

The director and star of “Lost in Translation” are working together again, with Bill Murray starring alongside Rashida Jones in “On The Rocks,” a new film directed by Sofia Coppola. The movie will tell the story of a young mother who reconnects with her playboy father in New York City.

How the new VR screen could end the smartphone

The only way to get more information from a smartphone screen is to bring the pixels closer to our eyes, with the device somehow mounted on our heads rather than holding it in our hands.

Snap CFO Tim Stone is resigning

Snap CFO Tim Stone is leaving the company, according to documents Snap filed with the SEC today. This marks Snap’s second CFO departure in the last twelve months. “Mr. Stone has confirmed that this transition is not related to any disagreement with us on any matter relating to our accounting,

The iPhone XR is the one to get

The iPhone XR arrived like an afterthought. No surprise, really. Apple’s always been one to lead with its best foot forward — the latest, greatest and, quite literally, the largest. Projecting the life on the bleeding edge is a cornerstone of the company’s image, market share and stock price.

Former Uber exec alleges ex-PR chief ‘destroyed his reputation’

A nasty legal battle is set to play out between two former Uber executives. Eric Alexander, the ride-hailing company’s former president of business in Asia-Pacific, has filed suit against former Uber PR chief Rachel Whetstone . Alexander blames Whetstone for his firing from Uber in June 2017,

Twitch hires head of diversity and inclusion

Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming platform, has brought on its first head of diversity and inclusion, as well as a new chief financial officer and chief human resources officer. Katrina Jones, who will start next month as Twitch’s head of diversity and inclusion,

《Doom 4》重生为《Doom》,将随《德军总部:新秩序》发放 Beta 测试邀请

分类: 游戏产品经典第一人称射击游戏「Doom」系列的最新作今天确定,将会于年内开放 Beta 测试。而它的名称也从之前的《Doom 4》,变成了全新但又有点绕的《Doom》。


最近,苹果前CEO约翰-斯库利(John Sculley)正在印度推销他自己公司的新款智能手机。在接受采访时,斯库利解释了苹果为何不在印度推廉价手机。

6 Games for the Math Nerd in All of Us

There’s a dirty little secret about video games. While the spectacle and excitement of so many popular genres take center stage, the truth is that a lot of games are really all about math. That’s right,

在Linux上运行ASP.NET vNext - 申江渔夫

最新的ASP.NET vNext完全开源且可以跨多个平台运行,在Windows环境下我尝试了下,几乎没花什么工夫就跑起了Sample,而在Linux环境下则要多花了不少时间,所以特别记录下整个过程,希望对其他想要尝鲜的人有所帮助。

温故知新---重读C#InDepth(一) - 史蒂芬King



lulu导语:UAT,英文User Acceptance Test的简写,也就是用户验收测试,或用户可接受测试 […]

免费插件小有惊喜 12 月 2 号插件更新汇总

FileBrowser 当前版本 1.0 兼容 iOS 8.0 免费  《FileBrowser》是一款文件浏览管理器插件,可以打开浏览、并且编辑许多格式的文件,像常规的复制、粘贴、创建、删除、解压Zip文件等功能都拥有。

自我总结:对博客园的服务接口进行封装 - h82258652

之前在开发博客园新闻客户端的时候,需要获取博客园的新闻数据,最早开发出来的版本使用的是手机版的 html 解释的方式。效果算是做出来了,但是感觉获取到的数据太冗余,于是便查了一下有没有相应的接口。

命令行下玩VC - opangle

说明:(1)转载请注明出处:以下以VS2013为例,并假设VC安装路径为%VC_INSTALL_PATH%(本人的安装目录为D:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual ...

Does Preserving the Past Keeps Cities From Moving Into the Future?

In the last 50 years, the preservationist movement has become powerful—maybe too powerful in a place like New York City, where a third of the buildings are now protected. But the buildings we think of today as landmarks inevitably replaced older structures,

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